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Series Release.

PASS President Tom Mayberry is pleased to announce a brand new series for Late Models which will be unveiled at Oxford Plains Speedway in 2014. The division will race three times this season at OPS with the possibility of a full fledged Late Model Series developing in 2015.

Mayberry explains, “The timing is right for a new Late Model Series to be developed and implemented on a test basis in 2014. There are tons of Late Models just sitting idle, and several other tracks, and series cars will be able to participate as well. We have developed a universal set of rules that will just about encompass any racecars with just minimal changes. We will be debuting the PASS Northeast Late Model Series at Oxford on Friday, June 13, 2014 with a 100 lap, $2,000 to win main event. Round number two will take place on the Saturday of the Oxford 250 weekend, July 19th. This race will feature a 125 lap main event paying $4,000 to win, or $3,000 and a guaranteed provisional for the Oxford 250 on Sunday. The final event of the Series will take place on the PASS Championship Weekend at OPS, which is slated for September 26th and 27th. This race will also feature a $2,000 to win, 100 lap main event. We are all excited about launching the PASS Northeast Late Model Series, and have a very good feeling that this Series will be very successful. The Late Model Series will carry the PASS banner in 2014. If the initial endeavor is successful than we will look to expand the Series in 2015.”


The purses are listed below for the three race Series:

June 13 & September 27, 2014 Purses.

1st, $2,000, 2nd $1,200, 3rd $800, 4th $600, 5th $550, 6th $500, 7th $475, 8th $450, 9th 425,

10th $400, 11th $375, 12th $350, 13th $340, 14th $330, 15th $320, 16th $310, 17th-32nd $300


July 19, 2014 Purses.

1st, $4,000/$3,000, 2nd $2,000, 3rd $1,200, 4th $800, 5th $600, 6th $550, 7th $500, 8th $475,

9th 450, 10th $425, 11th $400, 12th $390, 13th $380, 14th $370, 15th $360, 16th $350, 17th $340,

18th $330, 19th $320, 20th $310, 21st – 32nd $300

Rules for the PASS Northeast Late Model Series may be found on the PASS website at If you have any questions on the rules you may contact Charlie Rockwell after 5pm at 802-754-2822.

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