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Track Release/Photos by Tanya Everett

(RIVER GLADE, NB – September 21st, 2020) – The following are Quick Results from the Seventh Annual Mike Stevens Memorial Weekend, which took place on Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20th at Petty International Raceway in River Glade, New Brunswick. Please note, all results are deemed unofficial until posted otherwise on later in the week.



1st – #68 Michael Cormier
2nd – #37T Jim Tingley
3rd – #85 Kenny MacKenzie Jr
4th – #51 Mitchell Arsenault
5th – #55 James Matchett
6th – #77 Riley Goodwin
7th – #60 Mike Weagle
8th –  #53 Bill Storey
9th –  #7 Tristin Harris
10th – #16 Caleb Layton
11th – #95 Bryar Ellis
12th –  #15 Roger Slocum
13th – #26 Randy Snow
14th – #03 Brian Arsenault
15th – #10 Patricia Taylor
16th – #31 Tayler Albert
17th – #5 Scott Habkirk
18th – #99 Jeff Sanderson
19th – #61 Drew Lewis
20th -#97 Shawn Furlong
21st – #50 Dan Duke
22nd – #13 Brad MacLean
23rd – #71H Matt Martin
24th – #46 Evan Lane
25th – #37 Brandon Albert
26th – #3 Dexter Arsenault

Race Notes: Michael Cormier (Grand-Barachois, NB) had the field covered during the Street Stock 100 Sunday at Petty International Raceway. While challenged in the middle stages by Brad MacLean (Black River, NB), MacLean would break early into the second half of the race, ending the No. 13’s bid for the win. Jim Tingley (Moncton, NB), in his first outing of the season, finished second with Kenny MacKenzie Jr (Salisbury, NB) third in the Street Stock 100. MacKenzie Jr was also third on Saturday in the Late Model Sportsman 100. Six drivers finished on the lead lap with the 100 lap feature taking 40 minutes to complete.


1st – #67 Cody Byrne
2nd -#81 JR Lawson
3rd – #51 Jesse Deveau
4th – #33 Trevor Smith
5th – #53 Steve MacPhee
6th – #45 Travis Keefe
7th -#98 Steven Matthews
8th – #12 Mitchell Montgomery
9th – #86 Matthew Ford
10th – #89 Mike Edwards
11th – #46 Ryan McKnight
12th – #46x Jesse LeClair
13th – #01 Nick Brun
14th – #17 Ricky Millar
15th – #47 Jordan LeClair
16th – #47X Dave Timmons
17th – #74 Denis Morin
18th – #46 Chris Garnett
19th – #69 BJ Gillespie
20th – #5 Michael Bouchard
21st – #66 Brad Daley
22nd – #13 Dave Matthews/Harley Cornish
23rd – #21 James Cuthbertson
24th – #41 Maggie Suttie
25th – #55 Shawn Benoit
26th – #92 Ryan Crawford
27th -#0 Rob Poirier
28th – #45 Coady Palmer
29th – #74 Brandon Conohan
30th – #37 Ethan Albert
31st – #05 Nathan Gladstone
32nd – #75 Randy Titus
DNS – #99 Dave Matthews
DNS – #87 Shane Cudmore
DNS – #92 Randy Storey

Race Notes: JR Lawson (Shubenacadie, NS) appeared to be on his way to a second straight Mike Stevens Memorial Mini Stock win – until the last lap in the last corner. A slow car had spun in Turn Four as Lawson sped towards the checkered through the lapped traffic. Lawson had nowhere to go and struck the spun car while Cody Byrne (Orwell Cove, PE) slid under and raced his way to the victory. Byrne, now a two-time winner of the event after winning in 2018, raced to the line ahead of Lawson and Jesse Deveau (Greenwood, NS). Thirty-two cars started the feature with 25 on track at the checkered flag, 16 of those finishing on the lead lap.


