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Throwback Thursday Photo Gallery: Atlantic Championships Pro Stock 150

While Sarah McKay and Josh Collins, among others, are gearing up for a trip south to New Smyrna Speedway for the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing next week, we are bringing you back to their final Super Late Model race in the Maritimes for the 2014 season on this Throwback Thursday.

Scott Sinclair was at Shediac’s CENTRE For Speed on Saturday, October 11th and captured some shots from the Atlantic Modified Tour and Pro Stock features from the annual Atlantic Championships event at the track. The Sportsman were first on the card, with a rough and tumble 100-laps which ended with a controversial finish, won by Racin’ Remi Gaudet in he #22 car. Ryan Messer was the winner of not only the race at the CENTRE For Speed but also the Atlantic Modified Tour title. Jonathan Hicken continued his hot hand by winning his second consecutive Atlantic Championships Pro Stock title over young upstart DJ Casey and New Brunswick veteran Kevin Moore.

Thank you Scott for sharing these photos.

Remi Gaudet (22) had to hold off Chris Cormier (61) for the win after the two put on a fantastic show at the head of the field. Click here to read about the finish.

IMG_5084 (Copy) IMG_5094 (Copy) IMG_5095 (Copy) IMG_5101 (Copy) IMG_5107 (Copy) IMG_5116 (Copy) IMG_5117 (Copy) IMG_5152 (Copy) IMG_5156 (Copy) IMG_5215 (Copy) IMG_5246 (Copy) IMG_5290 (Copy) IMG_5333 (Copy)

Ryan Messer took home the checkered flag from the Atlantic Championships, along with the series championship in his rookie year.

IMG_5347 (Copy)

Terry Dougay (14) and DJ Casey (97) were among heat winners on the afternoon in the Pro Stock class.

IMG_5401 (Copy) IMG_5412 (Copy) IMG_5433 (Copy) IMG_5461 (Copy)

Heads up…

IMG_5565 (Copy) IMG_5569 (Copy) IMG_5572 (Copy)

The battle through most of the feature was Hicken’s #5, Casey’s #97 and Moore’s #88.

IMG_5576 (Copy)

IMG_5577 (Copy)

Tight squeeze…

IMG_5578 (Copy) IMG_5582 (Copy)

Some of the Pro Stock competitors loaded their cars at the end of the evening without some body panels.

IMG_5585 (Copy)

Jason Carnahan and Kevin Moore got together on a restart at the front of the field, sending Kevin Moore for a spin and Sarah McKay and Devin Snell into the sandtrap. The crash would be the end of the night for McKay.

IMG_5642 (Copy) IMG_5643 (Copy) IMG_5645 (Copy) IMG_5646 (Copy) IMG_5647 (Copy) IMG_5649 (Copy) IMG_5652 (Copy) IMG_5653 (Copy) IMG_5656 (Copy) IMG_5657 (Copy) IMG_5662 (Copy) IMG_5664 (Copy)

Casey and Hicken got together in the latter stages, sending the cars for a loop.IMG_5675 (Copy) IMG_5676 (Copy) IMG_5677 (Copy) IMG_5684 (Copy)

Shawn Pierce and Greg Proude lined up on the front row on a late restart with Hicken and Casey breathing down their necks.

IMG_5714 (Copy) IMG_5796 (Copy)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner … Jonathan Hicken takes his sixth Pro Stock feature of the season, and second consecutive Atlantic Championships Pro Stock 150.

IMG_5823 (Copy) IMG_5824 (Copy) IMG_5827 (Copy) IMG_5828 (Copy) IMG_5829 (Copy) IMG_5833 (Copy) IMG_5836 (Copy) IMG_5840 (Copy)

DJ Casey (second), Jonathan Hicken (winner) and Kevin Moore (third) make up the podium in the last Pro Stock race for the 2014 season in the Maritimes.

IMG_5848 (Copy) IMG_5850 (Copy)

Thanks again Scott Sinclair for the photos! We hope you enjoyed this look back at last October’s Atlantic Championships!

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