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TCM iRacing Special Events – All Time Starts/Wins

*As of January 14th, 2021; 61 races total from March 2020 to January 2021

Does not include Petty Raceway Series, Eastbound eSports, Maritime Pro Stock Tour iRacing or TCM Triple Threat Charity Race. Includes all TCM Showcase Qualifier Features.

Name Hometown Feature Wins Best TCM Finish TCM Starts
Adam Gilliland McKinney, TX 7th 2
Alex Davison Charlottetown, PE 2nd 5
Alex McCollum Phillipsburg, NJ 1 1st 1
Andrew Lively Middle Sackville, NS 4th 18
Andrew McBurney London, ON 19th 2
Andrew Rodgers Smithtown, NB 5th 16
Andrew Tattrie Stewiacke, NS 7th 11
Ashton Tucker Lyttleton, NB 1 1st 19
Austin MacDonald Pictou, NS DNS 1
Ayden Christensen Windsor Junction, NS 6th 12
Barrett Bonnar Yarmouth, NS 1 1st 18
Bob Hutchings NL 7th 6
Brad Eddy Lower Sackville, NS 1 1st 14
Brad Hayes Head of Jeddore, NS 6th 10
Brady Creamer Miramichi, NB DNQ 4
Brandon Campbell Moncton, NB 2 1st 33
Brandon Hiscock NL 10th 7
Brandon Lively Middle Sackville, NS 4th 17
Brandon Tobin Sydney, NS DNQ 2
Brent Roy Hanwell, NB 3rd 8
Brett MacFarlane 15th 4
Brett Suggs Mooresville, NC 1 1st 21
Brian Birt Halifax, NS DNQ 5
Brian Nagy Concord, NC 9th 6
Brodie Lewis Stratford, PE 8th 18
Byron Bartlett Rothesay, NB 10th 29
Caden Tufts Halifax, NS 3rd 33
Cadence Frizzell Enfield, NS 5th 19
Caleb Urquhart Fredericton, NB 24th 10
Cameron Bolin Sharon, SC 4th 2
Campbell Delaney Halifax, NS 9th 28
Carter Greer Harvey, NB 16th 6
Chad Coleman Pendergrass, GA 1 1st 2
Chantelle Pottle Torbay, NL 11th 12
Charlie Beals 5th 1
Chase MacKay Bear Cove, NS DNQ 2
Chris Evans DNQ 3
Chris Ewing Lakeside, NS 8th 18
Chris Garnett Havelock, NB 15th 3
Chris McKenna Halifax, NS 25th 5
Chris Roma West Chezzetcook, NS 3rd 28
Chris Walsh DNQ 3
Chris Wonnacott Moncton, NB 3rd 4
Christopher Carter Sydney, NS 24th 14
Chuck Morehouse Fredericton, NB DNQ 4
Clark Moore Saint John, NB 21st 2
Coady Palmer Charlottetown, PE DNQ 1
Cody Byrne Orwell Cove, PE 18th 9
Cody Finck 11th 7
Cole Butcher Hantsport, NS 2nd 18
Colin Boudreau Yarmouth, NS 4th 18
Colin Jenkins Charlottetown, PE 25th 1
Colin Matthews Dartmouth, NS 3rd 32
Colton Dale DNQ 1
Colton Noble Upper Nine Mile River, NS 14th 1
Conrad Murphy Miramichi, NB 2nd 36
Corey Hallett Shelburne, NS 15th 22
Corey Lund Moncton, NB 26th 4
Corey Reid Bishops Falls, NL 4th 10
Cory Burke 10th 2
Cory Casagrande 17th 2
Cory Hall Jolicure, NB 5 1st 30
Courtney Barton Minto, NB 19th 1
Craig Kenny Charlottetown, PE 3rd 21
Craig MacDonald Waverley, NS 3 1st 22
Craig Tully Halifax, NS 6th 33
Craig Weagle Halifax, NS 15th 7
Cyril Roberts 7th 2
Dan Collins Sanford, ME 7th 3
Dan Withers St. Martins, NB 10th 7
Daniel Veitch Dartmouth, NS 15th 35
Danny Chisholm Canning, NS 3 1st 38
Dave Horton Charlottetown, PE 17th 11
Dave Wooldridge Summerside, PE 25th 1
