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NSPE Demolition

Harvey, Cream, Hughes Among 2019 NSPE Demolition Winners

Phil Harvey, Brian Cream and Logan Hughes walked away from the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition with victories Tuesday in the John Ross and Sons Demolition events.

Harvey captured the Rear Wheel Drive derby after a last battle with Jamie Cook. Bob MacDonald took home third place.

Cream and Trevor McFarlane outlasted 15 others to duke it out in the Front Wheel Drive derby. McFarlane had Cream pinned for most of the battle but one final hit to the front end would ultimately do McFarlane in and would give Cream the victory. Josh Stokdijk was credited with third.

The final Free for All went to Logan Hughes, who was out early in the Front Wheel Drive derby due to mechanical issues. Hughes and McFarlane went at it at the finish of the Free for All with some big hits at the end. Hughes would outduel McFarlane, giving the No. 06 another second place finish on the night.

The Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Motorsports events continue on Wednesday at 7pm in Bible Hill with the ATV Obstacle Course and Drag Races.

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