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2014 INEX Winter Nationals – Final Day Coverage (Day Five)


Our Day Five coverage is presented by Josh Langille Racing and Finish Line Vinyl Designs.

The 2014 INEX Winter Nationals get wrapped up today with the fifth and final day of racing, under the lights, at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Dylan Rumbolt, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Braden Langille and Nicholas Naugle and New Brunswick’s Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.

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7:30pm – Going to grab a bite to eat and get ready for racing. Be sure you follow on Twitter at @TweetTimsCorner or in the Twitter feed below.

7:10pm – Rain stopped about 20 minutes ago and the track has been working on drying the track.

While I have a moment, I need to thank some of our website partners – without folks like Josh Langille Racing, Finish Line Vinyl Design, Irving Blending and Packaging, CSS Insurance and Tucker Racing Products, this week, or our whole season in Atlantic Canada, would not be possible. Our complete advertiser list is to the right of this page. If you are interested in becoming an advertiser on this website, get a hold of me, packages are very affordable and they reach tens of thousands of racers, teams and fans a year. If our response is as strong as it was last year, we hope to once again make Winter Nationals a stop on our 2015 schedule!

6:40pm – Rain has begun to pick up, but our resident weather man Bryan Naugle says we should be clear by between 8pm and 9pm. Stay tuned folks!

6:30pm – It has begun to sprinkle at Auburndale Speedway.

6:26pm – Ira Laughy is not here tonight. The team tells me he and his wife Caroline are enjoying Orlando today after a week of less than desired runs.

6:25pm – We do not currently have Outlaw times, or cannot find them on Race Monitor.

6:22pm – OH BOY! Jarrett Butcher qualifies fifth for tonight’s Young Lions race with a 15.039 – the fastest he has gone all week. It is also the happiest Jarrett has been all week.

6:18pm – I will say this, Nick Ledson has really impressed me and a lot of others down here this year. Going into tonight, Ledson is a cool as a cucumber knowing there is a championship on the line. His goal for this evening is to finish top three. Kid has been smooth and consistent all week long and is worthy of the title if it falls his way tonight.

6:15pm – What I can tell you in short – Gary Bursey says the weather is unpredictable here but he believes we are south enough that we should be okay tonight. Braden Langille likes his car but doesn’t like qualifying. Cole Butcher is a bit frustrated on how his week is gone. Jarrett Butcher knows he may have to use the bumper to get by his brother at home to win the Scotia Speedworld Legends championship and Ryan Mackintosh got laps in the #88 car last night which helped them diagnose the car. He also says hello to Josie.

6pm – Cars are on track now for qualifying. We did have some audio issues, but we do have Nick Ledson, Gary Bursey, Cole and Jarrett Butcher, a quick word with Braden Langille and Ryan Mackintosh prior to qualifying. We may wait a bit to get the audio up as racing is only an hour away and we want to look at some qualifying before we go racing.

5:12pm – Practice is just wrapping up and Tim will be heading out to grab audio pieces for the Friday audio package. With time being tight, he’ll try to get whatever he can for audio and have it posted today, but no promises!

Two pictures below though, one of Cory Hall touching up his car prior to qualifying and one of Bryan Naugle, Woody, Troy Rumbolt and Scott Hall doing some bench racing.

5:04pm – Ryan Mackintosh tells me that his driver told him their car felt a little too tight for his liking in that practice, though the watch says different and Naugle is gaining speed over laps in practice.

5:01pm – Jarrett Butcher tells me the track is starting to come in. He was a little loose in his practice and doesn’t like qualifying but thinks it will race well.

4:55pm – Jarrett Butcher was 10th quick in the final Young Lions practice at a 15.112.

4:50pm – Braden Langille was second quick in the final practice, posting a 15.868 to Ashton Winger’s 15.817. Cory Hall was seventh at a 16.083 and Rumbolt put in a 16.404.

4:40pm – Second round of practices are ongoing now.

4:27pm – Points are on our website as provided to us by the track after Day Four. We do have some pretty close battles, including Ontario’s Nick Ledson having a six point lead on Robby Lyons and an eight point lead on Devin O’Connell in Semi Pro. Carson Ferguson and Noah Gragson have six points amongst them in Young Lions with Woodrow Mullis only 14 points back. The Outlaw Bandolero battle may be those closest with the top four only having 14 points between them (Purdy by two over Hicks, Jorgensen and Powell trail). Each position is worth two points more than the next when it comes to the Winter Nationals championship, with 40 points to the winner and 0 for a disqualification.


4:25pm – Jarrett Butcher put up the 7th fastest time in Young Lions practice at a 15.143, behind Carson Ferguson’s quick time of 14.817.

4:20pm – Nicholas Naugle says the track is real green with the rain that fell earlier. Practice is still ongoing, but as can be seen from the earlier picture below, it is very dark out.

You can also find a picture below of Nicholas Naugle, Ryan Mackintosh and Bryan Naugle debriefing after the first practice.

4:08pm – Cory Hall was listed as third in the first Outlaw practice at a 15.940, the fastest he’s been all week. He said the car was a bit tight but the adjustments they made last night helped a ton. Braden Langille was fifth at a 15.961 and Dylan Rumbolt 8th at a 16.376.

4:03pm – They started practice a bit early and will give teams two rounds of practice. It was brought up in the drivers meeting that they can move practice and qualifying around, but they (the track) would like to stick close to the 7pm start time for racing.

2:34pm – It hasn’t been raining in well over a half hour and it is nice and humid so everything is drying quite nicely. We’ll step away from the keys for a bit and head to the Drivers Meeting in a half hour. Practice is slated for 4pm, so we will get back to you on here around then. Be sure to follow along on Twitter!

2:10pm – Canada is on to the Gold Medal Game in Men’s Hockey at Sochi, besting the USA 1-0 in the Semi Final today!

2pm – A light rain shower has passed us at Auburndale Speedway, enough to dampen the track and put car covers on race cars. It has since stopped. Drivers meeting today will be at 3pm, qualifying is at 6pm and racing is at 7pm.






QUALIFYING and PRACTICE RESULTS (As available to us by track):

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IMG_1230 IMG_1232

IMG_1225 IMG_1223




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