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TCM iRacing Super Late Model 300

TCM Special Events Super Late Model 300

The Basics:

SLM 300: Friday, November 20th – 8pm Eastern/9pm Atlantic

Track: Southern National Motorsports Park

Fixed Setup; iRacing’s Southern National  Night Setup (southernational_night.sto)

Weather; Default (Partly Cloudy, 78F, 55% Relative Humidity, Wind 2mph North | 0 Weather Variation | Dynamic Sky activated | Server Time May 15th, 2020; Qualifying 7pm.


Qualifying Night 1: Monday, November 16th – 8pm Eastern

Qualifying Night 2: Tuesday, November 17th – 8pm Eastern

Qualifying Night 3: Wednesday, November 18th – 8pm Eastern

Qualifying Night Formats

(Up to) Four Heat Races – 11 Cars – 20 Laps – Top Five to Feature

One Last Chance Race – 35 Laps Laps – Top Five To Feature

100 Lap Feature – 25 Cars – Top Seven to Friday’s 300-lap feature.

Last Chance Night: Thursday, November 19th – 8pm Eastern

Finishers 8th to 25th in Feature Events Monday to Wednesday

Qualifying – Two Laps – Top Five to Feature

Three Heat Races – 35 Laps – Top 7 to Feature

100 Lap Feature – 26 Cars – Top Seven to Feature

Feature Night:

Up to 32 Cars – Seven from each qualifying night plus four promoter options.

Promoter Options – Three “Vidane TV League” Provisionals:

Open to Members of New England/Pennsylvania Series (NEPS), Sim500 and East Coast Winter League. If one of those three leagues has ten drivers or more from their respective series attempt to qualify for the TCM Special Events iRacing 300, the league will qualify for one provisional. Provisional will be selected by their respective league administrator or contact. If none is selected, TCM Officials will select the provisional starter. Should ten drivers from the respective league not attempt to qualify, the starting position will revert to a promoter’s option.

The Purse:

The winner of each Qualifying Night feature will receive $20. They will also receive the option to take the Pole Challenge, where they can add an additional $20 to their Qualifying Night winnings by dropping to the rear of the field for Friday’s feature. The top finishing Qualifying Night winner who takes the challenge will receive an additional $20. Should the driver come from the rear and win the race, they would receive an additional $40 for a grand total, including purse money from the 300, of $200.

The top ten drivers in the TCM Special Events iRacing 300 will receive a payout. The breakdown is as follows;

1st – $100
2nd – $50
3rd – $25
4th – $20
5th – $15
6th through 10th – $10

Qualifying and Race Night Sponsorship by contacting Tim Terry –

Entry Form:


Entry List:

As of 9am; November 15th, 2020 (113 Entries)

