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Derek Speare Designs and Team Up for a Scavenger Hunt

Racers are always looking for that extra little tweak that will make them go faster.

In the coming weeks, sim racers can look for that little logo that will put them on the fast track to victory lane.

Derek Speare Designs and Tim’s Corner Motorsports have teamed up for the first “ Scavenger Hunt,” in conjunction with Tim’s Corner Motorsports 1,000 Facebook likes (#tcm1000) celebration. Through the month of July, readers will be able to search through the website for the Derek Speare Designs Oval Champ logo, as pictured below.

A total of five logos will be hidden throughout the month of July on in stories and pages of the website. The logos will be hidden at different times throughout the month and a post on the Tim’s Corner Motorsports Facebook page ( will be made when one is hidden. Each logo will have a link to the Derek Speare Designs contest page on the Tim’s Corner Motorsports website, where readers will be prompted to fill out a ballot stating which page they found the logo on.

The first person to correctly identify where the logo is located will receive five points in the Scavenger Hunt promotion. The second correct reader will receive four points, on down to fifth who will receive one point. The reader with the most points after five rounds will receive a Derek Speare Design Oval Championship Button Box. If the winner is new to sim racing, they will also receive a three month iRacing subscription.

The DSD/TCM Scavenger Hunt is a part of the #tcm1000 promotion, running throughout the month of July to celebrate Tim’s Corner Motorsports hitting 1,000 likes on Facebook. On June 26th, Peter Lyons became the 1,000th person to like Tim’s Corner Motorsports on Facebook.

About Derek Speare Designs
Derek Speare makes some of the best sim racing components available today.  His cutting edge designs and diverse product line from button boxes to wheel adapters to just about anything else an avid sim racer would want brings more fun and immersion to the sport of sim racing. For more information, please visit

About Tim’s Corner
Tim’s Corner began as a weekly stock car racing column appearing on and, penned by track and series announcer Tim Terry. It has now grown to include basic media services for motorsport teams big and small., the official website of Tim’s Corner, also features Tim’s Corner Unplugged, a podcast hosted by Terry which focuses on the motorsports scene. For more information on Tim’s Corner and services offered, visit!


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