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Speedworld Building Rules Released With Maritime Sportsman Amendments

Scotia Speedworld presented their 2013 Building Rules on their website this week, which includes the first official peek at the Maritime Sportsman Common Rules. Representatives from local tracks and series met at the conclusion of the 2012 season to discuss rules to bring the division closer together so a team could go from track to track with less changes to their cars than in previous years to meet tech rules at each track.

The following are the two press releases posted on the Speedworld site, followed by the Maritime Track’s Common Sportsman Rules Amendment and a link to the sportsman rules along with a link to the Speedworld website with rule books for the other five competing divisions in the Speedworld Weekly Racing Series.


The complete Scotia Speedworld Sportsman rules for 2013 are posted, including a few changes we made for this year. The Maritime Tracks Common rules are posted as an addendum at the beginning of the rules. The Maritime Common rules supercede the Scotia Speedworld rules in the areas shown.

We posted things this way so drivers can see each separately. Eventually, we will write one rules document and post it to the website. Since the rule changes are easily understood and not a large change, we feel we do not require a driver’s meeting. You are strongly urged to contact Lawrence Hopper if you have questions on interpretation. If it doesn’t specifically say you can do something, you can’t.

These Maritime Tracks Common rules were created to provide consistency in Sportsman rules and lessen the changes drivers would have to make to race at another track. We (the tracks) want to be inclusive and hope these rules will see some cars visit a different track on their own track’s off night.

Scotia Speedworld Publishes
2013 Rules Packages

The 2013 rules for Trucks, Thunder and Lightning Cars have been posted. The Sportsman rules will follow, as we are still working with the other tracks to create a common rule package. Bandolero and Legend Cars rules continue to be established by US legend Cars.

Since we do not make many changes in Trucks, Lightning Car, Thunder Car and US Legends does Bandolero and Legend Car rules, we have decided not to have driver’s meetings for these divisions. We did not want to bring everyone together with nothing new to present. During the racing and the off-seasons we have many discussions with drivers about rule topics. Lawrence Hopper is available to answer any tech questions drivers may have and his telephone number is in the rules section.

Once the Sportsman common rule package is finalized, we will post it. We will decide once we have the final package if we require a meeting. The purpose of the common rule package is to allow teams the ability to visit different tracks with their car, without having to change a lot of the car. The seven Maritime tracks have invested a lot of effort to come together on the rules and we hope to have a finished package very soon.

One thing for everyone to be aware of is a planned update to our safety rules. Our plan is to update helmet requirements for the 2014 season. We are in the process of researching SNELL ratings and will choose an appropriate rating. This is mentioned now to allow some of you who will require a helmet update, to plan for 2014.

Maritime Track’s Common Sportsman Rules Amendment

WEIGHT:Full race engines – 3,000 ponds full of fuel Pre Race
GM Crate engine (602) – 2,950 pounds full of fuel Pre race
Ant car weighing substantially less than the others post race will be required to fill fuel cell and be re-weighed.
All cars will be maximum 55% Left Side and maximum 45% rear Pre Race

Carb spacer will be 1 inch straight through design made of aluminum

Max gear ratio will be 5:50 to1


All-star – 5656330
Johnson Chassis – JCI 09-02-1-13
Howe – P.N: 23399

Stock ball Joints
Re-buildable ball joints are allowed as long as they measure the same as stock
Maximum ball joint offset is 1.5 inch

2.5 Degrees + or – left side
6 degrees + or – right side

Must run stock spindles or aftermarket that match stock spindle measurements

Top Control Arms
Aftermarket control arms are allowed as long as they are:
Stock mid-size GM Metric
8.5 inches + or – 0.5 inch left side
8 inches + or – 0.5 inch right side
Steel arm construction
Steel cross shaft
Bushing material is steel
Lower Control arms
Stock GM with no alterations
Johnson Chassis lower control arm with no alterations

Sway bar must be hooked on the bottom of the frame and on the top of the lower control arms and be
stock type

Safety Belts Manufactures Recommendation (3 years)
Full containment seats are recommended.
Head and Neck Restraint system recommended



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