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Auburndale Speedway (FL)

INEX Winter Nationals Coverage – Day Three of Five


Our DAY THREE Coverage Presented by Chris Woods Racing and Repair and Imaginit Design and Signs.

The 2013 INEX Winter Nationals fire up for Day Three today, Wednesday, February 20th, at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Waylon Farrell, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Cy Harvey, Richard Salter, Nicholas Naugle, Ryan Mackintosh, Braden Langille and Cole Tanner and New Brunswick’s Cole Boudreau, Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.

With our laptop battery having issues this week, we will have updates on Twitter at for the Masters “B” Main with updates beginning here following for the “A” Mains.



7:15pm – Cole Boudreau adapted quickly to the 37NS – getting down to 15.3s on the unofficial stopwatch by the second run. Everyone looks to be done and we’ll be loading up shortly. Thanks to everyone who watched the coverage and we’ll see you tomorrow!

6:16pm – With Cy Harvey not scheduled to be here tomorrow (he told us the wife has him on a designated shopping day), the team is putting Cole Boudreau in the famed #37NS Legend tonight. If Boudreau feels comfortable in the car, expect him to be racing both cars tomorrow afternoon.

6:14pm – Ryan Mackintosh is currently out on track practicing. Cole Tanner is also planning on heading out to break in a new right front tire, which is a replacement for the one that was wrecked yesterday.

6:11pm – The 23s, listed today as Doug Stevens, won the Pro race over Joey Padgett and Jordan Black.

Masters results are listed as Harvey 14th, Salter 16th and Bursey 21st unofficially.

Outlaws, unofficially, Tanner 6th, Naugle 8th, Boudreau 9th, Farrell 10th, Hall 12th.

We’ll have more in a bit.

Laptop is dying, back to twitter for the final 24 laps of this feature.

We are still under red as they are now looking at a car on the front straight.

Field has been red flagged on the front straight. One lap complete.

Clean up is ongoing on the backstraight. Kitty litter is going down, meaning this could take a while to clean up.

Got 15% battery remaining in my laptop and hoping it has enough left to carry us to the finish. 🙂

Top Five – Lap One – 23s 83 3 24 7.

13 of Traxler is around in two and Clayton Weatherman is around in Turn Four on Lap 2 to bring out the yellow. One lap complete.

JAck Tanner says he feels like he’s won the Daytona 500 – his car rolls and is in one piece after the Outlaw feature.


Doug Stevens, driving the 23s today as opposed to the 77, is leading the field to green.

In the last few minutes, clouds have covered the Auburndale Speedway and we are getting a cool breeze.

Pros on track for the final feature of the afternoon.

21 car spun out in two to bring the caution out. Leaders ran it back to the stripe.

4:53pm – CHECKERED/CAUTION – Laughy wins over Foisy. Harvey 13th, Salter 14th, Bursey 17th (unofficially).

Edwards under fire from Dossey.

Laughy leads Foisy and Edwards to the white.


Graf receives his spot back, not sure why as he brought out the caution.

GREEN FLAG – Laughy and Foisy are on it again as the 12 car spins off Turn Two. Spotters say Cy may have got into Graf.

We didn’t complete a lap there. So we still have three to go. One to green.

CAUTION in Turn 2. Appears to be the 22 once more.

Laughy runs away from the field.


Harvey is 12th on the restart, Salter 17th and Bursey 22nd

Top Five – Laughy, Foisy, Edwards, Dossey, Causey.

He’ll be on his bumper now as the 03 car goes around in Turn Four. Leaderboard shows 22 completed, 3 to go.

Two to go. Foisy within one car length of leader Laughy.

Laughy and Foisy were on it. Battle is for third. Dossey looks under Edwards as the top two are gone by four lengths.

GREEN FLAG – Six laps to go.

One to green.

Lap 19 Caution – Top Five – Laughy, Foisy, Edwards, Dossey, Causey. Harvey 13th, Salter 15th, Bursey 21st.

22 car around in Turn Two to bring out the event’s first caution on Lap 19 of 25.Laughy’s lead now shrinks as Foisy will be on his back bumper on this restart.

Seven to go.

Laughy’s lead hasn’t changed over Foisy through lapped traffic. Salter and Bursey are a lap down to Laughy. Causey loses third to Edwards and fourth to Dossey.

Salter finds himself in a battle with the 77 of Wilkinson (B Main Winner). Salter takes the spot as Bursey closes in. This happens a half straight infront of LAughy. Halfway – 13 complete.