David Cassidy Miramichi, NB 2nd 42
David Roberts Yarmouth, NS 10th 9
Dawson McIntee Moncton, NB 7th 16
Dawson Noble Upper Nine Mile River, NS 14th 11
Derek Gates Truro, NS 10th 14
Derrick Lewis Rainelle, WV DNQ 3
Deven Smith Lakeside, NS 20th 11
Don Steeves Moncton, NB 6th 3
Donnie Bernard Salisbury, NB DNQ 8
Doug Hubley Halifax, NS 9th 12
Doug Kaine Moncton, NB DNQ 1
Dustyn Mombourquette 6th 2
Dylan Dowe Bedford, NS DNQ 2
Dylan Gosbee Cornwall, PE DNQ 2
Dylan Kopec 10th 2
EJ O’Rourke Shrewsbury, MA 6th 4
Ethan Miller Kennetcook, NS 1 1st 25
Eugene Thorne Kingston, NS DNQ 1
Evan Beaulieu 15th 1
Evan Osborne Porter’s Lake, NS 4th 19
Geoff Armstrong Saint John, NB 11th 10
George White 6th 11
Gerald Gallant Miscouche, PE 28th 2
Gilles Saulnier 6th 6
Greg Sewart Halifax, NS DNQ 2
Greg Snelgrove Elmsdale, NS 15th 3
Greg Thorne Fredericton, NB 17th 3
Ian Rasmussen New Denmark, NB DNQ 1
Jacob Lawrence St. John’s, NL DNQ 4
Jake Goodwin Amherst, NS 1 1st 40
Jake Rogers Charlottetown, PE DNQ 2
Jake Scrivens Halifax, NS 33rd 9
James Poleske Oconomowoc, WI DNQ 1
Jamie Munroe Lower Sackville, NS 6th 13
Jarrett Butcher Porter’s Lake, NS 7th 12
Jason Gallant Cap-Pele, NB 10th 4
Jason Gosse Torbay, NL 2nd 25
Jason Halverson 9th 22
Jason Ricker 21st 2
Jeff Gilmet Sydney, NS 26th 2
Jeff Richard North Rustico, PE DNQ 4
Jeffrey Brown DNQ 1
Joe Adams DNQ 1
Joey Arsenault St. John’s, NL 15th 10
Joey Stiers IL 8th 13
John Biron Sydney, NS 11th 35
John Kaine Moncton, NB 13th 10
John Miller NH 7th 3
John Murphy NL DNS 1
John Peters Waterboro, ME 1 1st 2
Jon Fitzpatrick Charlottetown, PE 1 2nd 32
Jon Gahan Fredericton, NB 10th 17
Jonathan Pollard Charlottetown, PE 9th 24
Jordan Boyd DNS 1
Jordan Gates DNQ 2
Jordan Rushton Dartmouth, NS 8th 13
Josh Langille Coldbrook, NS 2nd 27
Josh Morrison Sherwood, PE 6th 5
Josh Parker Cranston, RI 1 1st 1
JP Arsenault Meteghan, NS 10th 8
Justin Collison Cambridge, ON 1 1st 2
Justin Fuller Greene, NY 2nd 3
Justin LeBlanc 18th 1
Justin Ryan Mount Pearl, NL 16th 10
Karson Aube Elmsdale, NS 18th 7
Keegan Leahy Halifax, NS 15th 1
Keith MacLellan Sydney, NS 2nd 25
Kenny Hopper Elmsdale, NS 16th 10
Kenny Kibbey MI 4th 2
Kenny MacKenzie Salisbury, NB 2nd 15
Kevin Cormier Saint-Antoine, NB 25th 7
Kevin Inglin 2nd 3
Kevin King San Diego, CA 1 1st 2
Kevin Nobley Bristol, NH DNQ 7
Kody Moorcroft Fredericton, NB 5th 6
Kody Quinn Sydney, NS 17th 4
Kyle Boudreau Yarmouth, NS 4th 10
Kyle Casagrande 24th 2
Kyle Finck DNQ 2
Kyle Forbes Owen Sound, ON DNQ 2
Kyle Gammon Mount Uniacke, NS 3rd 12
Kyle Reid Fort McMurray, AB 25th 4
Kyle Treadwell Buckfield, ME DNQ 1
Kyle Young Syracuse, NY 2nd 7
Mackenzie Brewer Quispamsis, NB 3rd 19
Magnum Tate 13th 1
Marc D’Entremont Tusket, NS 2nd 13
Marc Williams Cocagne, NB 9th 27
Mark Sherwood 6th 8
Mark Stevenson 16th 1
Mark White DNQ 1
Mark Young Keswick, NB 10th 8
Martin Landry Grand-Barachois, NB 18th 7
