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Opinion: The “Must Attend” Races in the Maritimes

Okay, so you are planning your schedule for 2014 and you want to take in a handful of big races – but you’re not sure which ones. Tim’s Corner Motorsports is here to help!

Tim will be compiling a list in the coming weeks of his five favorite races to attend in the region, but he wants your feedback! For this column, we are excluding the three “Triple Crown” events of the IWK 250 at Riverside Speedway, the Atlantic CAT 250 at Scotia Speedworld and the Auto Value 250 at Speedway 660, because, let’s be honest, if we gave you a choice, most diehards in this region would pick those three in their five. We want to give a bit of spotlight to those events that may be big events that don’t get as much mainstream love as they should, or smaller events with a lot of meaning that may fly under the radar of race fans.

For example, the Shriner’s Classic for Sportsman at Scotia Speedworld is entering its 20th season in 2014. Up the road at Petty Raceway, the River Glade International turns 50. The David Lambe Memorial and the Coors Light 125 are staples at Oyster Bed Speedway and Speedway Miramichi, respectively. Who could forget the Atlantic Championships at the CENTRE For Speed, the Road Course Challenge for the Maritime League of Legends Tour at Atlantic Motorsports Park, the PASS 150 at Speedway 660, Twin 50’s at Scotia Speedworld and the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series date at Riverside Speedway? There are many more we are missing here – and we want you to fill us in on what you think are the “must attend” races of the year.

Help us out by filling out the survey below! You never know, you may see your name here in the second week in March when we release our lists!

Photo by John O’Shea/Miramichi Racing Radio.


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