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2014 INEX Winter Nationals – Day Three Coverage



Our Day Three coverage is presented by Josh Langille Racing and

The 2014 INEX Winter Nationals get the crossed flags after tonight with Round Three on deck at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Dylan Rumbolt, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Braden Langille and Nicholas Naugle and New Brunswick’s Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.

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5:14pm – Racing has completed for the day, congrats to all the winners. We’re loading up here now and will have any further updates on Twitter!

2:35pm – We are getting ready to head up to the track for the racing action, with the track saying that there will be no break between qualifying and racing, it should start shortly. Follow along on the Twitter block for all the news or on Twitter at @TweetTimsCorner.

2:34pm – Pro qualifying is wrapping up. It appears, according to Race Monitor, Cole Butcher will end up around 16th with a 15.443.

2:122pm – Lineups for everything but Masters and Pros are posted on our Facebook page.


Outlaw – Braden Langille – 5th; Cory Hall – 6th; Dylan Rumbolt – 9th
Young Lions – Jarrett Butcher – 7th
Semi Pros – Nick Ledson – 6th; Nicholas Naugle – 8th
Masters – ???
Pros – ???

2:09pm – Masters have been recalled to staging. Masters and Pros will qualify, then we will roll right into racing with no break. We will post what we have for lineups for the other five classes on Facebook.

1:53pm – This delay, along with the heat, is taking a toll on many, including Nicholas Naugle. He threatened to pull a Martin Landry on us, but we didn’t want him to blind everyone, so we got him a fan. See below.

1:43pm – Masters, or at least Gary Bursey, are heading back to the track.

1:40pm – Still under a delay in qualifying. Wayne Parker and Steve Foley, got your tickets booked to Orlando yet?

1:33pm – Qualifying has been delayed for a bit while they clean up some fluid from the track. Masters are in the staging area.

12:45pm – Our Wednesday Audio Package is up, featuring Ira Laughy, Nick Ledson, Cole Butcher and Dylan Rumbolt. Find our audio package for the day HERE or at the bottom of the page.

12:40pm – Race Monitor is down for us here in the Mobile Office, so we do not have times for Outlaws or Young Lions. Cory Hall was not happy with his run, so he is a bit happy the times are not up yet.

12:20pm – Beginner Bandits are now on track for qualifying. We are back working on our Wednesday audio.

11:45am – Practice is winding down with the final Legends on the track. We’re going to head out in a few and grab some audio for our Wednesday practice. Stay tuned!

11:32am – Cory Hall says his car is great but they are still searching for some grip. He notes that the practice last night after the event helped a ton to get the car where it is today.

11:25am – You can find a picture of Cole’s right front scuff below.

11:15am – Cole Butcher had a scrape with the front straight wall in his practice, no damage to the car other than paint on the right front tire. Cole tells me they are playing with the right rear to try to get it back to the way it was earlier in the week.

11:11am – We are also keeping an eye on Sochi in the TCM Mobile Office and on Team Brad Jacobs as they take on China in the Men’s Curling Semi-Final. Believe it or not, Ryan Mackintosh, who is en route to Auburndale Speedway today, is one of the biggest curling fans we have here besides Tim. The boys from the Soo are up 3-2 on China after four ends of play, Canada has the hammer.

Congrats to Jennifer Jones too on her win this morning over Eve Muirhead and Great Britian, who advances to the Olympic final after going perfect so far.

We now return you to your regular programming…

10:59am – Talked to Colette Guy this morning from Auburndale Speedway, once points are done she said she would send them to us so we could pass it on to you! Thanks again Colette.

10:47am – We don’t have “The Legend” Cy Harvey here for words of wisdom, but Nicholas Naugle has some on his dash. See below.

10:43am – Jarrett Butcher’s 15.274 put him about eighth in the Young Lions practice. Carson Ferguson was the quickest at a 14.845.

10:23am – Cory Hall was the fastest Canadian in the first Outlaw practice with a 16.048 to Braden Langille’s 16.072. Dylan Rumbolt was a 16.343. Chase Purdy’s 15.873 was the top time in the session. Young Lions and Jarrett Butcher on track now.

10am – Beginner Bandits are staging for practice.

9:45am – Adam Meehan of Meehan Racing sent us in a photo of his Bandolero chassis earlier in the week. The TCM Power Performer of the Year finalist will be running three races on the Maritime League of Legends Tour in 2014 while also focusing on a second Bandolero championship at Scotia Speedworld. You can look at his progress below in the photo section.

Also, in case you missed it, we have our Scotia Speedworld Rules Story up as well. Thanks to Drew MacEachern for giving us his thoughts on the new rules.

9:30am – Drivers meeting broke a few minutes ago. Not much different than the last few other than retaliation on track will not be tolerated. The 8 and 48 in Young Lions were brought up as an example, and the track will be watching practice, qualifying and the race to make sure they do not share any more paint or they could face being parked for the final two days of competition.

The Pros were also commended on a great show yesterday.

Practice is slated to begin in a half hour.

8am: Welcome back to coverage from Auburndale Speedway for Round Three of INEX Winter Nationals.

Some of the Canadian storylines to follow:

Jarrett Butcher has been consistent, reeling in two top five finishes in as many races. He, along with Ontario’s Nick Ledson are the only two Canadians to do that in the first two races of this event, with Ira Laughy posting a fourth before tech took away his second place run on Monday.

Braden Langille finished sixth yesterday after a spirited battle with Jensen Jorgensen. The two raced hard and swapped a bit of paint with the end result being contact between the two on the back straight in the closing laps. The racing in the Outlaw class has been excellent this week and we expect it to be much of the same today.

Speaking of Outlaws, Cory Hall and Dylan Rumbolt are looking to put together a finish worth talking about. Cory struggled yesterday with mechanical issues while Rumbolt is still looking to get a handle on this track.

Cole Butcher has found himself in a little rivalry with Todd McCollum. The two made a bit of contact yesterday for the second consecutive day in the Pro race. The team told me yesterday that someone has started a rumor that the team isn’t even liked in their home country. Not sure, but I could probably guess to say whoever started that rumor probably can’t find Nova Scotia on the map. It’s by Toronto, right guys?!…

Practice begins at 10am, we’re heading to the track from Davenport shortly.






QUALIFYING and PRACTICE RESULTS (As available to us by track):

Keep up to date here on your RACE MONITOR App!








Wednesday Audio Package – Ira Laughy, Nick Ledson, Cole Butcher, Dylan Rumbolt


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