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TCM Best of Awards

#TCMBestof2022 – Second Round Voting for the TCM Best of Racing Awards

The second round of the 2022 TCM Best of Racing Awards are here!

The second ballot, which will run until Wednesday, November 23rd at 12pm Atlantic, includes the second round of the TCM Most Popular Driver Award voting.

Read below about the Most Popular Driver format and cast your vote for in the second round of the TCM Best of Racing Awards!

This ballot also includes the TCM Fan Favorite Short Track Racing Awards. These awards showcase the fan favorite tracks, series and events from the 2022 racing season!

Featured Photo by WingNut Productions/Ashton Reekie

TCM Most Popular Driver Voting Format:

Round One – All of the 108 nominated drivers are placed on the same ballot. After Round One of voting, the field will be trimmed to the top 25 27 drivers (we had a four way tie for 24th in Round One) for the second round of voting. Voting closes for Round One on Wednesday, November 9th at Noon Atlantic.

BACK FOR 2022 – for the first round only, because there are so many drivers on the ballot, you can select up to three drivers in the first round. You can select one if you wish but the option is open to select up to three from the list. This choice will be in play for the first round only. Team up with other drivers on your campaigns, get your fans and theirs to help out to get to the second round!

The Round Two Ballot for the TCM Best of 2022 Awards runs to Wednesday, November 23rd at Noon Atlantic.

The Round Three Ballot for the TCM Best of 2022 Awards runs from Monday, November 28th (at the latest) to Monday, December 12th at 8pm Atlantic.

Please note, these dates are tentative and are subject to change without notice.


**Note – one vote per computer/IP address/person per ballot. Multiple responses from the same IP address, email address and/or person will not be counted. Incomplete responses will not be counted. 

You will be sent an email to confirm your vote – your vote will not count if you do not confirm your email! Email will come from CrowdSignal.

**New round, new vote. If you voted in Round One, you can vote again in Round Two and again in the third round!


Believe it or not – a year after they said it would be fixed, again, our ballot is still broken for some of you due to Safari’s settings with our embedded ballot. Click here if you experience problems with the embedded ballot below. 

Problems with the embedded ballot?! Visit or Click Here to go to the ballot!

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