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2018 TCM Schedule

The 2018 season in Atlantic Canada is coming together and as it does, we will be posting where we will be this summer right here.

This schedule includes all events covered by Tim’s Corner Motorsports and Tim Terry.

This schedule is subject to change without notice, and fans are encouraged to follow Tim’s Corner Motorsports on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date on any changes that may arise with the schedule.

Advertising opportunities for the 2018 season, the sixth for Tim’s Corner Motorsports, are available and are tailored to fit all marketing budgets and agendas. Please contact Tim for more information on how you can get on the fast track with TCM!

Six seasons – 285 races – 12 Atlantic Canadian tracks – TCM gets you closer!

DateVenueLocationEventDivisionsTypeTCM Race #
Presented by: East Coast Karting and Atlantic Motel
Saturday, May 12thPetty International RacewayRiver Glade, NBPre-Season PracticeALLPractice
Sunday, May 13thEast Coast KartingDieppe, NBCKRA #1KartsRace1
Presented by: St. Louis Bar & Grill - Moncton & Dieppe and Atlantic Motel
Friday, May 18thPetty International RacewayRiver Glade, NBSeason OpenerSS, MS, B4CYL, BNRace2
Saturday, May 19thPetty International RacewayRiver Glade, NBLucas Oil 150MPST, ECMST, SP, AMTRace3
Sunday, May 20thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSWeekly Series OpenerSP, LG, TH, LI, BNRaceRAINED OUT
Monday, May 21stOyster Bed SpeedwayOyster Bed Bridge, PESeason Opener and Demolition PS, SS, OUT, 4CYL, ECMCS, DEMORace4
Friday, May 25thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSCTV NightSP, LG, TH, LIRace5
Saturday, May 26thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSCummins 150MPST, MLOLRace6
Sunday, May 27thSpeedway 660Geary, NBRace For HungerPS, SP, SS, 4CYLRace7
Promotional Consideration: Drew Greenlaw Racing
Friday, June 1stScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSHydraulics Plus NightSP, LG, TH, BNRace8
Saturday, June 2ndPetty International RacewayRiver Glade, NBAtlantic Fleet Completion 150PASS, SP, SS, MS, BNRaceRAINED OUT
Sunday, June 3rdSpeedway 660Geary, NBKids DayPS, SP, SS, 4CYLRace9
Presented by: Martin's Home Heating Limited
Friday, June 8thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSToursec Twin 50sSP, LG, TH, LIRace10
Saturday, June 9thSpeedway 660Geary, NBSharp Shooter 50PS, SP, SS, 4CYLRace11
Presented by:
Friday, June 15thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSKiddie NightLG, TH, LI, BNRace12
Saturday, June 16thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSRon MacGillivray Chevrolet 150MPST, NSSRace13
Sunday, June 17thValley RacewayMelvern Square, NSRace #3MOD, V8, 4CYL, TRRace14
Friday, June 22ndScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSAMP Energy NightSP, LG, LI, BNRace15
Saturday, June 23rdScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSNova Truck Centres 150MPST, ECMSTRace16
Sunday, June 24thLake Doucette Motor SpeedwayHectanooga, NSPoint Racing4CYL, V8, SPRace17
Friday, June 29thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NS24th Annual Shriners ClassicSP, LG, TH, BNRaceRAINED OUT
Saturday, June 30thOyster Bed SpeedwayOyster Bed Bridge, PEMaritime Pro Stock 150MPST, MLOL, OUTRace18
Sunday, July 1stValley RacewayMelvern Square, NSCanada Day RacingV8, MOD, 4CYL, TRRace19
Saturday, July 7thEastbound ParkAvondale, NLRace #3SP, LG, BN, HSRace20
Sunday, July 8thEastbound Park Avondale, NLINEX National QualifiersSP, LG, BN, HSRace21
Wednesday, July 11thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSSupport Class PracticeNSS, MLOLPractice
Thursday, July 12thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSIWK 250 Practice & Tailgate PartyMPSTPractice
Friday, July 13thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSHenry's AutoPro 150NSS, MLOLRace22
Saturday, July 14thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSIWK 250 Presented by Steve LewisMPSTRace23
Sunday, July 15thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSIWK 250 ConclusionMPSTRace24
