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Team Dunbar Runs Clean to TCM Icebreaker Endurance Race Win

With rain falling and pit stop penalties flying, Team Dunbar drove through the Saturday afternoon to pick up the victory in the TCM Icebreaker Endurance Race presented by St. Louis Bar & Grill – Moncton & Dieppe at East Coast Karting.

Team Dubar, consisting of Calum Dunbar, Stephen Oliver and Reece Colter, wound up the official winners of the event after a post race penalty given to Team Green RJR. Team Green RJR with Rob Poirier, Jake Poirier and Rob MacLeod, had a pit stop violation for a quick second pit stop of the afternoon. Each team was required to make a pit stop with a total combined lap time (including their out lap after the stop) of five minutes, 40 seconds. Team Green RJR’s second stop was only five minutes in length, resulting in a 400 second (ten seconds for every one second they left early), or a 10 lap post race penalty.

Five teams received penalties relating to pit stops over the two hour duration. The 902 Bandits team of Owen Mahar, Ben Israel and James Montgomery, which incurred a ten second penalty for a quick stop, finished second with 155 laps complete, three behind Team Dunbar’s pace of 158. The Pit Maneuvers with Klaas de Boer, Feije de Boer, Devin Gallant and Spencer Blacquiere, completed the podium of the 13 teams that took the green flag in the race.

After penalties, Team Green RJR came home fifth. The biggest pit stop penalty was incurred by Vicious and Delicious, which saw two quick stops. The team, led by Steve Halpin, Geoff Armstrong, Matt Rodgers, Craig Bietz and Matt Halpin, finished with 17 laps worth of penalties but still wound up 10th on the afternoon.

The event began in the dry but rain began to fall during the 52nd minute. The race pace slowed dramatically in the second half with lap times backing up just under ten seconds a lap. In comparison to 2018, the winning team completed 203 laps as opposed to the 2019 edition where Team Dunbar’s winning lap total was 158.

For Stephen Oliver, it was his second win in the event after teaming with Austin and Shane Riley to win with Racing with Autism in the 2018 event.


Saturday, April 27th – East Coast Karting

Position – Kart Number – Team – Laps Completed – Penalty – Official Laps Credited

1st – #19 Team Dunbar – 158 Laps – No Penalty – 158 Laps
2nd – #6 902 Bandits – 155 Laps – 10 seconds – 155 Laps
3rd – #11 Pit Maneuvers – 154 Laps – No Penalty – 154 Laps
4th – #13 Speedy Spuds – 153 Laps – No Penalty – 153 Laps
5th – #25 Team Green RJR – 160 Laps – 10 Laps (400 seconds) – 150 Laps
6th – #2 “12 Time” – 150 Laps – 1.5 Laps – 148 Laps
7th – #8 Speedway Miramichi – 148 Laps – No Penalty – 148 Laps
8th – #3 BD Racing – 147 Laps – No Penalty – 147 Laps
9th – #1 CBR Racing – 147 Laps – No Penalty – 147 Laps
10th – #18 Vicious and Delicious – 157 Laps – 17 Lap Penalty – 140 Laps
11th – #5 229AUTO – 144 Laps – 4.5 Laps Penalty – 139 Laps
12th – #15 Bezanson Motorsports – 136 Laps – No Penalty – 136 Laps
13th – #21 – Still Just 4 Fun – 135 Laps – No Penalty – 135 Laps

Thank you to the TCM Icebreaker Endurance Race marketing partners, including St. Louis Bar & Grill – Moncton & Dieppe, East Coast Karting, Finish Line Vinyl Design, Phil-Ko Plastics and Glass and the Atlantic Motel Berry Mills.

The next major event at East Coast Karting and on the TCM schedule is the CKRA NB karting club opening event on Sunday, May 5th.

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