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Looking Back – History of the TCM Most Popular Driver Award

On Wednesday, a record 140+ nominated drivers will set their sights on winning one of the most prestigious awards of the season in Atlantic Canada – the TCM Most Popular Driver Award.

Sure, this award doesn’t carry a huge cash prize or a seven foot tall trophy but it does carry the confidence that it is a fan driven victory.

The award enters its eighth season and has seen seven different winners win their own TCM banner. In recent years, including this upcoming edition, three rounds of voting are used to determine the final ten that battle it out for the win.

In the seven years of the TCM Most Popular Driver Award, only 43 drivers have made the final round of voting. Of those 43, only 12 have made multiple final rounds with the record being four final round appearances by both Randy Millar and Megan Parrott.

When it comes to provincial pride in the final round since 2012, it is almost split. In fact, Nova Scotia has seen the most drivers make the final round with 12 but a Nova Scotian has yet to win the overall award. Eleven Prince Edward Island drivers have seen the final round in the last seven years with three titles heading back to the Island with James Doucette, Randy Millar and Isabelle Getson. Newfoundland and New Brunswick both have seen ten drivers represent their respective provinces in the final round. New Brunswick has three past champions of the award in Sarah McKay, Brent Roy and the late Mike Stevens. The only Newfoundland TCM Most Popular Driver winner was in 2017 when Austin Hiscock took the banner home.

Of the 43 drivers to make the final round since 2012, only Valley Raceway is the only track that has not seen a representative go on to battle for the banner. Lake Doucette Motor Speedway saw their first representative in the final round in 2018 when Willard Hurlbert finished eighth. On the other hand, the Atlantic Modified Tour has only seen one driver make the final round – but it has been a while since Joe Hoyt finished fifth in 2012. Hurlbert was one of the early nominees for the 2019 award while Hoyt, the newly crowned Speedway Miramichi Modified champion, has yet to be added to the list by his fans.

This year’s list, which sits at 141 drivers as of the time of this story, sees a healthy mix of new faces and returning names. The last five champions are on the nomination list – Getson, Hiscock, Millar, Roy and McKay. The 2018 runner-up Tanton Wooldridge and 2017 second place finisher Sara Thorne will look to move one more spot up the ladder while Jeffrey Breen, Robbie MacEwen and Kent Vincent will have their fans pushing them to return to the final round for the first time since 2014.

Several familiar names are still left waiting for their fans to put their name in the ring for the 2019 award. Among those include three time finalist Emily Meehan, two time finalists Owen Groves and Waylon Farrell and former runner-up drivers Mitchell Fahey, Josh Collins and Brad Eddy.

You can check out the list of drivers nominated and nominate your favorite until Wednesday at Noon at the following link! Voting begins on on Wednesday evening!

TCM Most Popular Driver Award – Past Champion’s List

2018 – Isabelle Getson of Tignish, PE
2017 – Austin Hiscock of Freshwater, NL
2016 – Randy Millar of Freeland, PE
2015 – Brent Roy of Hanwell, NB
2014 – Sarah McKay of Quispamsis, NB
2013 – Mike Stevens of Riverview, NB
2012 – James Doucette of Miscouche, PE

TCM Most Popular Driver Finalist List – Since Inaugural Year

Nominated in 2019 column based on list as of October 8th, 2:30pm
Amount of Final Rounds Name Finalist Years Home Track/Series Best Finish Province Nominated in 2019?
4 Randy Millar 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 OBS CHAMPION (2016) PE YES
4 Megan Parrott 2015,2016, 2017, 2018 SSW 5th (2016) NS YES
3 Brent Roy 2014, 2015, 2016 660 CHAMPION (2015) NB YES
3 Sarah McKay 2013, 2014, 2015 MPST CHAMPION (2014) NB YES
3 Emily Meehan 2012, 2014, 2015 SSW 2nd (2012) NS NO
3 Cole Tanner 2012, 2013, 2014 SSW 3rd (2013) NS NO
2 Justin Cole 2015, 2016 660 4th (2016) NB YES
2 Michael Neary 2016, 2018 EBP 10th (2016, 2018) NL YES
2 Sara Thorne 2016, 2017 EBP 2nd (2017) NL YES
2 Austin Hiscock 2017, 2018 EBP CHAMPION (2017) NL YES
2 Owen Groves 2016, 2017 EBP 5th (2017) NL NO
2 Waylon Farrell 2015, 2016 MPST 4th (2015) NL NO
1 Ashton Tucker 2015 660 3rd (2015) NB YES
1 Willard Hurlbert 2018 LDMS 8th (2018) NS YES
1 Kent Vincent 2014 MPST 8th (2014) PE YES
1 Tanton Wooldridge 2018 OBS 2nd (2018) PE YES
1 Robbie MacEwen 2014 OBS 7th (2014) PE YES
1 Isabelle Getson 2018 OBS CHAMPION (2018) PE YES
1 Michael Cormier 2018 PIR 10th (2018) NB YES
1 Kenny Mackenzie Jr 2018 PIR 9th (2018) NB YES
1 Jeffrey Breen 2014 RIS 10th (2014) NS YES
1 Jordan Veinotte 2017 SSW 9th (2017) NS YES
1 Riley Goodwin 2018 660 5th (2018) NB NO
1 Chris Duncan 2014 660 6th (2014) NB NO
1 Joe Hoyt 2012 AMT 5th (2012) NB NO
1 Josh Collins 2015 EBP 2nd (2015) NL NO
1 Mitchell Fahey 2016 EBP 2nd (2016) NL NO
1 Noah Healey 2017 EBP 6th (2017) NL NO
1 Shane Collins 2018 EBP 6th (2018) NL NO
1 Mike Stevens 2013 MPST CHAMPION (2013) NB NO
1 John Flemming 2015 MPST 10th (2012) NS NO
1 Harry Ross White 2012 MPST 3rd (2012) NS NO
1 Jamie Stewart 2015 OBS 12th (2012) PE NO
1 Brandon Snow 2017 OBS 3rd (2017) PE NO
1 Charles Woolaver 2013 OBS 4th (2013) PE NO
1 Emmett Donahue 2013 OBS 5th (2013) PE NO
1 Matt Palmer 2017 OBS 8th (2017) PE NO
1 James Doucette 2012 OBS CHAMPION (2012) PE NO
1 Will Farrell 2015 RIS 9th (2015) NL NO
1 Shawn Waterfield 2017 RIS 10th (2017) NS NO
1 Dave Timmons 2014 RIS 9th (2014) NS NO
1 Brad Eddy 2014 SSW 2nd (2014) NS NO
1 Dan Smith 2016 SSW 8th (2016) NS NO


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