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Florida Speedweeks

2014 INEX Winter Nationals – Day Two Coverage


Our Day Two coverage is presented by Josh Langille Racing and Tucker Racing Products.

The 2014 INEX Winter Nationals sees Day Two racing action at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Dylan Rumbolt, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Braden Langille and Nicholas Naugle and New Brunswick’s Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.

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5:05pm – Racing has completed for the afternoon and a great afternoon it was. Congrats to all the winners. Now it’s time to unwind a bit and load up. Any more updates can be found on Twitter at @TweetTimsCorner. Thanks for following along everyone and we’ll chat at you on the site tomorrow.

1:56pm – Beginner Bandits and Bandits have been called to staging. We will be heading up momentarily to catch the end of the Bandits feature and the start of the next five. Be sure you’re following along on Twitter (feed below for those that might not know how to tweet, like Scotia Speedworld tech director Lawrence Hopper) at @TweetTimsCorner.

1:50pm – Canadian qualifying wrap-up

Outlaws – Pole: Austin Powell – 15.855, 7th – Braden Langille – 16.228, 8th Cory Hall – 16.244, 11th – Dylan Rumbolt – 16.634
Young Lions – Pole: Carson Ferguson – 14.838, 8th – Jarrett Butcher, 15.136
Semi Pro – Pole: Carl Vilando – 14.930, 4th – Nick Ledson, 15.001, 15th  Nicholas Naugle – 15.432
Masters – Pole: Tom Pistone – 14.821, 2nd – Ira Laughy – 14.929, 18th Gary Bursey – 15.578
Pro – Pole: William Byron – 14.698, 13th Grant Quinlan – 14.994, 14th – Cole Butcher 15.032

Of note, Todd McCollum, the 51 car that Cole Butcher got into a little skirmish with yesterday, is starting right behind 5NS in the Pro Race. Oh boy.

1:43pm – Qualifying time sheets from all seven divisions are now posted here – on our Facebook page!

1:20pm – Nicholas Naugle’s brake issues are fixed and they believe a caliper was the issue.

1:17pm – Our Tuesday audio package is now up, be sure to head below to check it out or click here. It features Outlaw driver Cory Hall, Young Lion Jarrett Butcher and Masters Gary Bursey

1:08pm – Cole Butcher slots unofficially 14th with his 15.032. William Byron on provisional Pro pole with a 14.698. We hope to have complete rundowns in a bit. Sit tight.

1pm – We’ve been working on our Tuesday audio package with Cory Hall, Jarrett Butcher and Gary Bursey in the last few minutes, so Semi Pro and Masters times slipped through without us catching them. Cole Butcher’s time in qualifying was a 15.032 unofficially, so we will see where that puts him. The second group of Pros are on the track now.

12:39pm – Jarrett Butcher turned a 15.136 in qualifying, unofficially slotting him eighth

12:37pm – Qualifying is up now. We missed times on Race Monitor for the Bandoleros. I’ll take the blame,

11:50am – Track is now quiet and the announcement has been made that we will go to qualifying in 20 minutes, so we anticipate qualifying at around 12:10pm or so. We’re going to cut audio with some of our Canadians prior to qualifying. Stay tuned.

11:48am – Brycon Construction Racing continues to struggle with brake issues with the car. Nicholas Naugle got a few laps in on that last session before pitting again. Bryan Naugle (at wheel) and Scott Hall look over the car with Nicholas Naugle sitting in the seat since he came off the track about 15 minutes ago. Picture is below.

11:40am – The two hours given to teams for practice will be up in 20 minutes. We expect there will be a break before we get into European Style qualifying.

11:35am – For those questioning the 2.5 fire extinguisher rule for the Legends in the Scotia Speedworld rules for 2014, here is an example of where it needs to be mounted. Jarrett Butcher’s team has a suppression system, which is what is connected to the top of the bottle, but the extinguisher is the same size and place it needs to be. See pictures below. Thanks to Butcher Racing for letting me snap a shot of it.

11:18am – Ira Laughy tells me it was a weight issue (light on right side) that led to the disqualification yesterday in the Masters race. He was frustrated with the way it went down, noting that they had been working on weight all week on the scales here at the track to get their car right. With the DQ, he receives no points, so he is essentially out of the week long championship but is planning on driving hard to go four for four at the end of the week. Keep in mind, the only race he didn’t win here last year was when he spun chasing Ontario’s Kevin Foisy on Tuesday.

We also chatted about emotions running abnormally high around the pits for Day One of the event. We’ll have him on our audio package tomorrow.

