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Auburndale Speedway (FL)

INEX Winter Nationals Coverage – Day One of Five


Our DAY ONE Coverage Presented by Chris Woods Racing and Repair and Pizza Delight Amherst, Dartmouth and Springhill

The 2013 INEX Winter Nationals kick off today, Monday, February 18th, at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Waylon Farrell, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Cy Harvey, Richard Salter, Braden Langille, Nicholas Naugle and Cole Tanner and New Brunswick’s Cole Boudreau, Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.

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What an exciting day of Legends and Bandolero racing at Auburndale Speedway!!!

Following a caution filled Masters race, the Pro race was a fantastic show of racing. Doug Stevens and Austin Hill turned up the heat and the whole field did an incredible job.

Cy Harvey ran out of fuel with all the caution laps that were run on the night. Car owner Scott MacLean said that “we put enough fuel in the car that would run a 50 lap feature at Scotia Speedworld plus extra fuel if we needed it and still ran out.” Harvey got into Richard Salter when the field checked up ahead of them. Bursey was credited with 14th, Salter 15th and Harvey 26th while Ira Laughy won the race over Jack Dossey Jr and Kevin Foisy.

Only tech issue we heard of was Jared Irvan getting the boot after winning the Young Lions feature for being too light in tech.

Hopefully the battery will last the whole feature lengths tomorrow. Thanks everyone for checking in and we hope to see you tomorrow!

We are near halfway as a caution comes out for a spun 21 car in Turn Two. Looks like this battery will not make the completion of the feature. We’ll have finishes following this feature.

Foisy leads as Salter and Harvey run 16th and 17th with Bursey 19th. Field is already lapping cars five laps in.

Green is back out and we made it one lap. But not before a stack up on the outside with Salter and Harvey involved in the accordion. We continue under green and no apparent damage to either car.

Three cars parked sideways in Turn Two as the caution flies. Maybe the third time will be the charm when the go green again, trying to navigate Turn Two.

These red flags are not helping my cause as my laptop battery is hurting right now. If the thing dies during this feature, we will have updates here as soon as we can get them. Field is looking for green this time by.

Red flag out to blow off the track in Turn Two.

That didn’t take long. Caution for a scuffle in Turn One on Lap One. 77 took a drive through the grass in the Turn One/Two infield. Huge field of Masters here. 25 cars are on track.

6:19pm – Caution withdrawn. Green flag for the Masters.

Start has been waved off. Field has been in formation for a few laps.

6:17pm – Green flag for the Masters. Bursey, Salter and Harvey all starting outside the Top 15.

Masters on track for their feature.

6:13pm – Checkers out, Jensen Jorgensen wins over Winger and Cole Boudreau. Tanner sixth, Farrell 8th, Naugle 10th unofficially.

One to go as Boudreau looks to hold on to 3rd over 3A

Two to go.

Jorgensen pulls away as Winger takes second from Boudreau. Boudreau looks under the 12 for the spot back. Tanner runs sixth.

Green flag, a lot better restart this time.

Update on the #03 – car stripped a gear.

Stack up coming to green and ensuing jack rabbit restart sees us immediately sees us back under yellow.

Cory Hall is out of the race after the chain fell off the #03 car. One to green.

Appears we have seven laps remaining in the event as the 13 gets pulled off the track. Jorgensen, Boudreau and Winger are your top three.

Green back out as the 12 dives to the inside on the 00 prior to the line. Boudreau crosses him over as the caution comes out behind them. This time the 13 and 24 come together on the front straight. 13 driver is out of the car as the 24 rolls under caution. Boudreau is lined up in second, Tanner fifth, Farrell sixth, Naugle eighth. Hall is out of his car and out of the event.

In the words of HOSS, Jorgensen’s bumper is used up on the front. The last time Jorgensen and Boudreau raced together at Rockingham in November, the two got into a bit of a tussle. Rivalry forming early here at Auburndale?

