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Auburndale Speedway (FL)

INEX Winter Nationals Coverage, Day Four of Five


Our DAY FOUR Coverage Presented by Chris Woods Racing and Repair

The 2013 INEX Winter Nationals fire up for Day Four today, Thursday, February 21st, at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Waylon Farrell, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Cy Harvey, Richard Salter, Nicholas Naugle, Ryan Mackintosh, Braden Langille and Cole Tanner and New Brunswick’s Cole Boudreau, Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.


With our laptop battery having issues this week, we will have updates on Twitter at for the Masters “B” Main with updates beginning here following for the “A” Mains.



This clean up will take a while and my laptop is beginning to die. We will update the Masters finish as soon as we can.

Field has been red flagged.

Wilkerson in the 77 pulls up. He is overheating by the looks of it.

Lefcourt goes around, no caution… but there’s one as the field comes to two to go. Causey, Cormier and the 51 of Laine all get swept up in this one. Big hits for Causey and Cormier. Causey looks upset as he went over to talk to Cormier. Both drivers are out and OK. Laine paces under caution.

Salter gets passed by Graf as Lefcourt looks at Bursey at the back.

Great save by the 58 as he nearly bought the farm in front of almost the whole pack.


One to green.

The 03 gets a push back to the pits. Graf continues.

CAUTION – LAP 18 – Graf and the 03 cars come together on the front straight and the 82 spins out on the back straight following the caution.

10 to go as Foisy closes the gap up on Laughy. He is there as Dossey takes fifth.

Halfway – 13 down, 12 to go.

Top three strung out.Cormier in the 58 holds court in fourth.

Laughy is money on the start. He takes a three length lead on Foisy after one lap.


Salter is 14th under this caution. Bursey looks to be in 20th. Laughy leads Foisy up front. One to green.

As I type that, caution is out on Lap 11 for Graf Sr in the 12.

Ten laps complete, all consecutive green. Salter 15th.

Salter runs 15th. We’ve had a couple of single car spins, but they have both kept going and we’ve stayed green.

Salter makes it three wide off the start as he is on the high side, two wide now with dave Gleason. Laughy pulls out to the lead over the 58 of Cormier. Foisy loosens him up a bit on Lap 4 and sneaks away with the spot. Edwards now to third behind Foisy and Laughy.

GREEN FLAG – 4:57pm

Salter will start 12th and Bursey 22nd. One to green.

Laughy and Foisy will start this race from the front row. Both are sporting Tim’s Corner stickers on the rear of their race cars.

We’ll be updating the Masters race then packing up as the plan is to head to New Smyrna to watch Wayne Smith and Josh Collins in their 100 lapper tonight.

Masters are up next.

4:52pm – Checkers, Winger wins his first of the week over Heafner. Boudreau fifth, Tanner eighth, Naugle ninth, Farrell 10th. Hall 11th.

White flag. Hicks passes Boudreau into One for 4th.

Waylon Farrell loops it around in Four, no caution.

Top three have broken away. Hicks works up on Boudreau for fourth. Single file with 3 to go.

Heafner is using the bumper on Winger as he tries to get by the 12 for the lead.

Halfway, 7 complete, 8 to go.

Tanner now involved in the battle as he pulls up to Jorgensen in sixth.

Boudreau gets passed by the 12 as Hicks and Jorgensen go at it for fifth.

Jorgensen slide jobs the 33 of Tanner. Hicks also makes the move on the 33.


Jorgensen and Hicks got into it a bit as they tried to get into line.

24 car goes around in Turn Two. Caution is out.

Tanner and Jorgensen are side by side as Winger and Heafner pull away.


We’ve completed one lap as the clean up crew removes the body panels of the #03 car that flew off the car.

Boudreau gets rooted out of the way by Heafner as Cory Hall slams the wall in the 03. He drives it back to the pit but the car looks destroyed. Caution out.


Tanner will get his spot back in line. We have no laps complete, another side by side start.

Boudreau to second as Tanner wrecks behind in Turn Two. No contact to the wall but some contact to passing traffic. Tanner rejoins at the rear, but his bumper is dragging under the car.


One to green.

Outlaws on track for their feature. Cole Boudreau has jumped from car to car and is now in the #00 State Farm Insurance Bandolero. He lines up third behind Winger and Hicks on the front row.

4:39pm – Checkered. Haws wins over Irvan and Torres. Johns 5th.Boudreau may have got 10th at the line as he and the 24 went at it for the spot. Butcher 13th.

Johns is in 6th with four to go, he may get to the Top 5 on the 78.

