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Scotia Speedworld Releases 2015 Rulebooks

Scotia Speedworld has released the building rules for the 2015 season of racing at Scotia Speedworld, the 28th year of stock car racing at the facility located adjacent to the Robert L. Stanfield International Airport.

While the track observes the INEX rulebook for both Legend and Bandolero divisions (with track rule additions), the track is responsible for the composition of the rules in their other four classes – Sportsman, Trucks, Four Cylinder Thunder and Lightning.

Rules that have become uniform over these four divisions at Scotia Speedworld include:

  • Driver must wear a SFI fire rated driver’s suit. (Lighting 15.7, Thunder 20.7, Truck 25.8, Sportsman 21.1)
  • Driver must wear SFI fire rated driver’s gloves. (Lightning 15.8, Thunder 20.8, Truck 25.9, Sportsman 21.2)
  • A “kill switch” must be installed in the centre of the dash. This “kill switch” when turned to off position must shut the engine off. (Lightning 15.9, Thunder 20.9, Truck 25.10, Sportsman 21.4)
  • An SFI approved head and neck restraint is recommended in Lightning, Thunder and Truck, while it will be mandatory in Sportsman (Rule 21.3 – Driver must wear a SFI Head & Neck Restraint system) in 2015.

One year after changes that saw the addition of the 1996-2000 generation Honda Civic and used Federal Legend tires introduced as the division “spec tire,” the Thunder division is met with a mini wave of smaller changes, including right front wheel camber (permitted to be 3.0 degrees (+/-) post race, rule 7.2) and mandating flywheels to weigh a minimum of 16 lbs. (rule 8.13), among other bolded changes in the 2015 edition. You can read the complete Thunder rulebook here.

In the Lightning division when it comes to camber changes, 2.5 degrees of right is permitted in the right front wheel post race (rule 8.5). Rule 8.7 now reads “One stock bump stop in front and rear is permitted.” Like their Thunder counterparts, “Throttle bodies from automatic transmissions cars are not permitted on manual transmission cars and vice versa,” (Lightning rule 8.3), and cars that have a full roll cage are allowed to use a Lexan windshield, given that proof of Lexan purchase is shown. Cars without a full roll cage must run stock, glass windshield (rule 3.2). You can read the complete Lightning rulebook here.

The Truck rulebook is highlighted by a Gear Rule of 6.25 (Maximum Final Drive, rule 8.10.13) in an attempt to keep the Trucks together unlike what was seen last year in their 50-lap feature, where teams pushed the boundaries to get maximum performance. Rule 6.2 under Brakes has been drafted to read “One brake bias valve or proportioning valve is permitted,” and all Trucks must have a check valve installed within their fuel cell to stop leaking in the event a Truck flips upside down or ends up on its side (rule 15.3). You can read the complete Truck rulebook here.

Scotia Speedworld gives us the first look at the Maritime Track’s Common Rules Amendments for Sportsman cars in 2015. In addition to the SFI gloves and head and neck restraint rules being added, the Common Rules include:

  • All fuel cells must meet a minimum clearance of 12 inches to any point at the bottom of the fuel cell with cars at appropriate ride heights.
  • GM 602 Crate motor may be repaired only. Repairs must be made at or with approval from speedway tech official. Engine then will be retagged and approved for competition. Engines may not be re- freshened and are subject to tech or dyno testing.
  • Exhaust must exit under car and it must point down so opening is flush with an imaginary line along bottom of pipe. Exhaust must be mounted in such a way as to direct gases away from the driver’s compartment and away from any areas of possible fuel spillage.
  • Disc brakes will not be approved in 2015. They will be reviewed for 2016.

In addition to these rules, Scotia Speedworld has their own track rules for the division. You can view the complete Scotia Speedworld Late Model Sportsman rules package here.


Disclaimer: We remind you, that while these links above link directly to the rulebooks released by Scotia Speedworld on the evening of January 10th, 2015 – the current rules on Scotia Speedworld’s website are the ones that are used to govern competition at the oval. For complete and updated rules throughout the year, we urge you to keep tabs to Any major rules updates will also be advised via our Facebook page.

Photo by McCarthy Photographic

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