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INEX Winter Nationals

2014 INEX Winter Nationals – Day One Coverage



Our DAY ONE Coverage Presented by Josh Langille Racing and the 40th Annual Castrol Radical Speedsport, held April 11th to 13th at the Moncton Coliseum.

The 2014 INEX Winter Nationals kick off today, Monday, February 17th, at Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, Florida. Atlantic Canadian drivers in attendance include Newfoundland’s Dylan Rumbolt, Nova Scotia’s Cole Butcher, Jarrett Butcher, Braden Langille and Nicholas Naugle and New Brunswick’s Gary Bursey and Cory Hall.

Note: In order to receive the latest updates, be sure to refresh this page or check out our Twitter feed, which can be found below.



Day One is officially in the books, congrats to all the winners. We’ll wrap up a bit more in the morning before diving into Day Two. Thanks to all that followed, have a good night and we’ll chat again tomorrow. For what went on tonight in the meanwhile, check out our Twitter feed.

We hope to know more about Matthew Thomas sometime in the week, but via Legends Racing Network, we have heard that Thomas suffered a broken ankle, wrist and a concussion during the hit in the Young Lions race, which sounded to us like a stuck throttle after leading the event. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Thomas family for a speedy recovery.

3:14pm – Qualifying results are now posted on our Facebook page from the five divisions we are looking at this week. We are heading up to cover those features on Twitter, so be sure to scroll down and follow us on the Twitter block or follow along @TweetTimsCorner.

2:44pm – Auburndale Speedway owner Rex Guy says that lineups would be posted shortly. He said that a few moments ago and they are still not posted, so we may be freestyling when we get to race updates on Twitter.

2:19pm – The call has been made on the PA that racing will begin around 3pm, or 40 minutes from now. We will step away and get prepared and HOPEFULLY get some times/lineups for you.

2:14pm – Weather? It’s high 70s (mid 20s Celsius) and sunny with a light breeze in places around the pits. It is mid-teens Fahrenheit in Halifax with some light flurries.

2:10pm – Race Monitor indicates a 14.935 second lap for Grant Quinlan in Pro Qualifying. The #16 of Alex Pachelo put up a quick time of 14.727. Still waiting on a time for Butcher. This is the final division to qualify before racing begins. We anticipate, as per the drivers meeting this morning, to be a 15 minute break between the end of qualifying and the start of racing.

2:02pm – Y’know, there is one thing missing from home. Besides all of our Weekly racers that we are missing down here that I believe can run with a lot of these guys and gals, I’m missing the fact that I’m not able to grab a cheddar smokie or cheeseburger from the Darkside Racing pit after tonight’s race. Would be pretty neat to see Drew MacEachern or Joey Lawson down here wheeling a race car in the future. We miss not having ya down here boys!

2pm – We believe Tom Pistone from what we see on Race Monitor is on provisional pole with a 14.961 in Masters. We believe Gary Bursey is somewhere just outside the top ten with a 15.393. Over 20 Masters have taken time according to Race Monitor.

1:51pm – Ira Laughy put up a time of 15.011 seconds, which is currently second on the board in Masters after the first group. The second, which includes Moncton’s Gary Bursey is up now.

1:40pm – Nicholas Naugle is unofficially 11th in qualifying with a 15.703 in Semi Pro. Current top time is #95 Zach Herrin at 14.908, two tenths up on Riley Halverson’s 15.126 in second. Looks like 18 took time.

Unlike what was said in the meeting, there are no times posted on the pit board or the board by the tower. Only sheets that are posted are Saturday night’s times, which won’t help us now.

1:30pm – We believe Jarrett Butcher has qualified seventh or eighth. Young Lions are done. Semi Pro is next.

1:15pm – Jarrett Butcher said he had a great run in qualifying and is happy with a 15.1. Jarrett and Braden Langille both say the track is loosening up with the heat.

1:05pm – The 24 in Young Lions (Zach Leonhardi) has dropped fluid all over the track, putting a red flag on qualifying.

1pm – Race Monitor can be a bit misleading at times. We can tell you they have Jarrett Butcher’s top time posted as a 15.196. Position? Not sure.

12:55pm – Our post practice interviews with Butcher Racing and Nicholas Naugle are up now. Click here or find it below!

Cory Halls tells me his car was alright, he feels his car is better on the long run and “couldn’t do much with five laps.”

Race Monitor tells us that Braden Langille and Cory Hall were sixth and seventh in Outlaw qualifying. This is unofficial. Unsure of where Dylan Rumbolt slotted in.

12:23pm – Beginner Bandits have been called to staging for qualifying. We are hoping to edit and bring you an audio package from pre-qualifying with Butcher Racing and Nicholas Naugle.

NOON – The warning has been given for 20 minutes until qualifying.

11:55am – Practice has just concluded. Qualifying will be coming up shortly.

Legends have a strong count here today, with all three divisions posting double digit car counts.

11:27am – There are about 10 or so Outlaws here, with a lot of deep talent like Joshua Hicks, Ashton Winger, last season’s champ Jensen Jorgensen, Chase Purdy, Hannah Bell and more. Gonna be tough competition all week for Rumbolt, Hall and Langille.