10:45am – It is currently 22C in the pits, though it feels hotter in the TCM Mobile Office. It is slated to go into the high 20s today (high of 27C). It is only 28 degrees colder in Halifax. You’re welcome. We return you now to your regularly scheduled programming.

10:35am – Nicholas Naugle complained in the first practice of having no brakes on his #88 Brycon Construction car. The crew is at the front brakes on the car now trying to get Naugle back on track.

10:29am – The Scotia Speedworld rules packages for their Weekly Racing Series were released yesterday, which includes some major new amendments for the Thunder division – mainly the addition of the 96-00 Generation Civic to the class and a spec-tire to the class – which is a used Legend tire. We’re going to have the low-down tomorrow on the site, including driver reaction, which has been positive from all angles so far.

10:22am – Legends are now on track for practice. Someone in the tower forgot to switch their timing and scoring from Race to Practice, so if you are following along on Race Monitor, it will show as if they are racing and counting laps instead of ranking by fast time.

10:20am – Few photos for you to look at. One from yesterday and one from this morning. Dylan Rumbolt’s team spent last night rebuilding and replacing a rear axle in the #08 CWRR car after Rumbolt got into the Turn Four wall in the second half of the Outlaw feature. Scott Hall, Dylan’s father Troy and Woody (under the car, no bright shirt, can’t see him today), are preparing the youngster for practice.

The second is of second place finisher in the Bandits class yesterday, Blake Cisneros. Cisneros is from Texas and he and his father Tom have been staying with us in Davenport for the week and are pitted in the CWRR portion of the pits. Blake and Tom are great people and Blake drove the wheels off it yesterday to get a runner-up finish. Congrats buddy!

10:04am – Practice has begun, results are posted HERE from yesterday on our Facebook page.

9:55am – We will have yesterdays results posted on OUR FACEBOOK page in a bit, but we can tell you there are plenty of DQs posted on this sheet, including Zane Smith in Pro (promoting Grant Quinlan to third and Cole Butcher to 12th), Calgary’s Ira Laughy in Masters (was second, promotes Gary Bursey to 19th). Jarrett Butcher was the top Tim’s Corner Motorsports driver with a fifth place run in Young Lions. Nicholas Naugle was 15th in yesterday’s Semi Pro race after brake problems sidelined him nine laps from the finish, Nick Ledson was third and one of the top finishing Canadian yesterday at Auburndale.

In Bandoleros, Braden Langille was fifth, with Cory Hall eighth. Dylan Rumbolt retired early and was credited with 11th after crash damage.

Speaking of, Bandits and Beginner Bandits have been called to staging for practice.

9:40am: Welcome into Day Two of our INEX Winter Nationals coverage. We’ve been busy this morning tracking results from yesterday and trying to get notes from the meeting, so now we’re playing a bit of catch up. We’ll have results posted from yesterday, according to what was on the board this morning, in a few minutes.

Practice is slated for a 10am start, or 20 minutes from now.





Outlaws – Winner: Austin Powell – Braden Langille: 6th – Dylan Rumbolt: 9th – Cory Hall: 11th
Young Lions – Winner: Carson Ferguson – Jarrett Butcher: 5th
Semi Pr0 – Winner: Devin O’Connell – Nick Ledson: 4th – Nicholas Naugle: 10th

Masters – Winner: Tom Pistone – Ira Laughy: 4th – Gary Bursey: 15th
Pro – Winner: William Byron – Grant Quinlan: 7th – Cole Butcher: 13th.


QUALIFYING and PRACTICE RESULTS (As available to us by track):

Keep up to date here on your RACE MONITOR App!

Outlaws – Pole: Austin Powell – 15.855, 7th – Braden Langille – 16.228, 8th Cory Hall – 16.244, 11th – Dylan Rumbolt – 16.634
Young Lions – Pole: Carson Ferguson – 14.838, 8th – Jarrett Butcher, 15.136
Semi Pro – Pole: Carl Vilando – 14.930, 4th – Nick Ledson, 15.001, 15th  Nicholas Naugle – 15.432
Masters – Pole: Tom Pistone – 14.821, 2nd – Ira Laughy – 14.929, 18th Gary Bursey – 15.578
Pro – Pole: William Byron – 14.698, 13th Grant Quinlan – 14.994, 14th – Cole Butcher 15.032



IMG_1089 IMG_1107IMG_1109IMG_1112[1]



Tuesday Audio Package – Cory Hall, Jarrett Butcher, Gary Bursey


 Be sure to also check our FACEBOOK pagefor updates throughout the week.

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