Boudreau 13th. Butcher 15th. 5 to go.

Jared Irvan is in second now as the 15 of torres takes third. Very different looking field behind the top two compared to what we’ve been seeing.


By my quick calculation, in Semi Pro points, there should be two points between Coen, Butcher and Mackintosh for second place in the standings heading into the final day of competition tomorrow.

99 car has been picked up and cars are beginning to line up under the caution flag.

We are still waiting for the 99 car to be towed away. Under red, 15 laps completed. 4:27pm.

Dippel is being disqualified for a crew member going to the tower.

Braden Langille reporting a broken axel on his #51 car in the Bandits.

With a tow truck and a flat deck and four cars wrecked. This will take a while.

Second place Ryan and third place Pyle are involved. Both drivers out and okay. The 99 car was also involved out of four. Haws is still your leader. 15 laps complete.

Quinlan is out of his car, is alright but looks disappointed at the damage.

RED FLAG, Quinlan up and over after the top three get stacked up by a lapped car.

Dippel and Johns are on a mission. They have passed Boudreau, Dossey and Beattie and are knocking at the door of the Top Ten.

Dippel and Johns pass Butcher at 15th. Boudreau runs 12th. 10 complete.

Pyle on Ryan at second place.Field behind has got into a single file line except for Beattie passing Dossey.

We’ve made two consecutive green flag laps.


Rex just told the 12 of Graf to get off the track. Graf to pit road.

Average lap time – 4 minutes a lap. 5 Laps in 20 minutes.

New top five. Haws now leads Ryan (23), Pyle (07), Doug Barnes (88) and Jared Irvan (28).

They are moving Dippel and Johns to the rear. Looks like Stevie will have to do it again from the back.

We got one lap in there. Five complete now. I have a feeling the drivers meeting tomorrow could be very interesting.

Dippel on the back bumper of Haws for the lead spot. Johns follows and now goes to the inside of Dippel. CONTACT. Byron and Donahue around behind the 91 and 1 who made contact to spark that off.


One to green.

We’ve gone 4 laps in 15 minutes. It is now 4:05pm.

BOO pulls into the infield.

Caution out on the start.


One to green.

87 of Jackson to pit road.

And would you believe he mysteriously pulls away after the caution flies.

Seconds later a caution comes out for Jackson.

Johns under Donahue for third as Jackson sits spun in Turn 2. No caution.

One more time -GREEN FLAG – LAP 3.

87 of Jackson goes around and stalls the car long enough to get a caution flag.

Haws leads Dippel and Donahue. Johns looking at the 2 for the spot.


One to green.

Boudreau is looking for his spot back in line. He is circling the high line and will fall into line at 17th. Leaderboard shows us one lap in.

CAUTION – LAP TWO – Azzatta spins and collects Boudreau and the 37NS. Both cars are rolling again. Cole Butcher assesses the damage as “fine” from Turn Three.

Let’s try this again – GREEN FLAG – YOUNG LIONS

24 brings out caution and gets his spot back. Go figure.

GREEN FL…CAUTION FLAG. Spinners everywhere. The 24 spins in Two and Jared Irvan has spun in four.

Caution as the BOO car spins on Lap One. Butcher and Boudreau avoid the spinning car.

GREEN FLAG- 3:50pm – Young Lions

Cole Butcher wants us to put him down with 5th for the Semi Pro because “He is sick of the #4.”

One to green.

Top five – Haws, Byron, Dippel, Johns, Donahue.

Boudreau and the 37NS start 18th, with Jarrett Butcher lining up in 21st.

Young Lions are next and with it comes Cole Boudreau’s first ever Legend car start.

3:43pm – Checkers – Dabbs wins his third over Smith and Canipe Jr. Langille is eighth and does not finish the race.

White flag – Dabbs pulling away.

dabbs finds a way under Smith in Turn 4 on Lap 12 and Smith crosses him over on the next lap but to no avail. Dabbs leads at the popsicle sticks.

Langille will finish 8th. Meanwhile, it is a great race up front with Dabbs all over Chandler Smith for the lead. Nine laps complete.

The hand movements in the car indicate he is not happy.

Langille gets the wall off Turn Four. He has pulled it into the infield, no caution.

Close racing as the top five run nose to tail. Langille under fire from Canipe for third as the top two begin to break away a bit.

3:40pm – GREEN FLAG – Bandits.

Bandits on track. Smith looking to go back to back, Dabbs on the outside looking for Win #3. Langille looking to fly the Maple Leaf to victory lane.

Joe Ryan Osbourne will extend his point lead with the win. Coen and Butcher should move into second and third with Mackintosh finishing outside the top five.