Hicks is out of his car and he is okay.

Today’s coverage is presented by Chris Woods Racing and Repair and Pizza Delight Amherst, Dartmouth and Springhill. Visit them, and all of our partners, by clicking the links on the right.

Caution out as Hicks gets spun on the top of a three wide move for third. Hicks slammed the back end on the Turn Two wall hard. Jorgensen leads Boudreau. In the exchange behind, Tanner has unofficially been shuffled to 8th. Cory Hall has pulled it into the infield. These guys are racing like it’s the last lap, every lap. Something had to eventually give.

Hicks shoves Boudreau way out of the groove, in the exchange of three wide, Jorgensen takes the lead.

Jorgensen threw a huge toss at Boudreau for the lea in Turn 3. The 32 cars bumper is bent a bit as they run. Jorgensen loses second two laps later to Hicks.

Green flag.

As I said earlier, its a small world down here. As I update from Turn 3, I am sitting beside Harry Ross White. Colby Smith is also here watching todays action.

Caution out as the 24 spins in Turn Four, collecting Waylon Farrell. No damage to either car. Boudreau leads Jorgensen, Heafner, Hicks and Tanner.

Second place gets a top from Jorgensen, as he, the 56, 95 and Tanner go at it for second. Boudreau begins to slip away.

Boudreau is awarded the lead as the green flag flies.

Tanner looking for fifth on Heafner. Hall and Naugle are side by side at the tail. As I type, the Boudreau car gets stuck to the outside as the 56 and 32 work underneath just as the caution flies.

5:52pm – Green flag for Outlaws. Boudreau takes advantage on start and takes lead, Jorgensen gets to the inside on Lap two, Boudreau crosses him over and now leads over Heafner and Jensen Jorgensen. What a move!!!!!

Jared Irvan wins the Young Lions feature with Jarrett Butcher 14th. Outlaws beginning to head out to the track.


Yup, gonna step away for a bit to charge this battery. Will be back for the Outlaw feature.

Because of the length of the red flags in this feature and lack of a plug in up in Turn 3, my laptop battery is beginning to drain, hoping to make it to at least the finish of the Outlaw feature. Now under caution as the track team finishes up work in Turn 3.

They are running Speedworld style tire drags through the kitty litter to clean up the oil.

84 of Beattie is still stopped and appears to be the one that blew up.

Field stops on the front straight as the clean up crew lays stay dry on the track. Red flag out.

Johns dispatches Butcher back to 15th, as caution fles. Multiple cars are around in Turn 3 as the track is saturated with oil. 84, 25 and 1 all went for a spin.

Flagman is moving Johns to the rear of the field for the restart for spinning Haws, and Haws will take the lead back over Irvan. Butcher 14th as green flies.

Haws spins after contact from Johns, which brings out the yellow.

Johns is under Haws for the lead.

Just past halfway as the top three have ran away from the field

Haws is inching away as this race begins to see a green look to it.

Johns passes Irvan out front for second as he falls back to the 15 and the black 28.

Green back in the air as Butcher is under fire from the 800 car.

The 12 car is around for the third time this race and the caution flies.

Green flag back out. Nine laps complete. Butcher 14th.

Pyle in the 07 attempts to drive away but when he does, the right front suspension snaps. He is in the pits after dragging the right front wheel to the paddock.

The 07 car drove right over the roof of the 29 as the field stacked up. Azzata in the 29 has climbed from the car, as has the driver of the 07.

Big crash in Turn Three, red flag flies.

Butcher paces in 18th place as the field returns to green.

Brayton Haws, Jared Irvan (son of Ernie Irvan) and the 91 of Johns battle for the lead as the 12 car loops it once more to bring out our second yellow.

Green flag flies.

Butcher runs 19th under this yellow.

It’s a big field and there’s lots of jockeying for position ahead of young Butcher, but it’s a spin involving the 12 car behind the Top Contruction #4 that brings the first yellow out a few laps in.

