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Tim’s Corner Motorsports Releases New Site

Welcome to the future of Tim’s Corner Motorsports.

We are pleased to launch our new website for 2013 and beyond! With this new site, it is easier for us to edit and update you on the road as we crisscross the region (and beyond) to cover your favorite sport and drivers who compete each week. Our partners will also love the new digs, as their logos are more visible to the readers/listeners in more capacities on the news site.

We now have a fully functional Unplugged page, where in which you can go to the page after every Unplugged is released and click on the show to listen to it in your favorite media player.

Coming in 2013, in addition to our schedule of events that we will be attending, will be a master schedule, something that has been asked for in the past. Not only can you check out where we will be, but you can keep tabs on what other tracks are running so you can plan your weekends more efficiently when it comes to racing.

Each Maritime track will have their own portion of the website. Tracks that send in news, results and standings links will have that information posted on the site. We also plan on putting in current and historical information on each track, like past champions, on the track pages when we get it up and fully functional.

Also new is a Drivers tab of the website. You will be able to “follow and like” your favorite drivers, tracks and series by spending some time in the Social Hangout. Also back for 2013 will be the weekly Driver Spotlight piece, which will shed more light than the new Drivers Profiles feature will. Each and every driver who runs a Tim’s Corner Motorsports logo will now be listed in the Drivers Profile section, giving their basic info to fans like hometown, division, home track and sponsors with more detail being shed during Driver Spotlight weeks.

We are also working on getting hats and t-shirts made for 2013, which will be available for a donation towards Tim’s Corner Motorsports to help us put the coverage on we do each week. Expect those to be ready to go by April for Speedsport.

Our iRacing fans and drivers are not left out either – you have your own section of the site as well. Not only are the NASCAR Series World Championship and NASCAR iRacing Pro Series spotlighted, every league and series that submits results and news will be a part of that respective section of the site, as well as the news feed on the main page.

Keep in mind, some of the aspects of the website are still under construction as we will bring this thing up to full throttle by the local racing season! First up on our list is archiving popular features of the old site, such as Unplugged episodes and news stories. So, excuse our mess as we get this creation up to full speed!

A special thank you goes out to Mason Baker of Mason Baker Designs for some of the helpful knowledge on the website side of things, and to JD Laird of JDR Graphics for some of the graphical features on the site! Thanks guys!

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