1st – #25 Gage Gilby
2nd – #3 Nathan Langille
3rd – #71 Chase MacKay
4th – #88 Caden Tufts
5th – #0 Tanton Wooldridge
6th – #23 Teagan Dempsey
7th – #24 Ayden Christensen
8th – #8 Dawson Noble
9th – #81 Nate Singer
10th – #28 Will Murphy
11th – #53 Kelsea Lewis
12th – #9 Campbell Delaney

Race Notes: After competing the day prior in his Legend car, Gage Gilby (Enfield, NS) returned to familiar territory by winning the Leisure Days RV Bandolero feature on Mike Stevens Memorial Weekend. The win is Gilby’s second at Petty International Raceway in 2020. Caden Tufts (Halifax, NS) was the top Bandit driver in the race. The 20-lap feature was run in a blistering five and a half minutes.


1st – #39 Chase Livingston
2nd – #14M Drew Murphy
3rd – #97 Daniel Vandenburg
4th – #14 Sam MacDonald
5th – #12 Cole Doyle
6th – #13 Rory Coates
7th – #92 Ian Crawford
8th – #91 Simon Doyle
9th – #13X Aiden MacDonald

Race Notes: Chase Livingston (Springhill, NS) continued his winning ways in the Beginner Bandolero class with another victory at Petty International Raceway, holding off Drew Murphy (Summerside, PE) and Daniel Vandenburg (Lower Onslow, NS) in the opening feature on Day Two of the Mike Stevens Memorial weekend.


1st – #2W Chris Wilson
2nd – #17 Joe Hoyt
3rd – #2 Kevin Bailey
4th – #84 Brandon Skidmore
5th – #91 Braxton Stafford
6th – #81 Jamie Weston
7th – #55 Zean Dutcher
8th – #7 Travis Conroy
9th – #97 Kim Hallihan
10th – #58 Yves McCray

Race Notes: Chris Wilson (South Esk, NB) won the heat race and led wire-to-wire in the Krown Rust Control 50 for his second career victory at Petty International Raceway. More on the race can be found on Monday afternoon at


1st – #85 Hannah Gallant
2nd – #88 Paula Evans
3rd – #46 Rease Delahunt
4th – #2 Ashley Campbell
5th – #45 Katie Beazley
6th – #17 Shyla Dyer
7th – #16 Mikayla Weagle
8th – #33 Gail Thebeau
9th – #09 Erin Petley

Race Notes: Hannah Gallant (Salisbury, NB) took advantage of a mid-race restart in the Kings County Performance Women on Wheels and held the top spot for her second feature win of 2020. Former track champion Paula Evans (Halifax, NS) and Rease Delahunt completed the podium in the nine car, 15-lap feature.



1st – #5 Jonathan Hicken
2nd – #2 Ashton Tucker
3rd – #40 Robbie MacEwen
4th – #83 Cory Hall
5th – #08 Nicholas Naugle
6th – #18 Darren MacKinnon
7th – #52 Shawn Tucker
8th – #1 Ryan Messer
9th – #91 Dylan Gosbee
10th – #80 Ryan VanOirschot
11th – #36 Gary Elliott
12th – #17 Brad Eddy
13th – #23 Lonnie Sommerville
14th – #99 Craig Slaunwhite
15th – #53 Cole Butcher
16th – #8 Kent Vincent
17th – #48 Dave O’Blenis
18th – #50 Jarrett Butcher
19th – #01 Troy Burke
20th – #42 Andrew Rodgers
21st – #48F Waylon Farrell
22nd – #16 Brent Roy
23rd – #21 Shawn Pierce
24th – #32 Chris Hughes
25th – #02 Craig Ward

RACE NOTES: The anchor of the Mike Stevens Memorial weekend, Jonathan Hicken (Brudenell, PE) scored his fourth win in seven years of the event. Ashton Tucker (Lyttleton, NB) was second, securing the Home and Home Pro Stock Series between Petty International Raceway and Speedway 660. Robbie MacEwen (Sherwood, PE) was third in the 25-car field.