Friday, July 20thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSFourth Annual FanfestSP, LG, LI, BNRace25
Saturday, July 21stPetty International RacewayRiver Glade, NBIrving Blending & Packaging 150MPST, MLOL, SP, BNRace26
Friday, July 27thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSCARSTAR NightSP, TH, LI, BNRace27
Saturday, July 28thSpeedway 660Geary, NBChristmas In July/Pro Stock 100PS, SP, SS, 4CYLRace28
Sunday, July 29thEast Coast KartingDieppe, NBRace #6CKRARace29
Friday, August 3rdScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSCNAF NightSP, LG, TH, BNRace30
Saturday, August 4thOyster Bed SpeedwayOyster Bed Bridge, PELucas Oil 150MPST, MLOL, SSRace31
Sunday, August 5thLake Doucette Motor SpeedwayHectanooga, NSEast Coast Mini Stock TourECMST, 4CYL, SP, V8Race32
Friday, August 10thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSAffordable Fuels 100SP, LG, TH, LIRace33
Saturday, August 11thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSToromont Cat 250MPST, MLOLRace34
Sunday, August 12thValley RacewayMelvern Square, NSChampionship Point RacingMOD, V8, TR, 4CYLRace35
Friday, August 17thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSStrictly Hydraulics NightsSP, LG, LI, BNRace36
Sunday, August 19thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSBumper to Bumper 300NPS, MLOLRace37
Wednesday, August 22ndTruro RacewayBible Hill, NSNSPE Demolition DerbyTBADemo
Friday, August 24thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSToursec Twin 50sLG, TH, LI, BNRace38
Saturday, August 25thPetty International RacewayRiver Glade, NBCummins 200MPST, MLOL, ECMST, BNRace39
Sunday, August 26thTBATBATBATBARace40
Friday, August 31stScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSKiddie NightSP, TH, LI, BNRace41
Saturday, September 1stSpeedway 660Geary, NBMartin's Home Heating 150SP, MLOL, ECMSTRace42
Sunday, September 2ndSpeedway 660Geary, NB18th Annual Pro Stock 250PS, 4CYL, SS, BNRace43
Monday, September 3rdOyster Bed SpeedwayOyster Bed Bridge, PELabour Day DemolitionPS, SS, OUT, 4CYL, DEMORace44
Friday, September 7thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSWeekly Racing SeriesSP, LG, TH, LI, BNRace45
Saturday, September 8thRiverside International SpeedwayJames River, NSLucas Oil 150MPST, NSS, ECMSTRace46
Sunday, September 9thValley RacewayMelvern Square, NSPoint RacingV8, MOD, Trucks, Four CylindersRace 47
Friday, September 14thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSWeekly Racing Series FinaleSP, LG, TH, LI, BNRace48
Saturday, September 15thScotia SpeedworldEnfield, NSDartmouth Dodge 200MPST, MLOLRace49
Sunday, September 16thOyster Bed SpeedwayOyster Bed Bridge, PEPro Stock 100 and Final Point DayPS, SS, MS, OUTRace50
Friday, September 21stTBATBATBATBARace51
Saturday, September 22ndTBATBATBATBARace52
Sunday, September 23rdValley RacewayMelvern Square, NSPoint RacingV8, MOD, Trucks, 4CYLRace53
Saturday, September 29thTBATBATBATBARace54
Friday, October 5thShediac's CENTRE For SpeedGrand-Barachois, NBAtlantic Championships PracticeALLPractice
Saturday, October 6thShediac's CENTRE Ford SpeedGrand-Barachois, NBAtlantic Championships Day OneSP, FOUR FUN, MINI STOCK, ESMCSRace55
Sunday, October 7thShediac's CENTRE For SpeedGrand-Barachois, NBAtlantic ChampionshipsPS, SS, BNRace56
Saturday, October 13thSpeedway MiramichiMiramichi, NBChi City ShowdownSS, MS, AMT, ESMCS,DEMORace57
Local House DivisionsTouring Series
PS - Pro Stock (local)MPST - Maritime Pro Stock Tour
SP - Sportsman MLOL - Maritime League of Legends
SS - Street StockNSS - Napa Sportsman Series
LG - LegendsECMST - East Coast Mini Stock Tour
BN - BandoleroAMT - Atlantic Modified Tour
TH - SSW ThunderESMCS - Eastern Super Mini Cup Series
LI - SSW LightningPASS - Pro All Stars Series
4CYL - 4CYL (660 Sharp Shooters
OBS "Mini Stock or Four Fun")
OUT - OBS Outlaw
MS - Mini Stock
HS - Newfoundland Four Cylinder
B4CYL - Beginner Four Cylinder (PETTY)
DEMO - Demolition

Photos by McCarthy Photographic

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