Harvey, Salter and Bursey run nose to tail at 19th, 20th and 21st. As I type that, Harvey gets around the 82 and 77. Six laps in the books. All green.

Foisy around Causey on Lap 4 to take second. Laughy is gone by a quarter straightaway.

The Legend is hanging up on the cushion with Richard Salter. The cushion is taking them nowhere fast with no high line here. Laughy leads Causey and Foisy at the front. Three complete.

4:37pm – Green flag, Masters feature.

Richard Salter will start 16th. Cy Harvey should be 18th and Bursey 22nd. One to green.

Masters on track for their feature.

4:34pm – Checkered flag. Hicks breaks Jorgensen’s win streak as Boudreau and the 24 spin on the last lap. Tanner sixth, Naugle seventh (unofficially).Farrell should be ninth or so with Boudreau at the end of the lap.

Last lap.

Winger by Jorgensen on Lap 12. Two to go as Hicks has checked out. Everyone is now single file.

12 of Winger dives to the inside, and moves to third. Three wide for one lap as Boudreau gets shuffled out of line. Tanner and Boudreau side by side now for 7th.


Clean up has completed. One to green.

Josh Hicks, who hasn’t been able to close the deal yet this week when it comes to racing, is leading with six to go over Jorgensen, Purdy, Boudreau and Winger. Top three had broken away over Boudrea. Tanner is in 8th, Naugle 9th, Farrell 10th and Hall will be pushed back to the pits under this yellow flag.

Farrell spins in Turn Two, caution out. They were coming to five to go but never got there. 9 complete.

Farrell off the pace with five to go.

03 of Hall slaps the wall and is in the infield on lap 9.

Waylon Farrell not afraid to use the bumper b’ys. He is racing the 24 and the 33 of Tanner8th. 24 has the spot.

Boudreau looks under Heafner on the third lap and completes the pass on Lap Four for fourth. Winger is back to sixth.

Hicks comes out with the lead after two laps. Jorgensen, who is driving his sister’s #3 car, is second with Purdy in third.

4:25pm – Green flag.

One to green. Hicks and Winger on the front row.

Outlaws are next.

4:23pm – Checkers. Haws holds on as Johns gets Byron for second. Butcher finishes around the 15th spot as Dippel and Butcher are stopped in Turn Two. Not sure if either car are damaged. Rex is talking to both drivers after the finish.

One lap dash.

The 25 of Byron in second is tore up, no hood, flapping fenders, skewed rear bumper, but still in second.

Correction – the 2 of Donahue has been black flagged and will not finish this race. One to go.

Ryan Mackintosh has made it to my position in Turn Three. He is eating a hot dog after his 3rd place run today in Semi Pro.

They are moving Dippel to the rear for sending Butcher and Donahue in the 2 to the back for the incident with the 87.

Caution out – and it appears someone has ran the 87 of Jackson into the Turn Two fence.

One to go. Dippel pressuring Butcher…. and he dumps him into Turn 3….

Two to go.

GREEN FLAG – Haws gets a decent start on Byron, top four looking to break away here.

One to green.

Top Five – 4 to go – 02 25 91 28 (Quinlan) 87.

Pyle to the pits.

Caution – Jared Irvan goes around in Turn 2. 88 and the 07 of Pyle are around. We have four laps to go, 21 complete. This should put Butcher in 11th.

Johns applies heavy pressure to Haws for the lead. Add Byron and it’s a three car breakaway up front. Five to go. Butcher 13th and trying to hold off Beattie.


Our spotter, Kyle MacMillan, says he saw smoke as the two ran side by side but it looks like the officials will keep the 28 in line in fourth. One to green.

Caution out as Dippel shoots up the track after contact with Quinlan. Dippel fires again and is looking for Quinlan in the pacing line to get his spot back. If officials stick to their word, both cars should go to the rear.

GREEN FLAG – LAP 15. Dippel flirts with the 02’s bumper. Gives him a little shot in Turn Two. Top eight all in a single file line. 9 to go.

78 back to the track. One to go.

78 on pit road. They are fixing something on the right rear corner of the car as the 23 is towed to the pit road.

23 of Ryan is being hooked up to the tow truck. 11 laps left to run. Top Five – 02 1 91 25 28 (Quinlan). Butcher unofficially in 15th.

Caution, Lap 14 as the 23 goes around on the front straight.

Haws to the inside of Johns and takes the lead after two laps side by side. Dippel to second, Byron to third and Johns back to fourth. Dippel came close to the wall on Lap 10 and now at halfway has Johns passing Byron behind him. Quinlan also takes a spot.