1st – #11 Jordan Veinotte
2nd – #65 Brandon Carter
3rd – #85 Kenny MacKenzie Jr
4th – #53 Laurie Cormier
5th – #94 Deven Smith
6th – #74 Alexandra O’Blenis
7th – #27 Curtis Collins
8th – #46 Koven Lewis
9th – #3 Justin Beers
10th – #92 Neal Crawford
11th – #11M Luc McLaughlin
12th – #17 Colby Smith
13th – #25 Ryan VanOirschot
14th – #48C Courtney O’Blenis
15th – #03 Ronnie MacKay
16th – #18 Matt Moore
17th – #41 Robert Raynes
18th – #0 JP Arsenault
19th – #23 Shawn Waterfield
20th – #30 Marcel LeBlanc
21st – #40 Richard Atkinson
22nd – #94 Ryan Raynes
23rd – #52 Destiny Enkel
24th – #78 Russell Smith Jr
25th – #6 Brady Creamer

RACE NOTES: Reigning track champion Jordan Veinotte (Porters Lake, NS) raced to his first Mike Stevens Memorial Late Model Sportsman win on Saturday but it wasn’t easy. He was challenged by rookie Brandon Carter (Moncton, NB) and another former champion in Kenny MacKenzie Jr (Salisbury, NB) as the laps wound down on Saturday. Nine cars finished on the lead lap in the fast paced event that took 49 minutes to complete.


Position First Feature Second Feature Overall Finish
1st 51 Braden Langille 68 Michael Cormier 51 Braden Langille
2nd 44 Nathan Blackburn 8 Craig MacDonald 8 Craig MacDonald
3rd 8 Craig MacDonald 51 Braden Langille 12 Sam Rogers
4th 03 Colton Noble 27 Austin MacDonald 44 Nathan Blackburn
5th 12 Sam Rogers 12 Sam Rogers 03 Colton Noble
6th 53 Shelby Baker 53 Shelby Baker 53 Shelby Baker
7th 87 Danny Chisholm 87 Danny Chisholm 87 Danny Chisholm
8th 72 Tylor Hawes 03 Colton Noble 68 Michael Cormier
9th 18 Josh Langille 44 Nathan Blackburn 27 Austin MacDonald
10th 71 Chase MacKay 18 Josh Langille 18 Josh Langille
11th 25 Gage Gilby 71 Chase MacKay 72 Tylor Hawes
12th 36 Devin Gallant 36 Devin Gallant 71 Chase MacKay
13th 24 Ayden Christensen 72 Tylor Hawes 36 Devin Gallant
14th 68 Michael Cormier 25 Gage Gilby 25 Gage Gilby
15th 27 Austin MacDonald   24 Ayden Christensen
16th 66 Owen Mahar   66 Owen Mahar


RACE NOTES: The Legend division competed in twin 25 lap features with the average finish deciding the finishing order for the evening. Braden Langille (Shubenacadie, NS) won the first feature and took home the overall race win with a third place finish in the second 25-lap leg. Michael Cormier (Grand-Barachois, NB) did what nobody could do heads up in the Maritimes this season and bested the No. 51 car in the second 25-lap feature. Craig MacDonald (Waverley, NS) was second in the second feature, third in the first and second overall for the night. Sam Rogers (Lower Onslow, NS) was third overall ahead of Nathan Blackburn (Timberlea, NS) and rookie Colton Noble (Upper Nine Mile River, NS).


1st – #0 Tanton Wooldridge
2nd – #3 Nathan Langille
3rd – #88 Caden Tufts
4th – #23 Teagan Dempsey
5th – #8 Dawson Noble
6th – #39 Chase Livingston
7th – #53 Kelsea Lewis
8th – #14 Sam MacDonald
9th – #92 Ian Crawford
10th – #13 Rory Coates

RACE NOTES: Tanton Wooldridge (Summerside, PE) had enough power left in his No. 0 car to capture the first feature of Mike Stevens Memorial weekend, an added Leisure Days RV Bandolero event to start off the Saturday card. Nathan Langille (Coldbrook, NS) was second with Bandit Caden Tufts (Halifax, NS) completing the podium in the 20-lap feature.


Podium Finishers:

1st – #63 Jim Rankin
2nd – #134 Patty Lawrence
3rd – #28 Patrick Horne

RACE NOTES: Jim Rankin (Mount Uniacke, NS) was able to navigate lapped traffic and a quick Patty Lawrence (Dartmouth, NS) for his first win in the Heart of a Champion Hot Rod Classics powered by NTN. Full results and recap for the Hot Rod Classics can be found at

Fans and teams are encouraged to keep their ears to the ground as a rescheduled October date for the rained out August 29th racing event is expected to be announced in the coming days.

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