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Auburndale Speedway (FL)

INEX Winter Nationals Coverage – Day Two of Five


Our DAY TWO Coverage Presented by Chris Woods Racing and Repair and Cannon Security Inc.

The 2013 INEX Winter Nationals fire up for Day Two today, Tuesday, February 19th, at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Waylon Farrell, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Cy Harvey, Richard Salter, Nicholas Naugle, Ryan Mackintosh, Braden Langille and Cole Tanner and New Brunswick’s Cole Boudreau, Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.

Heads up – the generator that was powering my laptop this morning is now is use getting the #33 car of Cole Tanner ready for the feature. Should the laptop die and updates stop here – head over to Tim Terry’s twitter for updates at



7:43pm – We’re shutting down for the day, but before we do, check out the Facebook page for more photos from today’s racing action. Work is still ongoing here at the Peachfuzz Motorsports trailer and likely will for another hour or so.

We’ll see you tomorrow for Round Three. Have a great night.

Josh Collins stopped by on his off day from New Smyrna Speedway. I talked to him about his plans for next season and his run at New Smyrna, and that interview will be up tomorrow during Round Three coverage.

Pro – The Grala #3 driven by Dennis Lambert took the checkers first over Joey Padgett and Evan Swilling.

Masters – Kevin Foisy takes the checkers after a spirited battle with Ira Laughy. Laughy went through the infield with two laps to go, handing second to Thomas Gray with Rhett Causey third. Laughy was 20th, Salter finished 11th, Bursey 14th, Harvey 25th.

Outlaw – Jensen Jorgensen wins over Winger and Heafner unofficially. Naugle placed sixth, Farrell seventh, Hall eight, Boudreau ninth (dnf with a broken LR shock), Cole Tanner 12th (wreck).

Follow further updates from Masters and Pros at – as this laptop is dying. Link is above!

Caution/checkers out as Jorgensen takes the win. Farrell and Hall brought the yellow out in the back.

Green flag.

Caution is out. Jorgensen and Winger battled for second with Jorgensen on the inside. The contact also included leader Hicks, who is now at the rear of the field. Lineup – 32 12 95 3a 24.

Hicks back under Jorgensen for the lead, Winger looks to follow.

Farrell still on track as the green flies. Jorgensen opens the door on the 56 and will take the lead. Winger third, Heafner fourth.

Farrells bumper is bent and will likely be sent back to fix it. Boudreau also pits.

3 car spins on the backstraight and draws a caution – what a save by the 00 of Boudreau to get around him!

Top four single file with a bit of room between them. Waylon Farrell passes Boudreau for fifth as Boudreau is fading on the high line. Something may be wrong with the car.He’s back to eighth.

Green flag. Jorgensen putting the pressure on Hicks for the lead. Winger has Heafner to his rear with Boudreau in fifth. Waylon Farrell passes two cars and is now sixth.

Upon inspection as it rolled past us, it appears the frame may be bent now on the #33 Bandolero of Cole Tanner.

24 car spins in Turn 3 and the caution is out.

Green flag.

Tanner into the wall hard on the front straight after contact with the 51. Caution is out, Tanner is out of the car and is ok.

Boudreau is side by side with Jorgensen for second. Jorgensen throws it into one, it sticks and takes second back. Farrell is all over Tanner for ninth.

4:51pm – GREEN FLAG

Hicks and Jorgensen make up the front row. Boudreau third,Tanner ninth, Naugle, Farrell and Hall complete the field.

4:48pm – They have thrown the checkered flag on this race. Haws will be your winner. Appears that was a 25 lap race as opposed to 30. The Masters race later will also be shortened to 25 laps as previously posted. Outlaws on the track.

Haws looks under Dipple many times in the three laps after the start and takes the lead. Irvan follows through and here comes Quinlan. Caution out behind them for the 23.


Kyle Macmillan has just pointed out to me that two police officers have appeared at the base of the flagstand. He credits being observant to winning the Thunder title this year at the Speedworld.

Start withdrawn by the flagger, the BOO are has stopped in Turn 3.

Green flag, looking at about 7 or 8 to go.

Caution out for two spins on opposite ends, one for the 87 in Turn 2 and one for the 12 in Turn 4. The black flag has now been displayed on the 12.

