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OPINION: Taylor’s “Promotion”al Plea

The following contribution, unedited, is from Patricia Taylor, driver of the #10 Mini Stock based out of the Moncton, New Brunswick area. Opinions in the following are hers. To contact Patricia, or learn more about her racing team, check out here CHASE THE RACECAR Facebook page.

Photo by McCarthy Photographic

I would like to take a moment to do a little bit of a eye opening polite rant…

As we come to the middle of our season we notice that 1. There are less people in our bleachers and 2. There are not near as many cars as there used to be back in the day!!

Now, lets take a look back to “back in the day.”

There were a heck of a lot more fans in the bleachers (could barely find a place to sit down), so many cars that you had to qualify just to race the feature and stock cars were seen around town doing bbq’s and fundraisers and going out of their way to expose their sponsors and give back to the community and expose the tracks!! We can not expect people to just know where all the tacks are and when the races are, Spread the word..Tell them where you race!!

I know that we all have jobs that it is hard to work around our family life but We need to keep this sport alive people!!

Less companies are willing to sponsor because they are not getting the exposure they use to get! And when you get out into the community to talk to people they will come to watch you and cheer for you!! I know first hand that it works because people have come to me and said they came to watch me and cheer for me because I asked them to come!!

I’m not saying bend over backwards but take time to give something back to your community that cheers for you and your sponsors that support you!!

To see the look on a child’s face when I ask them if they want to sit in my car is amazing. Those kids may not remember how good or bad of a racer you were but they will never forget that moment that they spent with you! And when companies start to see you giving back to them it will get easier to get more from them and others! Its a 2 way street guys and gals!

There! I’m done.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant!! Happy racing everyone!!

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