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Tim’s Corner Motorsports Pre-Season Thunder Presented by WRN for NiSWC Competitors Announced

The NASCAR Series World Championship is set to roar to an open on Tuesday, February 25th, and Tim’s Corner Motorsports and the Web Racing Network want to give fans a preview of what to expect in the coming 2014 season.

Tim’s Corner Motorsports and the Web Racing Network have announced they are hosting the inaugural Pre-Season Thunder Showdown. The event incorporates the former “Tim’s Corner Live” show and a race aspect, which will both be carried on the Web Racing Network online stream. The show will begin at 8pm Eastern/9pm Atlantic on Tuesday, February 4th with an hour of practice and interviews featuring the biggest names and newsmakers in the series, followed by a 25-lap showdown at 9:10pm Eastern.

The show will have an interactive aspect with fans being able to vote on who they think should receive the pole for the event. The drivers who confirm participation by Wednesday, January 29th at Noon will be placed on a ballot for fans to vote. The results of that vote will be the lineup for the 25-lap event. In essence, the fans will determine the starting grid for the inaugural Pre-Season Thunder Showdown.

If you are one of the 50 eligible drivers in the series and would like to confirm your availability, please contact Tim Terry.

Tim’s Corner Motorsports will also have an announcement on the broadcast of the TCM Pre-Season Thunder Presented by WRN in regards to the 2014 NiSWC season and how fans can get involved in the season through


*Note, you are allowed to vote once every 24 hours. Voting closes at 11am Eastern on February 4th.

As of January 30th at 2pm Eastern, the poll is down and not showing up. We are working with Polldaddy to get this resolved. All results have been saved up to this point. We apologize for the inconvenience.

#2 Ray Alfalla
#3 Brandon Schmidt
#4 Brian Day
#7 Ashley Miller
#19 Mitchell Hunt
#22 Rob Ackley
#23 Brandon Hauff
#26 Chad Laughton
#27 Cody Byus
#29 Kevin King
#30 Robert Hall
#33 Bryan Blackford
#34 Matt Bussa
#36 Justin Bolton
#39 Michael Johnson
#41 Jake Stergios
#42 Dylan Duval
#43 Kwame Adjei
#47 Chris Overland
#48 Brandon Chubirko
#50 Alex Scribner
#51 Tyler Laughlin
#53 Brandon Hauck
#54 Brandon Buie
#55 Brian Schoenburg
#57 PJ Stergios
#58 Kenny Humpe
#69 Peter Bennett
#80 Brandon Kettelle
#81 Adam Gilliland
#82 Alex Warren
#87 Trey Eidson
#89 Landon Harrison
#91 Josh Berry
#93 Byron Daley
#96 Rich Dusett
#00 Brad Mahar
#01 Tyler Hudson

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