Number Name Hometown
00 Joe Adams Owen Sound, ON
01 Caleb Urquhart Fredericton, NB
03 Ronald MacKay Sydney, NS
04 Dylan Kopec Palmer, MA
07 Kenny Hopper Enfield, NS
08 Nicholas Naugle Dartmouth, NS
09 Tony Wright Middle Musquodoboit, NS
1 Ryan Messer Harvey, NB
10 Richard Beasley Cuyahoga Falls, OH
11 Craig Weagle Halifax, NS
119 Ryan Knorr Waasis, NB
12 Quinton Carpenter Woodstock, NB
122 Greg Snelgrove Shubenacadie, NS
124 Ayden Christensen Windsor Junction, NS
127 Matt Watson Miscouche, PE
12x (121) Mitchell Montgomery Summerside, PE
13 Dave Cassidy Miramichi, NB
14 Andrew Rodgers Smithtown, NB
141 Richard Drake Halifax, NS
14F (214) Zane Ferrell Mt. Pleasant, PA
14T (114) Tyler Reid Sydney, NS
14x (014) Terry Dougay Albany, PE
15 Matthew Barkhouse Cole Harbour, NS
16 Jon Gahan Fredericton, NB
17 Brad Hayes Head of Jeddore, NS
18 Josh Parker East Greenwich, RI
19 Ryan Walsh Conception Bay South, NL
196 Cadence Frizzell Enfield, NS
198 Steven Matthews Fall River, NS
19x (019) Jonathan Pollard Charlottetown ,PE
2 Todd Cousins West Chezzetcook, NS
21 Roger Down Minto, NB
22 Brodie Lewis Stratford, PE
23 Joey Stiers Mackinaw, IL
24 Nathaniel Wall Portugal Cove, NL
24J (224) Jake Goodwin Amherst, NS
24x (024) Derek Gates Truro, NS
25 Chris Ewing Hubley, NS
26 Kyle Boudreau Yarmouth, NS
27 Taylor Leighton Fredericton, NB
27x (027) Corey Reid Bishops Falls, NL
28 Matt O’Dell Lincoln, NB
29 Daniel Veitch Porters Lake, NS
2x (02) Ashton Tucker Lyttleton, NB
3 Dale Robertson Dartmouth, NS
30 Keith MacLellan Sydney, NS
31 Joey Arsenault Middle Cove, NL
33 Tyler Hallahan Elmsdale, NS
33S (06) Brett Suggs Mooresville, NC
33X (333) Doug Kaine Moncton, NB
34 Mike Rhyno Lawrencetown, NS
35 Chris McKenna Halifax, NS
35 John Kaine Salisbury, NB
36 Noel Fougere Antigonish, NS
38 Travis Roma West Chezzetcook, NS
38x (038) Carter Greer Harvey Station, NB
4 Barrett Bonnar Yarmouth, NS
41 Josh Morrison Charlottetown ,PE
41X (041) Brandon Hiscock Paradise, NL
42 Kyle Reid Fort McMurray, AB
42x (042) Marc Williams Moncton, NB
44 Trevor Smith Timberlea, NS
47 Cody Finck Salisbury, NB
49 Karson Aube Lantz, NS
5 Craig Tully Porters Lake, NS
51 Matt Janes Kelligrews, NL
51J (151) John Peters Westbrook, ME
51x (051) Justin Fuller Greene, NY
53 Cole Butcher Hantsport, NS
54 Nick Codner Torbay, NL
55 Scott Alexander Cole Harbour, NS
55X (055) Jeffrey Brown Manchester, NH
56 Tanton Wooldridge Summerside, PE
56x (561) Evan Beaulieu Durham, ME
57 Corey Hallett Shelburne, NS
57X (157) John Biron Sydney, NS
61 Nyk Pothier Timberlea, NS
64 Kenny Kibbey Muskegon, MI
66 Owen Mahar Hubley, NS
67 Wade Craswell Mann’s Mountain, NB
69 Kyle Casagrande Stafford Springs, CT
7 TJ Madore Geary, NB
70 Brandon Lively Beaver Bank, NS
71 George White Truro, NS
72 Todd Tufts Halifax, NS
72x (072) Brad Eddy Halifax, NS
73 Dave Horton Charlottetown ,PE
75 Mike Alexander Cole Harbour, NS
78 Jon Fitzpatrick Charlottetown ,PE
79 Mike Hopkins Springfield, MA
7CT (007) Cory Casagrande Stafford Springs, CT
8 Evan Osborne Porters Lake, NS
80 Kody Moorecroft Fredericton, NB
81 Colin Boudreau Yarmouth, NS
83 Chris Roma West Chezzetcook, NS
83H (083) Cory Hall Jolicure, NB
84 Noah Healey Conception Bay South, NL
87 Danny Chisholm Port Williams, NS
88 Caden Tufts Halifax, NS
888 Ryan Twinam Lake Barrington, IL
89 Conrad Murphy Sunny Corner, NB
8N (008) Dawson Noble Upper Nine Mile River, NS
8x (108) Trevor Lambe Barrie, ON
9 Jason Ricker Poland, ME
90 Craig Kenny Charlottetown ,PE
91 Jason Halverson Fall River, NS
91x (091) Chris Wonnacott Moncton, NB
93 James Poleske Milwaukee, WI
97 Riley Duncan Hampton, NB
98 Craig MacDonald Waverley, NS
98x (098) Kyle Gammon Sackville, NS
99 Brandon Campbell Moncton, NB
9X (109) Campbell Delaney Halifax, NS