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TCMtv Video On Demand Monthly Subscriptions Return for 2021

By popular demand, the Tim’s Corner Motorsports Video On Demand monthly subscriptions have returned for 2021!

Our crew within New Brunswick has been busy, producing three shows already to kick off the racing season – one each at Speedway Miramichi, Speedway 660 and Petty Raceway. As subscribers return, these three racing events will be available to subscribers as well as continued access to the full 2020 video library. Our library includes events from the three aforementioned tracks along with several Sydney Speedway events from 2020.

In the next month, our crews will be busy with the relaxing of travel restrictions within Atlantic Canada. The month of June will see presentations at Speedway Miramichi and Speedway 660 in New Brunswick. The Day of 8s, highlighted by a Figure 8 Trailer Race and an all out Demolition, will be a LIVE presentation on Saturday, June 19th at 4pm from Speedway Miramichi and will be available to Video On Demand subscribers on Monday evening, June 21st. The Speedway 660 Racing Card on Saturday, June 26th will be directly available to subscribers the next morning on Sunday, June 27th. Both racing events feature visits from the Atlantic Modified Tour.

Unfortunately, due to Provincial Guidelines, the June 13th’s Kids Day race at Speedway 660 has been canceled.

If you subscribe today (June 12th), that also leaves two weekends in July for you to grab new content as well! Rest assured, we will have some content to provide to you on these weekends but with schedules changing and interprovincial travel expected to return at the end of the month, we will be announcing our content schedule for the July 2nd to 4th and July 9th to 11th weekends as we know more from race tracks and series within the Maritimes.

We are also working on another exciting announcement we hope to have to you soon. This will give you more racing action to enjoy as we roll through our Atlantic Canadian Summer.

It is easy to sign up for the TCMtv Video On Demand monthly subscription. Head to, sign in to your account and find the red “Subscribe” button on the top right of the screen. Follow the prompts and in seconds you can be getting the green flag with our Video Library!

Subscribers that had the “Winter Freeze” on their account that allowed them access to our full On Demand Library all off-season have been renewed with their information on file. To manage your current subscription or update your information, log into your account to do so or contact Support on the TCMtv website if you have trouble.

Subscriptions are $24.99USD per month, includes access to all previous broadcasts produced in our On Demand Library and access to all Video on Demand productions throughout the year. A portion of the proceeds go back to support the race tracks we visit.

On behalf of our Tim’s Corner Motorsports TV crew, we thank you for being a part of our family and thank you for your support! Until next time, keep the hammer down and we’ll see you at the track!

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