5:05pm – Green flag, Butcher starts outside in 18th.

Field is doubling up and getting ready to roll.

5:00pm- Checkers out, Dabbs win the race with Langille holding on to fourth over the 3D at the stripe. Young Lions up next with my “unofficial lap counter” Jarrett Butcher.

Canipe crosses Langille over and the 51 nearly stuffs it into the Turn 4 fence with two to go.

Langille picks up a spot from Canipe in the 29 with 5 to go.

The nine cars left on the track have strung out with the closest battle on the track being Dabbs and Smith for the lead.

Green returns to the Bandit feature. Langille under fire from the 28 and 3D behind for fourth.

Cole Butcher tells me that Auburndale is a “different racing experience.” He is happy with his finish and will look for more tomorrow. We’ll grab an audio interview with the MLOL champ tomorrow.

Caution immediately back out for the 11 car spinning at the back.

Langille will line up fourth for this restart. Green flag back out.

29 uses a lapped car as a pick to get around Langille, and as Langille was caught high, the 24 and 3D come together and spin, bringing out the caution at halfway.

The 24 and 3D exchange fifth behind Langille and now the 29 is looking under Langille’s Dartmouth Metals and Bottles Bando for 3rd.

Langille misses his marks in Turn Four on Lap 3 and loses ground. He is now under fire from Canipe in the 29.

Langille shuffled to the outside after going for second and now settles for third, single file behind Dabbs (23) and Smith (26).

4:50pm – GREEN FLAG for 20 Laps in the Bandits.

4:48pm – Checkers out for Joe Ryan Osbourne. Ryan Mackintosh second, Cole Butcher finishes seventh. Next up, Bandits and Braden Langille, who starts 3rd.

96L has been awarded his spot back and the field has been shown one to go for a one lap dash. It moves Butcher back to seventh.

96L loops it on the final lap and the caution flag is displayed prior to the checkered flag. It moves Butcher up to fifth and Mackintosh will be sitting in second for the restart.

Two laps to go.

The 21 is creeping up to the back of MAckintosh for 2nd as Taylor Jorgensen has stopped in the infeld. No caution.

Green flag.

Of note, our “office” for this race is the Turn Three grandstands. Currently joining me at my left are Cole Boudreau and Drew Greenlaw.

The 96 and 96L are side by side ahead of Butcher as the green 15 spins behind and draws the caution flag.

We are green.

Car around in Turn Two and the caution flies again. 15N gets refired and underway. Lefcourt is now rejoining the race under this yellow. She moved up from a Bandolero to a Legend in 2013.

96 laid the bumper to Cole Butcher and shuffles him to seventh. 96L and 96 are now in front of the 5NS.

Battle is for seventh, letting Butcher get away by two lengths.

67 shuffled high on the restart, moving Butcher to sixth. Top ten are now single file two laps after green.

Green back out.

Cole Boudreau’s favorite Legend car driver, Courtney Lefcourt, has stopped on the backstraight and looks to be headed pitside.

We are 12 complete of the 30 lap Semi-Pro Feature.

98 car was the reason for the caution. He had some help by the looks of the debris in Turn Two.

Top three run nose to tail as Butcher has heavy pressure on the 96 for sixth place. Caution out in Turn Two.

Mackintosh is LAYING THE PRESSURE to the 13 on the restart. Cole riding in seventh with the battle for fifth in front of him.

Green flag back out. Mackintosh 2nd, Butcher 7th.

Single file restarts. Cole was under fire off the hop from the 96 and loses sixth and was almost back to seventh on the outside when the caution flew for the 14 once again, this time spinning in Turn 3.

One to green. Our lap counter Jarrett Butcher says we have 6 or so laps done.

14 car is around in Turn Two and the caution flag flies.

Butcher closes in on the damaged 67 for fifth and is now in his tiretracks. Top three run nose to tail.