Green flag, nine laps to go. Donahue has pulled into the x in the infield.

Caution out for the white 88 of Barnes in Turn 4. Top Five – Dipple, Haws, Irvan, Quinlan, Ryan.

Donahue has slowed on the backstraight and gets going again.

Butcher is climbing out and appears to be done.

Haws makes a great move under Irvan and Donahue and goes to second. Halfway.

Pixie Keiser and Cole Butcher are assessing the damage on the 4 as we go green.

Black flag has come out. Not sure if it’s for the 4 of Butcher or the 12 of Graf. Butcher pits.

Tow truck gets the two unattached and both get going again.

Butcher’s #4 is getting hooked on to the tow truck.

That’s caution #4 for the 12 of Graf. Butcher has nowhere to go and made contact with the 12. Officials in the meeting this morning said they would have no problem parking slower cars today. We’ll see what happens here.

Graf has been involved in three cautions today, which was about the count from yesterday. Butcher pitted and is now rejoining the field. Dipple leads Donahue and Irvan. We are about halfway.

Irvan goes right to second as Butcher and Graf (12) get caught up in Turn Two to bring the caution out.


Of note, the Azzatta car that got ran over in Turn 3 yesterday is running 7th on this restart.

Byron has pitted and Johns is falling to the rear of the field. Dipple now leads Irvan and Haws, and now it appears they will let Donahue back in line in second. Butcher is about 14th.

Scott MacLean has walked by and has given me the thumbs up – Cole Tanner is ready to rock in the upcoming Outlaw feature.

Byron spins in front of the field, sending him around and into the 2 car of Donahue. This happened on the backstraight on the restart. Caution out.

Byron controls the restart as GREEN comes out. Dipple and John in tow.

Caution out in Turn 2 for the 20 of Jack Dossey.

Byron under Johns for the spot and takes the lead while Dipple takes second. Johns right back to the inside of Dipple, but can’t make it stick.


Back under caution two laps later for the 12 car going around again in Turn 3. Johns leads Byron and Dipple. Butcher 18th.

Mess is cleaned up and we are back under green.

This race is being red flagged – and as it is, Cole Tanner’s car has rolled up to the staging area.

84 just blew a motor all to pieces on the backstraight and has stopped in three. Car was on fire but has been extinguished. Caution is out and we may have a bit of a cleanup here.

Johns gets a good jump on Byron and Haws. Field is single file, two laps after green.


We get through the first lap this time. Butcher is mired back in traffic with the 12 and BOO cars behind him as Beattie in the 84 goes for a spin behind them and brings the caution out.

Field is back double file and we will try this again as we did not complete the first lap. GREEN FLAG. 91 02 25 28I 1

Caution at the end of Lap 1 for the 12 of Graf.

4:08pm – GREEN – Young Lions – 30 Laps

Darin Butcher is getting ready to watch his other son Jarrett run the Young Lions feature. He said they are liking the gains Cole’s car is making. He even has a bit of a smile on his face.

4:04pm – Checkered flag. Dabbs wins over Canipe. Langille fourth in a spirited battle for third.

White flag.

Two to go. Dabbs and Canipe are gone, three car battle for third with Langille on the inside.

Chandler Smith has opened the door under Langille and has taken third, the 24 car is looking to dispatch Braden to fifth.

Back to Green, Langille third on Canipe’s bumper.

…until that, caution is out for the yellow 51 over in Turn 2.

Halfway. Langille takes third and is pulling away from the fourth place spot. Top two are GONE.

Canipe takes second and Langille looks under Chandler Smith for third. Smith gets momentum off the high side but Langille pulls even in the corners, they are still side by side after 3 laps.

Dabbs (inside) and Smith work side by side for the lead with Canipe looking on. Langille has found his way to fourth and is creeping in on Smith and Canipe as Dabbs gets away from the pack.

3:58pm – GREEN FLAG for the Bandits. Langille starts fifth and goes to work immediately on the 24.

3:56pm CHECKERS – It looked like from here that the 13 may have nipped the 21, but the other side appears to have the 21 over the 13. Either way, that was pretty incredible. Butcher comes home in fourth and Mackintosh 7th – we’ll catch up with both drivers tomorrow. WHAT A FINISH.