Matt Janes Kelligrews, NL DNQ 7
Matt O’Dell Fredericton, NB 15th 18
Matt Rodgers Smithtown, NB 13th 13
Matt Vaughan Bedford, NS DNQ 1
Matt Watson Miscouche, PE 5th 10
Matthew Barkhouse Dartmouth, NS 9 1st 51
Matthew Rushton Dartmouth, NS 20th 7
Michael Neary Portugal Cove, NL 8th 22
Mike Alexander Cole Harbour, NS 9 1st 44
Mike Hopkins 10th 1
Mike Murray DNQ 6
Mike Rhyno Lawrencetown, NS 1 1st 33
Mike Umlah Stewiacke, NS 24th 7
Mitchell Montgomery Summerside, PE 2nd 4
Nathan Blackburn Timberlea, NS 1 1st 18
Nathan Langille Coldbrook, NS 11th 17
Nathan Tattrie Truro, NS 12th 10
Nathaniel Wall NL DNQ 2
Nevin Scott Marshfield, PE 16th 7
Nic Doucette Lower Wedgeport, NS 1 1st 1
Nicholas Naugle Dartmouth, NS 3rd 14
Nick Codner Torbay, NL 2 1st 27
Nick Mott 4th 7
Noah Healey St. John’s, NL 13th 22
Noel Fougere Antigonish, NS 3 1st 25
Nyk Pothier Halifax, NS 7th 15
Owen Groves Heart’s Delight, NL DNQ 5
Owen Mahar Hubley, NS 12th 23
Patrick Mallet Bathurst, NB 2nd 2
Paul McCollum 8th 7
Perry Gammon Middle Sackville, NS 12th 8
Phil Fowler Forteau, NL DNQ 5
Quinton Carpenter 10th 6
Reg LeBlanc Moncton, NB DNQ 1
Richard Beasley Cuyahoga Falls, OH 3rd 6
Richard Drake Halifax, NS 1 1st 27
Ricky Arbeau Fredericton, NB 1 1st 10
Ricky Millar Alberton, PE 6th 4
Riley Duncan Hampton, NB 7th 17
Robbie Cable Conception Bay South, NL DNQ 1
Robbie MacEwen Sherwood, PE DNQ 4
Robert Lee Fredericton, NB DNQ 4
Rod St. George Winterton, NL DNQ 3
Roger Down Minto, NB 4th 21
Ronnie MacKay Sydney, NS 8th 18
Russell Smith Jr Lakeside, NS 16th 1
Ryan Breithoff Middletown, PA 6th 3
Ryan Crawford Salisbury, NB DNQ 1
Ryan Knorr DNQ 1
Ryan Libby 12th 1
Ryan Matthews 2nd 1
Ryan Messer Harvey, NB 5 1st 19
Ryan Twinam 6th 11
Ryan VanOirschot Antigonish, NS 5th 10
Ryan Walsh Conception Bay South, NL 3rd 30
Sam Rogers Lower Onslow, NS 1 1st 24
Scott Alexander Cole Harbour, NS 5th 4
Scott Drost 10th 13
Shane Lively Lower Sackville, NS 27th 9
Shawn Benoit Moncton, NB 22nd 3
Shawn Lynch DNS 1
Shawn Pierce Bridgewater, NS 6th 12
Stephen Lively Shubenacadie, NS 13th 10
Steven Matthews Bedford, NS 1 1st 35
Tanner Carter 17th 2
Tanton Wooldridge Summerside, PE 3rd 25
Taylor Leighton 10th 8
Terry Barrieau DNQ 1
Terry Dougay Albany, PE 13th 12
Tim Brockhouse Shakopee, MN 17th 1
Tim Terry Halifax, NS 7th 12
Timothy Greene DNQ 2
TJ Madore Fredericton, NB 24th 6
Todd Cousins West Chezzetcook, NS 3rd 32
Todd Tufts Halifax, NS 13th 15
Tony Stevens Sherills Ford, NC 4th 18
Tony Wright Middle Musquodoboit, NS 12th 30
Travis Keefe Gold River, NS DNQ 3
Travis Roma West Chezzetcook, NS 4th 42
Trevor Lambe Barrie, ON DNQ 5
Trevor Smith Timberlea, NS 3rd 20
Troy Burke Winsloe, PE 17th 15
Tyler Hallahan Elmsdale, NS 8th 4
Tyler Reid 15th 7
Tyler Stordy DNQ 2
Wade Craswell Truro, NS 4th 25
Wes Hoag 6th 1
Wyatt Alexander Ellsworth, ME 9th 1
Zane Farrell 23rd 1