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TCM Stock Car Shootout

Chisholm Scores Third TCM Shootout Victory at Kartbahn Racing

Danny Chisholm picked up where he left off last season by taking home a convincing victory Tuesday night over 20 others during Round Four of the TCM Stock Car Shootout at Kartbahn Racing.

Chisholm, making his first start since his win in the Season Finale of Season Three, set second quick time in qualifying but found himself spun in Turn One on the Opening Lap along with pole sitter Cory Hall. The two former event winners rallied with Chisholm having a bit more speed than Hall coming back through the field. Chisholm caught Dean Wallage near the mid-way point of the 14-lap feature and would pull away with consistent quick laps in the final five to take home the win by 4.3 seconds. Wallage was second with Campbell Delaney taking his second straight podium with a third place run. Hall and Chase Mackay, who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, completed the top five in the nine kart “A” Main.

Ayden Christensen took home the “B” Main from the pole win after pulling away on the third attempt at a start of the race. Round Two runner-up Austin Tanner would take second behind Christensen to transfer into the “A” Main. Darren Wallage, Caden Tufts and Jack Tanner completed the top five in the “B” Main.

With 21 drivers taking part in Round Four, a “C” Main was run for the first time on the season. Caden Tufts took home the victory with James Sample charging hard to second and Brian Birt in third.

With his win, Chisholm moves into sole possession of second on the win list for the TCM Shootout with three victories in 18 series races. The Canning, Nova Scotia driver trails only Craig MacDonald (five) in Shootout wins. Chisholm also set the quickest lap of the season with a 22.431 second lap in the “A” Main.

The TCM Stock Car Shootout takes the month of February off before returning one more time on Wednesday, March 11th for the Season Four Finale. Racing begins on March 11th at 7:30pm.

A Main – 14 Laps

1st – Danny Chisholm
2nd – Dean Wallage
3rd – Campbell Delaney
4th – Cory Hall
5th – Chase Mackay
6th – Colton Noble
7th – Austin Tanner
8th – Dawson Noble
9th – Ayden Christensen

Fast Lap: Danny Chisholm; 22.431

B Main – 14 Laps

1st – Ayden Christensen
2nd – Austin Tanner
3rd – Darren Wallage
4th – Caden Tufts
5th – Jack Tanner
6th – Tim Terry
7th – Todd Tufts
8th – Taylor Birt

Fast Lap: Darren Wallage; 23.258

C Main – 14 Laps

1st – Caden Tufts
2nd – James Sample
3rd – Brian Birt
4th – Adam Carter
5th – Jeffrey Breen
6th – Tayler Albert
7th – Clint Delaney

Fast Lap: Caden Tufts; 22.504

Qualifying – Top Ten

1st – Cory Hall – 22.546
2nd – Danny Chisholm – 22.780
3rd – Chase MacKay – 22.978
4th – Colton Noble – 23.078
5th – Campbell Delaney – 23.138
6th – Dawson Noble –  23.174
7th – Dean Wallage – 23.256

8th – Ayden Christensen – 23.279
9th – Todd Tufts – 23.322
10th – Tim Terry – 23.366

2019-20 Winners
November 26th – Trevor Smith | Fast Qualifier – Greg Proulx
December 18th – Trevor Smith | Fast Qualifier – Andrew Lively
January 6th – Pat Kelly | Fast Qualifier – Campbell Delaney (22.559)
January 28th – Danny Chisholm | Fast Qualifier – Cory Hall (22.546)
March 11th –

Fast Lap – Danny Chisholm; 22.431

Past Event Winners List:
5 – Craig MacDonald
3 – Danny Chisholm
2 – Andrew Lively
2 – Trevor Smith
1 – Ben Israel
1 – Shane Lively
1 – Kyle Gammon
1 – Cory Hall
1 – Adam Meehan
1 – Pat Kelly

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