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TCM Feature Winners (2015)

Untitled-2Over the last three years, Tim’s Corner Motorsports has gone to victory lane with some of the most iconic Maritime drivers in the biggest races in the region.

Where have our stickers been seen in victory lane in 2015?! Take a look!

TCM Feature Winners (2015)

DateWinnerTrack Prov.DivisionEvent
Feb. 16thBraden LangilleOrlando SpeedworldFLBandoleroWinter Nationals (Outlaws)
Feb. 17thBraden LangilleOrlando SpeedworldFLBandoleroWinter Nationals (Outlaw)
Feb. 17thNathan LangilleOrlando SpeedworldFLBandoleroWinter Nationals (Beg. Bandits)
Feb. 18thBraden LangilleOrlando SpeedworldFLBandoleroWinter Nationals (Outlaw)
Feb. 19thBraden LangilleOrlando SpeedworldFLBandoleroWinter Nationals (Outlaw)
Feb. 19th Nathan LangilleOrlando SpeedworldFLBandoleroWinter Nationals (Beg. Bandits)
Feb. 20thBraden Langille Orlando SpeedworldFL Bandolero Winter Nationals (Outlaw)
Apr. 4thCory HallConcord SpeedwayNCLegendsWeekly Series (combined Legends)
May 16thGary TingleyPetty RacewayNBStreet StocksLaFarge Season Opener
May 16thBrandon SkidmorePetty RacewayNBAtlantic Modified TourLaFarge Season Opener
May 16thBraden LangillePetty Raceway NBBandoleroLaFarge Season Opener
May 16thLuc BourgeoisPetty RacewayNBSportsmanLaFarge Season Opener
May 16thMike EdwardsPetty RacewayNBMini StocksLaFarge Season Opener
May 24thMatt PalmerOyster Bed SpeedwayPELate ModelsSeason Opener
May 24thKody QuinnOyster Bed SpeedwayPEOutlawSeason Opener
May 24thBrent RoySpeedway 660NBSportsmanRiverview Ford Season Opener
May 24thAshton TuckerSpeedway 660NBBandolerosRiverview Ford Season Opener
May 24thDylan BlenkhornScotia SpeedworldNSMaritime Pro Stock TourLucas Oil 100
May 24thCory HallScotia SpeedworldNSAtlantic Tiltload League of Legends TourLucas Oil 100
May 24thJustin TrombleyWiscasset SpeedwayMEOutlaw MinisCoastal 200
May 30thDylan BlenkhornPetty Raceway NBMaritime Pro Stock TourIrving Oil Blending & Packaging 100
May 30thAshton TuckerPetty RacewayNBBandoleroIrving Oil Blending & Packaging 100
May 30thKenny MacKenzie JrPetty RacewayNBStreet StocksIrving Oil Blending & Packaging 100
May 30thJR LawsonPetty RacewayNB Mini StocksIrving Oil Blending & Packaging 100
June 5thJosh LangilleScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero BanditsHydraulics Plus Night
June 5thBraden LangilleScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero OutlawsHydraulics Plus Night
June 5thDave MatthewsScotia SpeedworldNSThunderHydraulics Plus Night
June 5thDylan BlenkhornScotia SpeedworldNSSportsmanHydraulics Plus Night
June 5thCory HallScotia SpeedworldNSLegendsHydraulics Plus Night
June 5thDan SmithScotia SpeedworldNSTrucksHydraulics Plus Night
June 5thScott ThibodeauScotia SpeedworldNSLightningHydraulics Plus Night
June 6thMatt CrockerSpeedway 660NBSharp ShootersMartin's Home Heating 100
June 6th Braden LangilleSpeedway 660NB BandoleroMartin's Home Heating 100
June 6thJustin TrombleyWiscasset SpeedwayMEOutlaw MinisFull Card
June 7thKody QuinnCB Miners MemorialNSMini StocksGillis Home Hardware 100
June 7thHarley CornishOyster Bed SpeedwayPEMini StocksFull Card