Green flag. BOO car once again jumps two cars on the start and this time will receive the black flag from the officials, guess the third time is the charm.

Field is in formation and has been given one to go.

Thanks to our sponsors of today’s coverage, Chris Woods Racing and Repair and Imaginit Design and Signs (the official supplier of the Tim’s Corner Motorsports stickers).

Top Ten – 91 02 1 25 28 (Irvan) 28 (Qunlan) 78 07 2 88 – Under caution – 6 laps complete.

15 car is being hooked to the wrecker. Driver got out and gestured to his head and pointed to another driver, unsure if it was Grant Quinlan or the 78 car behind him (not sure on her name), but gesture was made to that part of the field.

Back to the jumping start rule, it may be a hard rule to watch throughout a 22 car field, but race officials stated at the meeting this morning that there are four spotters (race director, flagman and corner workers) watching the race at all times. The Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour has four officials in the tower watching the race to make calls such as this at home, along with instant replay. Shouldn’t be a hard call to make.

Dossey spun in Turn 2. The 15 car is mangled on the backstraight (didn’t catch what happened) and Dippel got spun after the fact on the front straight.

Caution out on Lap 6.

Guess BOO car is not going to be punished for the break of the rule. Passes another on this one before the stripe. Green Flag. Johns pulls away.

The 12 car is parked in the middle of Turn 3 after contact in the back and the caution flies. Seven laps completed. Johns leads Haws.

BOO car passes Butcher to the inside FAAAAAR before the line and is not black flagged for it.

23 pulls high in Turn 3 after two laps and will take his spot at the rear. Great job by officials to stick to what was said in the meeting. Butcher is running 16th. One to go. 3 Completed.

The 23 has retaken his spot, but is now being asked by race officials to move it to the rear.

23 of Ryan around from inside the top ten. Caution out on Lap 3.

Johns to the inside of Dippel. Makes it look easy for the lead. Haws makes the move for second.

Dippel and Haws lead into Turn One. Johns in third and looking for second off the hop on the inside on Haws. Top Three get away as the swarm is for fourth.

3:48pm – GREEN FLAG – Young Lions.

Joining me at my position in Turn 3 is SSW Thunder Champ Kyle MacMillan. Also in the stands two rows down are Scott and Ken Cunning of the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour. Joe Mason of Top Construction is also here watching Jarrett Butcher set to take the green.

Young Lions on the track.

Cole Butcher: Hard race between me and Ryan Mackintosh. Happy with my finish.

3:45pm – Checkered flag. Chandler Smith holds on to beat Dabbs for the first time this week. Canipe runs Langille high out of four on the last lap and finishes fifth.

White flag out, 29 under 51 for fourth.

Langille loose in three and nearly loses two spots before saving it, he stays fourth but under fire from the 29. Two to go.

Langille under pressure from Canipe Jr in the 29. Top Three begin to pull away again as Dabbs flashes the nose on the 26.


24 tried a move on the 23, but it failed to work. Caution flies on Lap 9 as the Yellow 51 goes for a spin. Smith leads Dabbs. Langille 4th.

Seven complete, top three have broken away as Dabbs takes the lead. Cross over by Smith and Smith will be side by side with 23 at halfway.

Dabbs hasn’t run in traffic a lot this week. Told me qualifying was important in this division. He makes an outside pass on the 24 to take second four laps in. Langille fourth and trying to keep touch with the top three.

Chandler Smith to the lead over the 24 car. Dabbs third, Langille fourth. Two complete.

3:39pm – GREEN FLAG – Bandits

3:37pm – Checkered flag. Joe Ryan Osbourne takes his second of the week over Coen, Mackintosh, Butcher and Fitzgerald.

One to go. Top six strung out.

Two to go.

Adams is flying to the front. He is looking at seventh with three to go.

16 complete. Osbourne begins to pull away. 67 03 5ns battle for 2nd. Butcher has room behind him.

GREEN FLAG. Mackintosh again to the inside of Coen, this time Coen slams the door.

Mackintosh third, Butcher 4th as the green is set to fly again – 12 to go.

Green – 13 complete, 12 to go.Mackintosh to the inside of Coen for second. Butcher looking to follow suit as 28 spins in the back and gets going. Caution thrown late, after the 28 had got going again. Still 13 complete.

Top 10 – 13 67 03 5ns 5h 59x 96 15 28 83. Seth Adams is 11th.

