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Section 1 – General


1.1 – The objective of this event is to bring together drivers from all across the sim world to battle for the 2013 Late Model 150. The main goal for everyone involved should be to HAVE FUN!
1.2 – The Sporting Code applies for all events contested by the Late Model Championships.
1.3 – All participants are required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner not detrimental to the continuance of the racing meet.
1.4 – The top five from the main feature will be asked to save the final fifty laps of their replay. If instructed, they will be asked to send them in post race should the administrators need to look at anything. Failure to comply could result in disqualification from the event.
1.5 – Any questions pertaining to rules and procedures can be directed to
1.6 – The calls and decisions of the race administrators are final and are subject to change without notice.


Section 2 – Cautions, Starts, Restarts and Free Pass


2.1 – The LEADER will control the start and all restarts of the event.
2.2 – Restarts will be contested with the “double file, lapped at back” function. Please do not change positions until after you pass the start/finish line on a restart, unless instructed by the car ahead of you. A “change of position” is defined as setting out and having your front bumper ahead of the car in front of you in line before the flagstand. If we catch you jumping the start, you could be penalized a lap per car you pass.
2.3 – The driver at fault for the yellow will be given an “end of longest line” penalty for the ensuing restart. If incident is deemed as a racing incident between two drivers, no penalty will be given. Penalties are at the discretion of the race director and race control.
2.4 – The Free Pass will be given to the first car that is scored one lap down that was not involved in the yellow flag. To receive this award you must stay out on the first lap of caution to receive the wave around. If the driver who was in line for the Free Pass was involved in the yellow than there is no Free Pass Award. Admin issued lap penalties will not be eligible to be made back by the Free Pass Award as they must be earned laps back.
2.5 – There is no racing back to the yellow flag as instituted in the iRacing simulation. If you are coming up to a wreck use caution when getting around it – barreling through will not get you or the car(s) you damaged anywhere! Any car that is deemed to be going through a caution scene at a high rate of speed will be asked to start on the rear for the ensuing restart. There are no resets, so use your heads.
2.6 – If you are the direct cause of two yellows, you will be asked to park your car. Failure to do so will result in the officials parking your car for you. If you are the cause of a yellow flag, you will be assessed an “End of Longest Line” penalty.
2.7 – We will not be clearing black flags whatsoever. If we see that the back of the pack is not lined up correctly, we have the option of extending the caution one lap to align the field.
2.8 – The calls of the race administrators are final.


Section 3 – Qualifying Procedure


Two rounds of Qualifying will determine the field for the 2013 Late Model 150.


3.1 – Timed Qualifying
3.1.1 – Five (5) hosted sessions will be hosted on the hour from 6pm to 10pm Eastern on the hour with qualifying taking place at the bottom of the hour on Tuesday, September 25th. Each driver will have a chance to enter one session throughout the night to take their chance on the clock during the 2-lap qualifying session. The fastest 20 times from the night will be transferred directly into the Late Model 150 while the next 30 fastest times will move into the “B” Feature.
3.1.2 – The top five from the completed sessions will be asked to SAVE THEIR REPLAY of their qualifying session (start to finish) to by 4pm Eastern on Tuesday afternoon. Failure to comply could result in disqualification of your time.
3.1.3 – In the event that multiple drivers join sessions and do not register a time that happen to be in line for a top 60 spot, the tiebreaker will be their fastest practice time in the official qualifying session practice.
3.1.4 – Each driver is only permitted to qualify in one session. If you enter a qualifying session, you qualify in that session. If you enter two sessions, your time for open qualifying will be disallowed and you will be placed at the rear of drivers who have entered one session and have not recorded time.


3.3 – “B” Feature
3.3.1 – A 50-lap “B” feature will be run at 7:15pm Eastern featuring the qualifiers 20th through 50th in the first round qualifying. The top five from the “B” Feature will move into the Late Model 150.


3.4 – Provisionals
3.4.1 – A Late Model Championships provisional is available to a past iRacing Late Model Championships Event winner that has made every attempt to qualify for the Late Model 150 that has not made the show (Nick Ottinger, Tyler Hudson or Parker Hammons). If no driver meets this criteria, the provisional will revert to the 15th place driver from the “B” Feature.
3.4.2 – A Late Model 150 Provisional is available to a previous Late Model 150 winner that makes every attempt to qualify for the Late Model 150 that has not made the show (Kevin Gram, Justin Trombley, John Michael Shenette). If provisional is not required, the spot will go to the highest driver in official points in the 2012 Season Three iRacing Late Model Tour (at the completion of Week Eight) that makes every attempt to qualify for the Late Model 150.
3.4.3 – A iRacing Late Model Tour provisional is available to the first driver within the Top 100 overall in the standings who does not qualify after making an attempt.
3.4.4 – Provisional starters will not qualify in the qualifying session for the Late Model 150 and will start in the final row of the main event. Failure to not qualify will result in a EOL penalty on grid.
3.4.5 – Provisional starting positions cannot be sold by drivers who qualify for them as they are the property of the Late Model Championships.


Section 4 – Chat


4.1 – Please keep chat to a minimum during qualifying and racing sessions. Quick messages like “going high, going low, thanks and entering/exiting pit” are fine but if you wish to talk about the weather or how Doris is coming along with her hip replacement, please wait until after the race is complete.
4.2 – Chat clients (ex. Teamspeak) and in game voice/text chat are not meant to be used as an avenue to protest an admin call during the race. If you must do so during the race, do so by private message or whisper.
4.3 – Foul language is not allowed, is against the Sporting Code and will not be tolerated. Penalties could range from an on-track disadvantage (EOL, black flag, etc.) or disqualification from the event.


Section 5 – Connection Issues


5.1 – “Warp” is an issue all drivers fear on track, whether it be in your car or a car you are following. If you demonstrate warp, be it a side-by-side wiggle or an all together disappearing act, you will be asked to pit if the problem persists. Accidents caused by warp will be dealt with o­n a case-by-case basis.
5.2 – If for any reason the server “crashes,” an event will not be deemed official unless it has reached its halfway mark.


Section 6 – Intentional Wrecking

6.1 – Intentional Wrecking/Rough Driving will not be tolerated and will be penalized on a case-by-case basis.
6.2 – On Track Retaliation will result in an ejection. No questions asked.


Section 7 – Protests


7.1 – Any action that a driver would like to protest a main feature incident has twenty-four hours following the checked flag in the Late Model 150 to do so. Include a detailed description of what you are protesting, the cars involved, the lap and a replay of the incident to the Race Director. Race results as released by the event director after twenty-four hours of the checkered flag are deemed official and cannot be protested.
7.2 – Any action that a driver would like to protest an event during qualifying has five minutes from the drop of the checkered flag to do so in either the race server or Teamspeak server. Qualifying results after than five minute span are deemed official.

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