June 7thCoady PalmerOyster Bed SpeedwayPEOutlawFull Card
June 7thKeaton VesseyOyster Bed SpeedwayPEStreet StocksFull Card
June 7thRobbie MacEwenOyster Bed SpeedwayPELate ModelsFull Card
June 12thJosh LangilleScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero BanditsFanfest
June 12thBraden LangilleScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero OutlawsFanfest
June 12thShane LivelyScotia SpeedworldNSThunderFanfest
June 12thJason FentonScotia SpeedworldNSTrucksFanfest
June 12thRussell Smith JrScotia SpeedworldNSSportsmanFanfest
June 13thGeorge KoszkulicsRiverside SpeedwayNSParts for Trucks Pro Stock TourRon MacGillivray 150
June 13thJason CornishOyster Bed SpeedwayPEMini StocksFull Card
June 13th Kendell PalmerOyster Bed SpeedwayPEOutlawFull Card
June 13thDarrell FordOyster Bed SpeedwayPELate ModelFull Card
June 13thBraden LangilleSpeedway 660NB Bandoleros Point Racing
June 13thJeremy DoranSpeedway 660NBSharp ShootersPoint Racing
June 13thRob RaynesSpeedway 660NBStreet StocksPoint Racing
June 13thGreg FaheySpeedway 660NBPro StocksPoint Racing
June 14thJesse MadoreSpeedway 660NBEnduroCapital City 200
June 20thJason FentonScotia SpeedworldNSTrucksNova Truck Centres 150
June 20th Deven SmithScotia SpeedworldNSLightningNova Truck Centres 150
June 20thDave MatthewsScotia SpeedworldNSThunderNova Truck Centres 150
June 20thCole ButcherScotia SpeedworldNSParts for Trucks Pro Stock TourNova Truck Centres 150
June 20thKenny MacKenzie JrSpeedway MiramichiNBStreet StocksRoad Rage 50
June 20th Timmy BlakelySpeedway MiramichiNBMini StocksRoad Rage 50
June 20thDoug MatchettSpeedway Miramichi NBAtlantic Modified TourRoad Rage 50
June 20thBraden LangilleSpeedway 660NBBandolerosKids Day
June 20thGeoff TugwellSpeedway 660NBStreet Stocks Kids Day
June 26thDan SmithScotia SpeedworldNSTrucksKiddie Night
June 26thRussell Smith JrScotia SpeedworldNSSportsmanKiddie Night
June 26thDanny HarveyScotia SpeedworldNSLegendsKiddie Night
June 26thDeven SmithScotia SpeedworldNSLightningKiddie Night
June 26thStevie LivelyScotia SpeedworldNSThunderKiddie Night
June 27thCoady PalmerOyster Bed SpeedwayPEOutlawFull Card
June 27thHarley CornishOyster Bed SpeedwayPEMini StockFull Card
June 27thBrandon SnowOyster Bed SpeedwayPEStreet StockFull Card
June 27thRandy MillarOyster Bed SpeedwayPELate ModelFull Card
June 27thAdam MeehanPetty RacewayNB Bandolero Linde 100
June 27thKenny MacKenzie JrPetty RacewayNBStreet StockLinde 100
June 27thJR LawsonPetty RacewayNBMini StockLinde 100
June 27thDarren MacKinnonPetty RacewayNBParts for Trucks Pro Stock TourLinde 100
June 27thBraden LangilleSpeedway 660NBBandolero Twin 50s
June 27thKyle MacKinnonSpeedway 660NBSharp ShootersTwin 50s
June 27thRob RaynesSpeedway 660NB Street Stock Twin 50s
July 3rdJosh LangilleScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero BanditsChickenburger Show N Shine
July 3rdBraden LangilleScotia SpeedworldNS Bandolero OutlawsChickenburger Show N Shine
July 3rdKevin Clark JrScotia SpeedworldNSTrucksChickenburger Show N Shine
July 3rdPhil Barkhouse JrScotia SpeedworldNSSportsmanChickenburger Show N Shine