Halfway at 13 – so, 25 laps in this one as Courtney Lefcourt goes for a spin in Turn Two.

Coen pressures Osbourne for the lead, Mackintosh and Butcher run comfortably in third and fourth with no pressure from behind. 12 Laps complete.

Green flag – 23 to go.

For the first time this week, the leaderboard is working here at Auburndale. Seven laps complete. Caution out for the 14 car. 51 car comes down pit road. Joe Ryan Osbourne is your leader.

Green flag. Top four single file as Mackintosh pressures Coen in the 67.

Cautions here today, according to the Drivers Meeting, will be run similar to the no fault rule up home. The two drivers that bring out the yellow (Driver A spins Driver B), both should be going to the rear according to the meeting this morning. Adams is at the rear and Thornton is on the wrecker, so it looks like they are keeping true to that so far.

Caution – Adams and Thornton come together at second, field scatters. Damage to the left rear of Thornton, Adams looks to be okay as he circles the track. This will move Mackintosh unofficially to third and Butcher fourth.

Osbourne gets out to an early lead as Seth Adams attacks Thornton for second. Mackintosh and Butcher nose to tail at fifth and sixth.

3:22pm – GREEN FLAG – Semi Pros – 30 Laps

Semi Pros on track for their main feature.

3:14pm – Cy Harvey finishes second in Masters “B” Feature with Gary Bursey fifth. Wilkinson wins the B Main. Beginner Bandits on track now, with our updates beginning with the Semi-Pros in a few moments.

2:58pm – Masters “B” Main coming up – follow the Twitter link for updates.

2:35pm – Ten cars are slated for the Masters “B” Main and six will make it. With our battery having issues this week, we will have updates on Twitter at for the “B” with updates beginning here following for the “A” Mains.

2:25pm – As stated before, Masters are running a B Main today – and two of our Maritimers will be in the field unfortunately. Cy Harvey was 18th overall with a 15.576 and Gary Bursey was 21st with a 15.626, which puts them second and fifth in the B Main. Richard Salter locked in on 16th (final transfer through qualifying) with a 15.442. Laughy is on the pole with a 14.987 and will start on the front row with Kevin Foisy.

2:23pm – Cy Harvey’s qualifying lap reminds him of the Merle Haggard song “Are the Good Times Really Over for Good.”

2:20pm – Cory Hall was pulled aside for a random post qualifying inspection and was found three pounds light. He’ll start tail in the feature.

2:17pm – With all the “excitement” in the first two Masters features this week, the class will be running a “B” Feature. The top 16 from Time Trials will lock in with the next six racing into the 25 lap main through the 15 lap “B” Feature. This was just announced moments ago and was not brought up during today’s drivers meeting.

2:14pm – For the third consecutive day, Josh Hicks has put it on the Outlaw pole with a time of 15.856 seconds. Cole Boudreau is sixth with a 16.040, Waylon Farrell 9th (15.354), Naugle 10th (16.485), Tanner 11th (16.495) and Hall 12th (16.593).

2:12pm – Young Lions qualifying was paced by Tyler Dippel (14.757). Jarrett Butcher was 20th at a 15.618.

2:11pm – Now up for audio is Ontario’s Kevin Foisy – who won the Masters race yesterday. Check below to hear his interview.

2:05pm – Young Lions are just wrapping up their session and will have results soon. Outlaws are out on track.

Also talked to Ken and Scott Cunning moments ago. We’ll have those interviews up tomorrow.

1:53pm – Braden Langille is sixth in Bandits at a 16.551 compared to Zach Leonhardi’s pole time of 16.018.

1:50pm – Ryan Mackintosh (15.010) has qualified fifth and Cole Butcher seventh (15.135) to Joe Ryan Osboure’s 14.902

1:30pm – Qualifying is to begin in moments. Of note, we’ve spotted Scotia Speedworld and Maritime Pro Stock Tour General Manager Ken Cunning and son (Legends driver) Scott Cunning taking in the action today.

1:19pm – Our pre-qualifying interview with Shubenacadie’s Braden Langille is now up in our audio section below.

1:10pm – Jarrett Butcher says they put in new gears to the #4 Top Construction Legend for this afternoon. The bumper is reinforced after the officials gave the flag to the team yesterday for a duct taped bumper in the feature.

1:09pm – Practice sheets have been posted on our Facebook page under Practice Times.