3:35pm – CHECKERS. Osbourne wins, Adams second, Coen third, Butcher fourth. A few cars got together behind MAckintosh, and he should be credited with about 7th place.

Everyone remains single file as MAckintosh lays the bumper to the 15. One to go.

Two to go.

Adams up the hill. Coen looking at third.

GREEN – 3 to go.

Straightaway has been cleaned, we are getting ready for green

This may take a while to clean up. When we do go back, this will be an exciting finish. Joe Ryan Osbourne has not finished any worse than second this week and has won two of the three features. Butcher and Coen were going at it for third with the 67 having the spot. Mackintosh should be about 8th or so on this restart after coming from the rear.

Top Five – 3 to go – Osbourne, Adams, Coen, Butcher, Fitzgerald.

Butcher on Coen for third. He’s trying everything to get by. Caution out on the front straight on Lap 22 for Eric Jones. Looks like the motor has expired again. Red flag out.

Osbourne has a huge lead on Adams, battle on for third with Coen, Butcher and Fitzgerland all by themselves. Five to go.

Joe Ryan Osbourne and Seth Adams are gone by a half straight over Coen and now Butcher in fourth. Mackintosh jacks up the 96 in Turn 3 for tenth and will take the spot on the next lap. 15 complete.

Butcher to third on Lap 7, but immediately gets crossed over by the 5H and 67. 5NS now under Coen for the fourth spot. Mackintosh 11th. 10 complete.

He finds a spot in line behind Riley Thornton. Osbourne leads Adams as now Butcher looks on Thornton for third. Mackintosh is on a mission, up to 12th and using the chrome horn on the drivers ahead.

Butcher hung out on the outside, hre’s already back to fourth on Lap 2.

3:22pm – GREEN FLAG, SemiPro

One to green.

Sitting up in the Turn 3 grandstands today includes Maritime Motorsports Hall of Famer Ernie Ledwidge.

We’re waiting for victory lane photos to be taken on the front straight with the BB74 driver.

Here come the Semi-Pros. Porter’s Lake, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher starts second with Ryan Mackintosh starting scratch on the field after a transponder issue in Qualifying.

Checkers on the Beginner Bandits – Driver #74 wins his fourth of the week.

2:33pm – Qualifying is complete with the Masters “B” to roll off at 3pm – we will have Twitter updates on Gary Bursey for the B Main while we will begin feature updates on this page beginning with the Young Lions following that.

2:28pm – Richard Salter has locked into the Masters feature in 12th (15.440), so it looks like his adjustments worked. Gary Bursey will start 8th of 11 in the B Main (Top 6 advance) with a 15.964. Ira Laughy (14.961) and Kevin Foisy are on the front row and are both sporting Tim’s Corner stickers on their cars. OH CANADA.

2:25pm – Our interview after qualifying with Cole Boudreau is listed below.

2:15pm – Ashton Winger is on the pole for the Outlaw race with a time of 15.915 seconds, Cole Boudreau will start 3rd with a 15.957. Tanner, Hall, Farrell and Naugle will start 8th through to 11th.

2:04pm – Brayton Haws put in a time of 14.837 in Young Lions to put his #02 car on the pole for today’s race. Cole Boudreau is 19th at a 15.308 with Jarrett Butcher in 23rd with a 15.448.

2:02pm – Waylon Farrell’s team tells me this is their final day of racing at Auburndale Speedway as they have tickets to Daytona and the NASCAR Truck Series race tomorrow night.

2:01pm – Check below for an interview prior to qualifying with second place point man in the Semi Pro, Ryan Mackintosh.

2:00pm – Cole Boudreau has jumped from Legend car to Bandolero and now sits in the Outlaw lineup ready to qualify. Young Lions times to follow.

1:49pm – Chandler Smith is on the pole for the Bandits race with a 15.941 second lap. Langille is third at a 16.110.

1:45pm – Cole Butcher has put it on the outside pole for this afternoon’s Semi Pro race with a time of 15.023 to Joe Ryan Osbourne’s 14.972. Ryan Mackintosh’s transponder recorded no time and it appears that he will start 17th.

Of note, the beginner bandit class is now up to four drivers. They added the 99 car overnight.

1:30pm – Qualifying is set to begin.

1:20pm – Two more interviews below. One from yesterday from Young Lions winner Brayton Haws after Wednesday’s practice. He would also go on to win on Day Three.

We also caught up with Richard Salter moments ago as he prepares for Masters qualifying. Both interviews are below.

