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Matt Harris Top Ford at Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener

Track Release/Photo by Michelle Roy

(May 24th, 2015) – Matt Harris roared to victory in a very entertaining 50 lap Re/Max Pro Stock feature at Speedway 660 on Sunday. The Fredericton Junction driver showed fans that he’ll be a strong contender for the Speedway 660 Pro Stock championship in 2015.

“We almost won the Re/Max 250 last year on SpeedWeekend with this car and today it was awesome so it’s really great to start our season off with this win” said Matt Harris, from the Riverview Ford Victory Lane. “The competition is really tough in this division and with the longer features the fans are going to see some incredible racing all season long.”

This was the first week for longer feature races in Pro Stock, Sportsman and Street Stock at Speedway 660. The new race day format was a hit for the drivers and fans appreciated the longer races too.

“I like the longer races and think it just gives drivers and their teams more time to get to the front and race for the win” said Greg Fahey, who finished second in the Pro Stock 50 lap feature. “Today my car was better than the driver, so I’ve got some work to do, but we’ll take second and come back next week and see if we can get over in victory lane.” 

Big Kevin Moore drove his car home third in a Pro Stock feature that had fans on the edge of their seats. Brady Creamer and Derek Christie won the Pro Stock heat races.

The 2014 Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman champion had a rough start to his feature race. However, several pit stops, during a couple of early cautions, did the trick for Brent Roy as he claimed the victory. Roy and George Jamieson, who finished second in the feature won the Sportsman heat races, while Drew Greenlaw took third in the feature.

“Running 40 laps instead of 30 worked out great for us today because the car really wasn’t competitive early in the race” said Roy. “But my crew worked their magic on those early cautions which gave me a chance to work my way to the front and make a tough pass on George to get the win.”

The DMR Auto Sales Street Stock 30 lap feature was also exciting. Rob Raynes, who won his heat race, was at the top his game claiming the feature win as well as the checkered flag in his heat race. Geoff Tugwell came home second in the feature, while rookie Courtney O’Blenis was an impressive third. Benji Ruff won the other Street Stock heat race.

Jeremy Doran picked up where he left off last season. Jeremy won the 15 lap Sharp Shooter feature as well as his heat race. Kyle MacKinnon, who finished second in the feature, also won his heat race, while Matt Crocker came home third in the feature.

Ashton Tucker won a hard fought battle with Braden Langille in the West Wood Estate Apartments Bandolero feature. Langille, who won the Bando heat race, gave Tucker a run for his money in the 15 lap feature but had to settle for second. Levi Rossiter finished third in the Bando feature.

Speedway 660 resumes action next Sunday (May 31st) at 2PM with a 25 lap Bando Blast. Fans will also see points racing in four other divisions. The first night race is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th at 7PM with the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100.


4 Cylinder 5/24/2015
Feature:1. Jeremy Doran (Fredericton, NB), 2. Kyle MacKinnon, 3. Matt Crocker (Fredericton, NB), 4. Malcolm Suley (Clarendon, NB), 5. Neil Miousse (Fredericton, NB), 6. Ira Farnell (Lincoln, NB), 7. Noah Gillespie, 8. Courtney Barton (Minto, NB), 9. Curtis Collins, 10. Kyle Boudreau, 11. Brody Levesque (Fredericton, ), 12. Ryan Richard, 13. Brandon Powe, 14. Adam Gavel, 15. Mark Raynes, 16. Hall Allison, 17. Brian Maillet, 18. Bryan Suttie (Keswick, NB),

Heat 1:1. Jeremy Doran (Fredericton, NB), 2. Ryan Richard, 3. Malcolm Suley (Clarendon, NB), 4. Kyle Boudreau, 5. Neil Miousse (Fredericton, NB), 6. Matt Crocker (Fredericton, NB), 7. Noah Gillespie, 8. Mark Raynes, 9. Hall Allison,

Heat 2:1. Kyle MacKinnon, 2. Courtney Barton (Minto, NB), 3. Curtis Collins, 4. Brody Levesque (Fredericton, ), 5. Ira Farnell (Lincoln, NB), 6. Adam Gavel, 7. Brian Maillet, 8. Brandon Powe, 9. Bryan Suttie (Keswick, NB),