1:02pm – Qualifying is slated to begin in about a half hour. Before qualifying, we will be bringing you some audio from Bandits driver Braden Langille. Following qualifying, we will be throwing up interviews with Masters Tuesday winner Kevin Foisy of Ontario and the breakdown of the SemiPro photo finish with Joe Ryan Osbourne and winner Riley Thornton.

For those that are at the track and want Tim’s Corner Motorsports stickers (produced by the fine folks of Imaginit Designs of Burnside), please stop by the #00 Bandolero trailer or see Tim at the track.

12:53pm – The Cole Tanner Racing team has been busy replacing the engine. Following the wreck yesterday, they replaced the motor, but they found the motor was not strong enough, so they have put the motor back in the car that was in there prior to the first wreck yesterday.

12:40pm – Our first audio interview on the day comes from last night when Josh Collins stopped by. Collins is driving the #56 Islander RV/Edward Collins Contracting Chevy up at New Smyrna in the Pro Late Models. He discusses his week and his upcoming Pro Stock plans in the interview, which can be found below.

Qualifying will begin at 1:30pm – or 1 hour, 40 minutes from now.

12:12pm – Practices have concluded and I have caught up with five of the seven winners from yesterday. We’ll be posting a couple later today, as well as a post-practice interview with Braden Langille.

11:35am – The #33 team has concluded that a new spindle that broke was the cause of his first crash yesterday during qualifying.

11:30am – We’ve decided to sweeten the pot a bit. Head over to our Facebook page and caption the photo on the link of Cy Harvey for your chance to win a $25 iRacing Gift Card from the folks at iRacing.

11:06am – Craig Langille is scrambling to help get his son on track for the second and final round of practice this afternoon. Langille tells me that they ended up going to the Tampa Bay Lightning/Toronto Maple Leafs game last night and “should have stayed here and worked on the racecar.” Langille said the game was good though and was a great experience. Tampa won 4-1 over the Leafs (and the guy at the keys is a Lightning fan!).

11:03am – After asking how his car was, Cy Harvey responded with “you don’t want to know,” with a grin on his face.

10:42am – Ryan Mackintosh is done with the first Semi Pro practice and he said the car is “decent.”

10:41am – Scott MacLean is changing a clutch in the #51 car of Braden Langille.

10:32am – The drivers meeting was quite interesting this morning. Unlike home when issues are usually handled on a case by case basis away from the meeting, Tim and Rex handled situations including passing under yellow and a call made to the 56 car of Josh Hicks during yesterdays Outlaw race.

The weather here today is also significantly different than the last three days. Today it is overcast, hot and pretty humid. Everyone should be a bit slower today compared to the last few days with less oxygen in the air.

Practice is ongoing now and qualifying is slated to start at 1:30pm.

7:46am – Peachfuzz Motorsports would like to wish a Happy Birthday to fellow 660 Bandolero driver Alicia Mowat. Mowat’s Pro Stock team owner Lonnie Sommerville is also celebrating a birthday today.

We are getting ready to leave for the track.

7:22am – The #33 Bandolero team would like to thank everyone who helped them prepare the car for the track after the first wreck yesterday and helped piece the car together after the second wreck. Members from Butcher Racing, the Brycon Construction team and many Canadian race fans got the car back to racing condition. The team also wants to thank US based team Chris Woods Racing and Repair for their assistance and Darin Butcher for the use of their welder.

Drivers meeting is scheduled for 9:30am local. We expect the meeting to be lively following yesterday’s action. We’ll have an update shortly after 10am.



Winner: Joe Ryan Osbourne
3rd – Ryan Mackintosh
4th – Cole Butcher

Winner: Chandler Smith
5th: Braden Langille

Young Lions
Winner: Brayton Haws
4th – Grant Quinlan
Jarrett Butcher was disqualified following the race. He would have finished around the 14th place.

Winner: Josh Hicks
6th – Cole Tanner
8th – Nicholas Naugle
9th – Cole Boudreau
10th – Waylon Farrell
12th – Cory Hall

Winner: Ira Laughy
2nd: Kevin Foisy
14th – Cy Harvey (2nd in B Main)
16th – Richard Salter
21st- Gary Bursey (5th in B Main)



Qualifying results to appear here. Qualifying is slated to begin at 1:30pm.



IMG_7460 IMG_7447 IMG_7455



KEVIN FOISY – Tuesday Masters Winner.

BRADEN LANGILLE – After practice interview.

JOSH COLLINS – 2013 New Smyrna World Series and Upcoming Season plans.


 Be sure to also check our FACEBOOK page for updates throughout the week.

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