Osbourne pressuring Thornton for the lead at the white, they’re side by side!

Green flag – 21 13 5A 5NS 67

We’re looking at 4 or 5 to go on the restart.

Caution out for the 28 in Turn 3. Butcher fourth, Mackintosh 7th.

The 21 passes Adams for the lead as Osbourne also will follow through to second. Butcher sits in fourth a few carlengths back.

Joe Ryan Osbourne makes the pass on Cole Butcher for third, Butcher falls into line in fourth as Mackintosh looks at the 96 of Fitzgerald for sixth.

Green flag.

Jarrett Butcher and Kyle MacMillan are joining me at my side in the Turn Three grandstands. Jarrett approves of his brothers third place run so far.

Caution out one lap later for the 98 car.

Green flag, Butcher third, Mackintosh seventh.

Top four have broken away with Butcher having pressure from Osbourne as the caution comes out for Courtney Lefcourt on the front straight.

Butcher is now in third with Joe Ryan Osbourne putting pressure on for the spot.

Field is single file for the time being with Becca Monopoli looking at the green 15 car about halfway through the pack.

Butcher is side by side with Joe Ryan Osbourne, while Mackintosh falls into line in seventh. Two complete.

3:42pm – GREEN FLAG, Semi Pro Feature – 30 Laps

3:39 – SemiPros are on track for their feature. Butcher starts third, Mackintosh rolls from sixth. Keep in mind, the restarts here are single file while the initial start is double

3:30pm – Asked Scott MacLean how close they were to getting Cole Tanner’s car on track. His response – we’re getting there.

3:11pm – I caught up with Jensen Jorgensen earlier to talk about his win last night. His interview is below.

3:00pm – Racing is slated to begin at 3:30pm.

257pm – By the looks of it, the crew is replacing everything on the back end of the car but the bumper. They are cutting and welding in an attempt to put everything back on the car. Nine drivers and crew members currently surround the car. Driver Cole Tanner is in good spirits, smiling and evening fixing the Canadian flag on the back of the trailer which had tangled itself up.

2:55pm – Kevin Foisy is on the pole for the Masters race (15.026) with Laughy to his outside. Harvey is 20th at 15.697, Salter 22nd (15.770) and Bursey 24th (15.879)

2:50pm – Waiting for Masters results. Meanwhile, outside our “office”, the crews are hard at work putting the #33 back together. Photos are below and on Facebook.

2:33pm – Josh Hicks takes his second consecutive Outlaw pole with a time of 15.936 over Jorgensen and Boudreau (16.051). Tanner clocked ninth before his wheel fell off (16.355), Naugle 11th (16.700), Farrell12th (16.795)  and Hall 13th (17.050)

2:30pm – Audio interview with Cole is below. He is okay, but his shoulder is hurting a bit. There are a dozen crew members around the car trying to piece it back together. Tanner says a wheel fell off which put him in the Turn Two wall.

2:19pm – Cole Tanner has hit the wall in Outlaws qualifying. He is okay, but the crew is scrambling in anticipation of the car coming back to the pit.

2:15pm – Butcher qualified 17th with a 15.489. Stevie Johns is on the pole with a 14.881 over Haws, Byron, Irvan and Dipple.

2:12pm – Jarrett Butcher and the Young Lions have just wrapped up qualifying. He’s patiently awaiting his time in the TCM Mobile Office.

Today’s coverage is presented by Chris Woods Racing and Repair and Cannon Security Inc. Advertising opportunities for the 2013 season are available by contacting us at

2:00pm – Braden Langille is fifth in BANDITS qualifying with a time of 16.418 seconds. Pole sitter Chandler Smith ran a 16.198.

1:58pm – Cole Butcher is third in Semi Pro Qualifying, putting in a 15.072 to Seth Adam’s pole time of a 15.069. Mackintosh is 6th with a 15.095.

1:46pm – Semi Pros are now on track for qualifying.

1:32pm – We have an interview posted now with Cole Butcher following the first practice session. Listen to it below.

1:3opm – Beginner Bandits are set to head out to qualify with Semi Pros beginning to stage. We’ll have qualifying results following qualifying.

