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Naugle, MacMillan Take 50 Lap Wins on Strictly Hydraulics Night

Track Release

The following are Quick Results from Strictly Hydraulics Night at Scotia Speedworld.

Coors Light Trucks (50 laps)


1st         #22 Jim MacMillan

2nd       #08 Matt Vaughan

3rd        #39 Dan Smith

4th        #74 Cory Leonard

5th        #55 Ryan Goldsmith


Heat 1: #55 Ryan Goldsmith

Heat 2: #17 Kevin Clark Jr


Strictly Hydraulics Legends (50 laps)


1st        #88 Nicholas Naugle

2nd       #5 Cole Butcher

3rd       #7 Jeff Cruickshank

4th       #36 Tony Gaudet Jr

5th       #15 Jeff Atkinson


Heat 1: #85 Andrew Warren

Heat 2: #88 Nicholas Naugle


Thunder(25 laps)


1st        #98 Kyle Gammon

2nd       #9 Brandon Watson

3rd        #86 Tim Webster

4th        #13 Drew MacEachern

5th        #31 Matthew Warren


Heat 1: #98 Kyle Gammon

Heat 2: #9 Brandon Watson


Lightning (50 laps)


1st        #188 Darrell Sullivan

2nd       #169 Scott Thibodeau

3rd        #153 Richie Moore

4th        #118 Mike Brown

5th        #141 Richard Patrick


Heat 1: #192 Marc MacMillan

Heat 2: #188 Darrell Sullivan


The second and final Kiddie Rides of the season are up next Friday night! The format for Kiddie Rides is simple and safe. Drivers bring their cars to the front stretch and park. Once all engines are stopped, the grandstand gate is opened and children come onto the track and climb into their favorite car.  When all children are safely in the cars the drivers are led around the track at a safe speed by the pace car.  After a few laps, the cars are stopped; the children climb out and proceed back to their seats in the grandstand to enjoy the rest of the night’s events.

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