Joe Ryan Osborn gets the jump on Mackintosh as two laps are completed. Butcher fell on the outside to sixth and is now riding by himself as they battle in front of him for fourth.

After getting out and tugging on his fender under red, they are giving the 67 back his spot in line in fifth. Doubled up, one to go.

Correction, it was the 5a, 59 and 67 involved in the wreck. 67 drove around to Turn 2 and is now out of his car inspecting the damage.

Cole should line up fourth on this restart behind Ryan and Joe Ryan. This will take a while as three cars need to be hauled from the infield and only a flatdeck and tow truck to do the job.

On the green flag, the second row stacks up, sending the 5a and 67 cars airborn right in front of Cole Butcher. Butcher gets around unscathed. The 59 car is also involved. All drivers appear to be okay and the field is red flagged with no laps completed.

Field is getting one to go.

Keep in mind, we will be updating our Eastern Canadians drivers throughout their racing today. We’ll interview the winners tomorrow.

4:17pm (Start) – Semi Pros are on track now and pacing. There is no leaderboard here at Auburndale and I am sitting in the pits with Young Lion Jarrett Butcher, who is watching his brother race from the 6th starting spot.

4:10pm – We caught up with Speedway 660/Petty Raceway bando driver Drew Greenlaw earlier this afternoon – check out what he had to say at the link below.

3:53pm – Calgary’s Ira Laughy (15.011) and Ottawa’s Kevin Foisy are on the front row for the Masters division. Gary Bursey was 17th (15.507), Salter 19th (15.545) and Harvey is 21st (15.643).

We’ll be back for the Semi-Pro feature in about 25 minutes or so. Reminder, to get live updates for the  Atlantic Canadians in each feature, you will have to refresh this page. Unlike other softwares, this will not refresh itself, so get your F5 keys ready.

3:48pm – Still waiting on where Richard Salter, Cy Harvey and Gary Bursey will start this afternoon.

3:44pm – Wind has picked up a bit and the hot Florida sun is feeling a bit cooler as we prepare for features at 4:10pm.

3:40pm – A couple of transponders in the Masters division do not have names on them in scoring and have been paged to head to the tech shed to clear it up. Results should follow shortly.

In the Outlaws, Mike Boudreau has told me they are making no changes whatsoever to the #00 car of Cole Boudreau. They do not like the outside on the start, but they will start second in the feature.

3:37pm – Qualifying has completed and features will be starting around 4:10pm Eastern. Pro and Masters results to follow.

3:35pm – Gary Bursey “Car felt good in qualifying, I had to try and keep up to that old fart though (referring to Cy Harvey)!”

3:26pm – Pros are on the track for their qualifying laps. Richard Salter just came off track. We have no times currently for them or the Masters division.

3:20pm – Cy Harvey tells me of his qualifying run that the car was “a little tight and a little slow. If you don’t put the watch to it though, nobody will know the difference.” Masters laps still haven’t come in yet.

3:15pm – Cole Boudreau qualified second for the Outlaws feature with a time of 16.007, a hundredth behind the pole sitter Josh Hicks (15.996). Cole Tanner was seventh with a 16.122, Waylon Farrell 11th (16.712), Nicholas Naugle 12th (16.786) and Cory Hall 13th (16.913).

3:05pm- Jarrett Butcher qualified 18th of 22 Young Lions drivers in Qualifying. Outlaw results to follow. Cole Boudreau feels confident about his run.

Scroll down to hear Ryan Mackintosh talk about his pole setting lap from minutes ago.

3:00pm – Braden Langille is third in Bandits qualifying at a 16.276, two tenths off Zachary Dabbs, who was your Saturday night winner in Auburndale.