Bandos 5/24/2015
Feature:1. Ashton Tucker (Lyttleton, NB), 2. Braden Langille (Shubenacadie, NS), 3. Levi Rossiter, 4. Mackenzie Brewer (Quispamsis, NB), 5. Hudson Weston (Saint John, NB), 6. Riley Goodwin, 7. Adrian Stairs,

Heat:1. Braden Langille (Shubenacadie, NS), 2. Ashton Tucker (Lyttleton, NB), 3. Levi Rossiter, 4. Mackenzie Brewer (Quispamsis, NB), 5. Hudson Weston (Saint John, NB), 6. Riley Goodwin, 7. Adrian Stairs,

Pro Stock  5/24/2015
Feature:1. Matt Harris (Fredericton Jct., NB), 2. Greg Fahey (St. Stephen, NB), 3. Kevin Moore (Fredericton, NB), 4. John Rankin (St.Martins, NB), 5. Derek Christie (Fredericton, NB), 6. Dave O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 7. Lonnie Sommerville (Saint John, NB), 8. Alexandra O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 9. Cole Boudreau (Chipman, NB), 10. Glyn Nott (Burton, NB), 11. Alicia Mowat (Hardwood Ridge, NB), 12. Brady Creamer (Miramichi, NB), 13. Paul Gahan (Lower St Mary’s, NB), 14. Brent Wiggins (Fredericton, NB),

Heat 1:1. Derek Christie (Fredericton, NB), 2. Lonnie Sommerville (Saint John, NB), 3. Greg Fahey (St. Stephen, NB), 4. Dave O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 5. Cole Boudreau (Chipman, NB), 6. Kevin Moore (Fredericton, NB), 7. Alicia Mowat (Hardwood Ridge, NB),

Heat 2:1. Brady Creamer (Miramichi, NB), 2. Matt Harris (Fredericton Jct., NB), 3. Alexandra O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 4. John Rankin (St.Martins, NB), 5. Paul Gahan (Lower St Mary’s, NB), 6. Glyn Nott (Burton, NB), 7. Brent Wiggins (Fredericton, NB),

Sportsman 5/24/2015
Feature:1. Brent Roy (Hanwell, NB), 2. George Jamieson (Fredericton, NB), 3. Drew Greenlaw (Eastport, ME), 4. Randy Moore (Saint John, NB), 5. Devin Snell (Saint John, ), 6. Justin Cole (Harvey , NB), 7. Alexandra O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 8. Dawson McIntee (Moncton, NB), 9. Jeff Doherty, 10. Braxton Stafford, 11. Richard Atkinson (Haneytown, NB), 12. Ryan Messer (Harvey, NB), 13. Shawn Warren (Waasis, NB), 14. Darren Beatty (Lakeville Corner, NB),

Heat 1:1. George Jamieson (Fredericton, NB), 2. Devin Snell (Saint John, ), 3. Alexandra O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 4. Dawson McIntee (Moncton, NB), 5. Shawn Warren (Waasis, NB), 6. Ryan Messer (Harvey, NB), 7. Braxton Stafford,

Heat 2:1. Brent Roy (Hanwell, NB), 2. Drew Greenlaw (Eastport, ME), 3. Justin Cole (Harvey , NB), 4. Richard Atkinson (Haneytown, NB), 5. Jeff Doherty, 6. Randy Moore (Saint John, NB), 7. Darren Beatty (Lakeville Corner, NB),

Street Stock 5/24/2015
Feature:1. Robert Raynes (Summerville, NB), 2. Geoff Tugwell (Moncton, NB), 3. Courtney O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 4. Roger Slocum (Chipman, NB), 5. Rick Cashol (Saint John, NB), 6. Luc McLaughlin (Geary, NB), 7. Ryan Raynes, 8. Rodney Ness (Hanwell, NB), 9. Destiny Enkel (Saint John, NB), 10. Lee Goodine, 11. Benji Ruff (Carlow, NB),

Heat 1:1. Robert Raynes (Summerville, NB), 2. Roger Slocum (Chipman, NB), 3. Rick Cashol (Saint John, NB), 4. Luc McLaughlin (Geary, NB), 5. Destiny Enkel (Saint John, NB), 6. Lee Goodine,

Heat 2:1. Benji Ruff (Carlow, NB), 2. Courtney O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB), 3. Geoff Tugwell (Moncton, NB), 4. Ryan Raynes, 5. Rodney Ness (Hanwell, NB),


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