1:03pm – One driver who has really impressed me not only here this week but back at Rockingham is the #91 of Stevie Johns in the Young Lions division. Caught up with him a few moments ago and his interview can be heard below.

We should be qualifying within an hour.Tried to catch up with a couple winners from last night after practice, but some of them are taking this time to visit other drivers.

12:30pm – Thanks to Ira Laughy, Kevin Foisy and Eric Jones who are running Tim’s Corner stickers on their cars today!

12:29pm – Practice times can be found on our Facebook page.

12:10pm – Heading out to grab some more pictures and audio, will be back in a bit.

12:05pm – Our interview with Young Lion Jarrett Butcher is up.

11:20am – Lots of happenings since the last time we spoke.

First, big red link up there, those are unofficial points after Day Three, sent to us by Colette in the office here at the track. Thanks Colette.

Second of all, Cy Harvey’s Legend car will indeed be driven by Cole Boudreau today. Boudreau has gone out for one practice so far this morning and is currently debriefing with Scott MacLean.

In other news, it is hot here today. In fact, it’s one of the hottest days since we got here last week. This will also be the last day of afternoon racing as we will be shifting to night racing tomorrow night, which will begin at 7pm. Pit gates open at 11am with the drivers meeting slated for 1pm.

Tomorrow night will be a bit hectic, while we will be doing some live updates, we also want to catch up with the winners to do interviews. We’ll see how tonight goes as to what type of coverage the “one man band” in the pits can deliver.

Practice is ongoing now and we will have times following the sessions.

8:04am – We didn’t get around to posting this last night, so here it is without further delay. I spoke with Joe Ryan Osbourne and Riley Thornton yesterday about their finish in Semi Pro on Tuesday, which came down to 0.003 seconds according to the transponders. That interview is below.

With that – the drivers meeting should be fun this morning and it gets kicked off at 9:30am.

8:00am – So, let’s start from where we left off last night.

In the Young Lions division, Jarrett Butcher ended up being disqualified from the feature last night after light contact after the checkers with Tyler Dippel. Dippel proceeded to slam on the brakes on pit entry and both were disqualified. Dippel dumped Butcher coming to the white flag in yesterday’s Young Lions feature. Jarrett and I went looking for an explanation from promoter Rex White or race director Tim but neither were to be found after the race.

Cy Harvey told us yesterday that his wife’s designated shopping trip is today, so he won’t be here. Last night after racing, Cole Boudreau practiced the car, which was the first time in a Legend car. After two sessions, his times were down to 15.3 seconds on the stop watch of Courtney Lefcourt. Harvey is slated to be back tomorrow for Day Five.

Ryan Mackintosh broke in tires last night but also ended up breaking more than tires. The team now has a mechanical problem which they will diagnose tomorrow. They say it could be an alternator, or a battery or even a motor related issue. We’ll have more when we get to the track.

Cole Tanner did two runs last night to break in a new right front tire.

Braden Langille’s team did a couple runs to break in a new motor, but will have to change it again after the motor expired in their race car. They have a couple spares and will be ready today.

Cory Hall was also shaking out the cobwebs last night. The team went to Jacob Heafner to test the car and the team made some adjustments to the car. They will look to make a swing at the car this morning to make the car a bit tighter.



Young Lions – Cole Boudreau 10th, Jarrett Butcher 12th
Bandits: Braden Langille 8th
Outlaws: Cole Boudreau 5th, Cole Tanner 8th, Nicholas Naugle 9th, Waylon Farrell 10th, Cory Hall 11th
Masters – Ira Laughy – WIN, Kevin Foisy 2nd, Richard Salter 13th, Gary Bursey 14th, Cy Harvey DNS (Shopping Trip)



Young Lions – Boudreau 19th, J. Butcher 23rd
Outlaws – Boudreau 3rd, Tanner 8th, Hall 9th, Farrell 10th, Naugle 11th
SemiPro – Butcher 2nd Mackintosh 17th (No Time, Transponder)
Bandits -Langille 3rd
Masters: Salter 12th, Bursey 24th (will start 8th in B Main)



IMG_7519 IMG_7520 IMG_7521 IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7501



Cole Boudreau– After Thursday Qualifying for Outlaws AND Young Lions

Ryan Mackintosh – After Thursday practice, discussing the problems.

Richard Salter – Prior to Thursday qualifying.

Brayton Haws – Wednesday morning after win on Day Two. He also won Young Lions on Day Three.

Stevie Johns – On second place yesterday in the Young Lions

Jarrett Butcher – Prior to Practice

Joe Ryan Osbourne and Riley Thornton – On Tuesday’s Semi Pro Photo Finish


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