July 3rdRichard PatrickScotia SpeedworldNSLightningChickenburger Show N Shine
July 4thGeoff TugwellSpeedway 660NBStreet StockCummins 100
July 4thAlexandra O'BlenisSpeedway 660NBSportsmanCummins 100
July 4thCole Butcher Speedway 660NBParts for Trucks Pro Stock TourCummins 100
July 4thTyler GauthierOyster Bed SpeedwayPELate ModelFull Card
July 4thColton FordOyster Bed SpeedwayPEStreet StockFull Card
July 4thCody ByrneOyster Bed SpeedwayPEOutlawFull Card
July 4thHarley CornishOyster Bed SpeedwayPEMini Stock Full Card
July 4thMichael CormierOyster Bed SpeedwayPEBandoleroFull Card
July 4thKyle MacMillanCape Breton MinersNSMini StockGillis Home Hardware 100
July 10thAaron BoutilierScotia SpeedworldNS SportsmanQ104 Night
July 10thDave MatthewsScotia SpeedworldNSThunderQ104 Night
July 10thJosh LangilleScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero BanditsQ104 Night
July 10thDarrell SullivanScotia SpeedworldNS Lightning Q104 Night
July 11thMatt MailletPetty RacewayNBSportsman
July 11thGary TingleyPetty RacewayNBStreet Stock
July 11thAshton TuckerPetty RacewayNBBandolero
July 11thLogan Power Petty RacewayNBMini Stock
July 11thGeoff TugwellSpeedway 660NBStreet Stock DMR 75
July 11thJohn RankinSpeedway 660NB Pro Stock DMR 75
July 11th Alexandra O'BlenisSpeedway 660NBSportsmanDMR 75
July 11thNoah GillespieSpeedway 660NBSharp ShootersDMR 75
July 17thWyatt McCullochScotia Speedworld NSBandolero OutlawTwin 50s
July 17thJosh LangilleScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero BanditsTwin 50s
July 17thKevin Clark JrScotia SpeedworldNSTrucksTwin 50s
July 17thDave MatthewsScotia SpeedworldNSThunderTwin 50s
July 17thScott ThibodeauScotia SpeedworldNSLightningBig Money 50
July 17thRussell Smith JrRiverside SpeedwayNSSportsmanNAPA Sportsman/Highland Home 100
July 18thKent VincentRiverside SpeedwayNSParts for Trucks TourIWK 250
July 18th Harley CornishOyster Bed SpeedwayPEMini Stock Weekly Racing
July 18thCoady PalmerOyster Bed SpeedwayPEMini OutlawWeekly Racing
July 18th Kris FournierOyster Bed SpeedwayPELate ModelsWeekly Racing
July 18thColton FordOyster Bed SpeedwayPEStreet Stock Weekly Racing
July 25thAlex SheehanOyster Bed SpeedwayPEStreet StockFull Card
July 25thKendell PalmerOyster Bed SpeedwayPEMini OutlawFull Card
July 25thGreg FaheySpeedway 660NBPro StockBest of the Best 150
July 25thBraxton StaffordSpeedway 660NBSportsmanBest of the Best 150
July 25thCourtney O'BlenisSpeedway 660NBStreet StockBest of the Best 150
July 25thJeremy DoranSpeedway 660NBSharp ShootersBest of the Best 150
July 25th Mackenzie BrewerSpeedway 660NBBandolerosBest of the Best 150
July 31stLuke EttingerScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero OutlawCNAF Night
July 31stAustin MacDonaldScotia SpeedworldNSBandolero BanditCNAF Night
July 31stJason FentonScotia SpeedworldNSTrucksCNAF Night
July 31st Kyle GammonScotia SpeedworldNSThunderCNAF Night
July 31stFred SchofieldScotia SpeedworldNSSportsmanCNAF Night
August 1stCory HallOyster Bed Speedway PEMaritime LegendsLucas Oil 100
August 1stDarren MacKinnonOyster Bed Speedway PEParts for Trucks TourLucas Oil 100
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