11:17am- Grant Quinlan (ON) put in a 14.833 and Cole Butcher a 15.106 in Pro Practice. Nicholas Naugle’s updated time from the first session was a 15.467. Master Gary Bursey was at a 15.507. Still waiting on a time to show up for Ira Laughy (AB). William Byron was the fastest Legend at a 14.700.

11:14am – Nicholas Naugle describes his race car as “okay” after the first practice. He’ll have at least one more practice to get it closer to where he wants to be.

11:11am – A deal has also been added that if Braden Langille wins a feature this week, we will change the website colors to green, black and blue for the month of March. Outlaws are getting back into their cars for their second practice, which miiiiight be a good thing.

11:10am – Braden Langille has come into the mobile office and spilled his fries and took some sugar used for coffee, so now the trailer floor is a mess. We also have a bet that if he gets a Top Three, I will give him a can of Cheerwine.

11am – Cory Hall is complaining of tight in after the first practice. Woody is making some adjustments to his car to free it up a bit.:

Speaking of Woody, I don’t think there is any way we can lose him today. See below for his bright attire.

10:54am – Jarrett Butcher put up a time of 15.147 for a fast lap in his practice. Nicholas Naugle had to change transponders this morning and we are currently not seeing his data on Race Monitor. Ira Luaghy is on track now.

10:41am – Braden was second quick behind Josh Hicks in the first practice with a 15.889 compared to the #56’s .874. Cory Hall put in a 15.304. No data was recorded for Dylan Rumbolt. Jarrett Butcher on track now for Young Lions.

A note as well, Race Monitor is throwing every car into the same class for practice, so it may be tough to track for the two hour session.

10:35am – Practice is currently ongoing now, we’ll keep you posted on how the Canadians are looking as they come through. You can follow along with your Race Monitor App or at the link below. The timing and scoring body, Professional Motorsports Solutions, could not supply us with an embed code for this page.

FOX13 was also here earlier doing some live hits. A picture of the pit area earlier with all the cameras is below.

10:19am – Bandits and Outlaws have been called to stage for practice.

10:10am – Drivers meeting has broken. The big discussion was on starts and restarts. All starts will be double file and the leader cannot fire until the second yellow line on the track exiting Turn Four. Should the leader jump twice, s/he, and only s/he, will go to the rear. Passing is legal on the starts to the outside, as Rex Guy said, you can pass as many as you want on the outside, but if you pass to the left prior to the finish line, you will be set back/penalized on the next yellow. Restarts are single file, and the leader has the choice to fire somewhere within “the box” the two yellow lines, in Turn Four.

Scott Reinhardt reminded the meeting to use the pump gas from the Race Trac station down the road. If any other grade is found in the car, s/he will be disqualified. Engine seals are also to not be tampered with and will be checked throughout the week. Reinhardt reminded everyone that if a motor is tampered with, you will lose the motor. Keep in mind, this came up last year when Semi Pro Winter Nationals champion Joe Ryan Osborn was caught with a tampered engine on Day Five of this event.

Next up is two hours of practice (each division should get two rounds), followed by European Style Qualifying, a 15 minute break and racing. They expected on a regular day that we would be done at 5pm, but with a delay of an hour or so, that could change today.

9:30pm: They have just called to the drivers that their meeting is in ten minutes.

8:50am – We have pictured posted from yesterday on our FACEBOOK PAGE. We also have a picture of the Dylan Rumbolt car below after his up close and personal encounter with the Turn Four wall. The team believes there is nothing bent on the car and will gear up for practice today.

Cory Hall’s team had hub problems yesterday on his car, which they replaced and are ready to shake it down in first practice.

8:45am – Good morning all and welcome to the official opening of the 2014 INEX season at Auburndale Speedway for the 2014 INEX Winter Nationals.

The drivers meeting was slated for 9am, but we’ve been told by one INEX official that the meeting has been pushed back to 10am, due to FOX 13 doing some pre-race media coverage of the event.





Grant Quinlan – 3rd, Cole Butcher – 12th (PRO)
Nick Ledson – 3rd, Nicholas Naugle – 15th (SEMI PRO)
Gary Bursey – 19th, Ira Laughy – DQ (will track why, MASTERS)
Jarrett Butcher – 5th (Young Lions)
Braden Langille – 5th, Cory Hall – 8th, Dylan Rumbolt – 11th (OUTLAWS)


QUALIFYING and PRACTICE RESULTS (As available to us by track):

Keep up to date here on your RACE MONITOR App!



 9am 10am – Drivers Meeting
European Style Qualifying
30 Minute Lunch Break
Racing: Beginner Bandits, Bandits, Outlaws, Young Guns, Semi Pro, Master, Pro.

All Bandolero features are 20 laps (except for Beginner Bandits, 12 Laps) and all Legends features are 30 laps.



 Check out our Facebook page for Practice Day photos.




MONDAY POST PRACTICE – Jarrett Butcher, Cole Butcher and Nicholas Naugle


 Be sure to also check our FACEBOOK pagefor updates throughout the week.

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