1:25pm – The Masters feature has been pulled back from 30 to 25 laps this afternoon.

1:20pm – Another familiar face has stopped in, 2012 Scotia Speedworld ACE Lumbermart Thunder champ Kyle MacMillan has stopped in to see us. Listen for his interview tomorrow.

1pm – We have interviews recorded with Jensen and Taylor Jorgensen, Joe Ryan Osbourne and Windsor, Ontario’s Grant Quinlan, who won the Young Lions race yesterday. We’ll be working on getting those up throughout the day as well as cutting more leading up to racing.

12:55pm – Braden Langille was quick in Bandits practice,clocking in a 16.305 for his quick time. Cole Boudreau was the quickest of the five Canadian outlaws at a 15.997. Ryan Mackintosh has also shown some big speed in Semi Pro, but as Cy said yesterday, the stop watch doesn’t know the difference in a race session.

12:46pm – Practice has concluded and qualifying will begin at 1:30pm. Practice times are posted here (you will be redirected to Facebook).

11:32pm – Cy Harvey is now here. He is suiting up for practice now after giving a pep talk to the Bandolero drivers in the trailer. “45 years of experience gets you this – running out of fuel and a dnf.” He’s in good spirits and ready to climb aboard the 37NS for his final practice.

Cy says he wishes everyone at home was here but “this racing thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” He says he was told that by Bobby Allen back in 1976.

11:11am – My interview with Monday Masters winner Ira Laughy is below under audio – take a click to listen!

11am – For those Cy Harvey fans at home, such as Rob Bowness, we can tell you Cy is currently NOT at Auburndale Speedway, but his car is being prepared to run tonight. One can assume he is sitting in a WalMart parking lot waiting for his wife to shop like he told us yesterday.

10:09am – Drivers Meeting wrapped up about 15 minutes ago. Auburndale Speedway promoter Rex White commended the Pro division on an excellent race last night and called the Masters race the worst race he has seen at the Speedway. He also warned the drivers of blocking and that if a driver is blocking at the front today that a caution would be thrown and said driver will be shown the rear on the ensuing restart.

Practice has been cut back to allow for two rounds of practice, which will begin at 10:30pm local. We are hoping to have practice results following all sessions. We’re now heading out to grab some audio and photos during the practice sessions.

Welcome to Day Two coverage from Auburndale Speedway.

Drivers meeting is slated for 9:30am local this morning. We will be running around this morning grabbing interviews and pictures from yesterday. We’ll have updates periodically through the morning – and we hope the battery lasts long enough to cover the features this afternoon!



Semi Pro:
Winner: Riley Thornton (unoffical, photo finish with Joe Ryan Osbourne)
4th – Cole Butcher
7th – Ryan Mackintosh

Winner: Kevin Foisy 11th – Richard Salter
14th – Gary Bursey
20th – Ira Laughy
25th – Cy Harvey (DNF)

Young Lions
Winner: Brayton Haws
3rd – Grant Quinlan
20th – Jarrett Butcher

Winner: Jensen Jorgensen
6th – Nicholas Naugle
7th – Waylon Farrell
8th – Cory Hall
9th – Cole Boudreau (LR Shock)
11th – Cole Tanner (wreck)

Winner: Zachary Dabbs
4th – Braden Langille



Semi Pro:
1st 5A Seth Adams 15.069
3rd 5 Cole Butcher 15.072
6th 03 Ryan Mackintosh 15.095

1st Josh Hicks
3rd Cole Boudreau
9th Cole Tanner
11th Nicholas Naugle
12th Waylon Farrell
13th Cory Hall

Young Lions
17th Jarrett Butcher

2oth Cy Harvey
22nd Richard Salter
24th Gary Bursey



IMG_7414 IMG_7415 IMG_7416

IMG_7382 IMG_7383 IMG_7384



HARRY ROSS WHITE – On his trip to Florida and Auburndale Speedway.

IRA LAUGHY – Masters winner from Monday night.

CY HARVEY – Life lessons

COLE BUTCHER – Practice interview.

COLE TANNER – Post qualifying crash interview.

JENSEN JORGENSEN– Semi Pro winner from Monday.


 Be sure to also check our FACEBOOK page for updates throughout the week. 

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