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Fahey, O’Blenis Makes History on Night of Champions

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Fredericton N.B.- Greg Fahey did something on Saturday night that no other driver has done in the history of Speedway 660. Fahey won the 2013 Martins Home Heating Sportsman division title and became the first driver to win titles in all of Speedway 660’s top three divisions.

Fahey who owns three pro stock and two street stock championship trophies won his first sportsman title and sixth overall. The Charlotte County native captured his latest championship by winning his heat and dash and finishing second in the feature on Fan Appreciation Night of Champions.

“My name will be on the trophy but there are about fifty other people who deserve to get a trophy too, with-out my family, sponsors and this awesome crew I would never have been able to have gotten into this sport let alone win six championships” said Fahey. “The competition is tough here at Speedway 660 and I want to thank all of the drivers in the Martins Home Heating Sportsman Division for running clean all season long and now we’ve got to go home and get ready for SpeedWeekend.”

Brent Roy won the sportsman feature for the second week in a row, while Andrew Rodgers raced to a third place finish in the feature. Sarah McKay, who won her first heat of the season, also claimed the sportsman rookie of the year trophy.

Dave O’Blenis won the RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock feature on Saturday to earn a second straight and fourth championship in Speedway 660’s top division. Glyn Nott who won the heat and dash finished second in the feature to earn the pro stock rookie of the year award. Brian Gillespie was third in the feature, while Ken MacKenzie won the other heat race.

“It’s an honour to win a fourth pro stock title here at Speedway 660 because that puts us right up there with the great Glen Rassmussen who also won four titles here” said O’Blenis. “I’m really happy with the way this car is working right now and excited about coming back next weekend and having a strong run in the Auto Value 250.”

Roger Slocum capped off a great season by winning the DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock championship. Slocum outdrove five time champion Rick Cashol and Rob Raynes to win the title. Kevin McKeen won his heat race, the dash and feature on Saturday night. TJ “Hollywood” Madore finished second in the feature, while Benji Ruff took third. Justin Cole won the other street stock heat race. Luc MacLaughlin won the street stock rookie of the year.

“I haven’t slept in two weeks and spent many restless nights worrying about this championship battle, but tonight I am proud of my great race team, my family and sponsors” said Slocum. “We’ll be back to take a shot at the big street stock race on SpeedWeekend and will definitely be back here next year to try to defend this championship.”

Daniel Clark won the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter division championship. Ira Farnell won the feature, while Jeremy Doran came second and Darren Beatty third. Farnell also won his heat race, while Brad Palmer took the other heat. Malcolm Suley won the Sharp Shooter rookie of the year.

Drew Greenlaw capped off a great season with the feature victory and championship in the West Wood Estate Apartments Bandolero division. Courtney O’Blenis won the heat race and finished second in the feature, while Ashton Tucker drove to a third place feature finish. Tucker was also the 2013 Bando rookie of the year.


Martins Home Heating Sportsman Feature Results

1. 26 Brent Roy Hanwell, NB

2. 20 Greg Fahey St. Stephen, NB

3. 14 Andrew Rodgers Smithtown, NB

4. 44S Steve Seveck Temperance Vale, NB

5. 23 Sarah McKay Quispamsis, NB

6. 16 Jason Shannon Hoyt, NB

7. 88 Shawn Warren Waasis, NB

8. 7 Byron Bartlett Quispamsis, NB

9. 27X Corey Collins Barnesville, NB

10. 02 Craig Ward Riverview, NB

11. 42 Matt Rodgers Smithtown, NB

12. 40 Richard Atkinson Haneytown, NB

13. 31 Mark Harris Fredericton Jct, NB

14. 34 Randy Moore Saint John, NB

15. 96 George Jamieson Fredericton, NB

Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stocks Feature Results

1. 48 Dave O’Blenis Boundary Creek, NB

2. 12 Glyn Nott Burton, NB

3. 69 Brian Gillespie Nackawic, NB

4. 00 Cole Boudreau Chipman, NB

5. 85 Ken MacKenzie Salisbury, NB

6. 9 Derek Christie Fredericton, NB

7. 45 Calvin Rankin Quispamsis, NB

8. 46 Dana Hamm Fredericton, NB

9. 07 Robbie Fraser Riverview, NB

10. 66 Paul Gahan Lower St Mary’s, NB

11. 87 Matt Harris Fredericton Jct., NB

12. 88 Kevin Moore Fredericton, NB

13. 17 Colter Wiggins Fredericton, NB

DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stocks Feature Results

1. 29 Kevin McKeen Upper Kingsclear, NB

2. 7 T.J. Madore Geary, NB

3. 8 Benji Ruff Carlow, NB

4. 15 Roger Slocum Chipman, NB

5. 11 Luc McLaughlin Geary, NB

6. 38 Justin Cole Harvey , NB

7. 41 Robert Raynes Summerville, NB

8. 85 Kenny MacKenzie Jr. Salisbury, NB

9. 54 Rick Cashol Saint John, NB

10. 44 Peter Martin Saint John, NB

11. 3 Kevin Peterson Fredericton,

12. 1 Heidi Cooper Hanwell, NB

13. 9X Andre Chamberlain Hampton,NB

14. 52 Destiny Enkel Saint John, NB

15. 83 Shayne Russell Lincoln,NB

16. 07 Kenny Hartley Saint John, NB

Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter Feature Results

1. 77 Ira Farnell Lincoln, NB

2. 8 Jeremy Doran Fredericton, NB

3. 18 Darren Beatty Lakeville Corner, NB

4. 25 Brad Palmer Maugerville, NB

5. 70 Tyler Seveck Nackawic, NB

6. 69 Daniel Clark Fredericton, NB

7. 52 Randy Campbell Quispamsis, NB

8. 26 James Courtney Woodstock, NB

9. 21B Courtney Barton Minto, NB

10. 51 Bryan Suttie Keswick, NB

11. 55 Mark Winchester Oromocto,NB

12. 57 Malcolm Suley Clarendon, NB

13. 21 Kenny Barton Minto, NB

14. 95 Jessica Hawkins Chipman, NB

15.71 Neil Miousse Fredericton, NB

16. 27 Christine Chittick Saint John, NB

17. 05 Brody Levesque Lincoln,NB

Westwood Estates Apartments Bandolero Feature Results

1. 23 Drew Greenlaw Eastport, ME

2. 48 Courtney O’Blenis Boundary Creek, NB

3. 32 Ashton Tucker Lyttleton, NB

4. 14 Alexandra O’Blenis Boundary Creek, NB

5. 55 Mackenzie Brewer Quispamsis, NB

6. 08 Cory Hall Jolicure, NB

7. 79 Kyle Orr Saint John, NB

8. 24 Ben Pelletier Upperton, NB

9. 3 Alicia Mowat Hardwood Ridge, NB

SpeedWeekend is up next at Speedway 660. On Friday night at 7PM there is a free event for race fans. A corn boil and concert by Tristan Horncastle will take place on the infield of the track. Next Saturday the Irving Blending & Packaging Sportsman 150 runs at 7PM, the Auto Value 250 takes place on Sunday with qualifying at 2PM and the big race taking the green flag at 7PM. The the racing season wraps up on SpeedWeekend Monday at 2PM with the Enduro 200 championship.

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