248pm – Amherst’s Ryan Mackintosh has unofficially put it on the pole for Day One of competition at INEX Winter Nationals at Auburndale Speedway for the Semi-Pro cars. We’ll catch up with Ryan prior to the feature. Cole Butcher qualified sixth with a time of 15.172 to Mackintosh’s 14.913

2:40pm – Semi Pro Qualifying is on track now, which means Cole Butcher and Ryan Mackintosh are now out laying down laps on the clock.

2:25pm – We’ll have qualifying times following the qualifying sessions. Our Outlaws are getting ready to stage momentarily.

2:00pm: Qualifying is slated to begin for Beginner Bandits soon. It has been a busy morning though for the Nicholas Naugle #88 Brycon Construction team. Naugle got loose into Turn Four, spun the car and slapped the wall. The team replaced front spindles, rear axle and calipers on the car, but the team is ready to go for qualifying.

We have a post-practice interview on deck with “The Legend” Cy Harvey.

12:30pm: Speaking with Mike Boudreau, the #00 team is happy with their race car and say that it is fast like it was on Saturday night. The team will be happy with top five finishes this week as the drivers here are the best in the country in Bandolero racing.

12:25pm: Cole Tanner is happy with his race car, but the crew is still making adjustments. Off the “unofficial stop watch,” the car looked quicker and rolled better through the corner.

12:10pm: Our first audio interview has been posted for the day with 2012 INEX Canadian Outlaw champion Cole Boudreau, who announces the winner of our Facebook contest for the two tickets to Scotia Speedworld’s Weekly Racing Series season opener on Sunday, May 26th. Please click on the link below under Audio to listen.

10:30am: Beginner Bandits have been called for their first of three rounds of practice. We will have practice times following all sessions (we’re based in the pit area and times are only being posted on the tower side). If there is a specific driver or team you want updates from outside of the Atlantic Canadian teams – let us hear it! We’ll be back to the keys following practice this morning.

7:45am: Good morning and welcome to’s Day One coverage of INEX Winter Nationals.

Here’s our plan of attack, we’re leaving for the track within minutes to get to the 9:30am Drivers Meeting and will be cutting audio updates and taking pictures leading up to qualifying. Our first at track update should be following qualifying with results. We are planning on having live updates as the features are ongoing. We currently do not have an updated entry list, and we hope to grab that sometime today.

Big thanks to Chris Woods Racing and Repair along with Peach Fuzz Motorsports for giving us a “mobile office” to use at the track.



Winner: Joe Ryan Osbourne
2nd: Ryan Mackintosh
7th: Cole Butcher

Winner: Doug Stevens

Winner: Ira Laughy
14th: Gary Bursey
15th: Richard Salter
26th: Cy Harvey

Winner: Jensen Jorgensen
3rd: Cole Boudreau
6th: Cole Tanner
8th: Waylon Farrell
10th: Nicholas Naugle
12th: Cory Hall

Winner: Zachary Dabbs
4th: Braden Langille

Young Lions:
Winner: Grant Quinlan (DQ: Jared Irvan – Weight)
13th: Jarrett Butcher



Semi Pro
1st 03 Ryan Mackintosh – 14.915
6th 5 Cole Butcher 15.172

3rd 51 Braden Langille 16.276

Young Lions
18th 4 Jarrett Butcher 15.511

2nd 00 Cole Boudreau 16.007
7th 33 Cole Tanner 16.122
11th 48 Waylon Farrell 16.712
12th 88 Nicholas Naugle 16.786
13th 03 Cory Hall 16.913

17th 65 Gary Bursey – 15.507
19th 16 Richard Salter – 15.545
21st 37 Cy Harvey – 15.643



IMG_7315 IMG_7308 IMG_7300



COLE BOUDREAU – After first practice session, announces winner of tickets to May 26th Scotia Speedworld Season Opener.

CY HARVEY – Post practice interview.

RYAN MACKINTOSH – Post qualifying interview. Mackintosh is on pole for the Semi Pro race.

DREW GREENLAW – Coming later.


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