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(SYDNEY, NS – January 16th, 2019) – Stock car racing will return to Cape Breton Island in 2019.

Greg Dowe of Bedford, Nova Scotia, has purchased what was most recently known as Cape Breton Miners Memorial Speedway from Bill Vasil. The quarter mile oval has a rich history within the stock car racing community, dating back to 1976. The track was purchased in 2014 by Bill and Lynne Vasil after sitting idle since 2010. The Vasils operated the track until the end of 2016, when it was listed for sale.

Dowe is a successful businessman and has a passion for stock car racing. When he is not overseeing Provincial Pavement Markings (PPM Inc.), he can usually be found at a race track somewhere in North America. When he is not behind the wheel of a car himself, Dowe turns wrenches on cars for his son Dylan and daughter Brooke in the Bandolero division. Both have seen success behind the wheel with Brooke racing to the 2017 Scotia Speedworld Beginner Bandolero championship. Greg has also supported numerous race teams through PPM Inc. as a marketing partner.

In 2019, Dowe will add track owner to his list of growing roles within the racing industry. It is something that only recently came to mind with the track in Cape Breton for sale.

“This sport has a rich history on Cape Breton Island and we are excited to write our own chapter this Summer,” said Dowe on the purchase of the Grand Lake Road speedway. “With our travels, we’ve found that with more tracks to race on it makes for a better season. Some teams like to travel and enjoy the different atmospheres at different tracks and in different regions. The race track itself is a driver’s race track, you have to get up on the wheel and work every lap. As a race fan, I am looking forward to seeing the green flag fly again in Sydney.”

While several upgrades were made to the facility in the last three years it operated, there are still a number of areas that need attention. Among those that Dowe has indicated will be addressed include the aging racing surface, grandstands on both sides of the track, the race control tower and a technical inspection area. With his construction company, PPM Inc., he hopes to have the facility race ready by the end of June.

With facility upgrades planned along with working with other race tracks and touring series, a three to five race schedule is currently being organized with the first event anticipated for July. Divisions have not been announced at this time, but fans can expect the return of Legend cars and the debut of the Bandolero division at the Sydney oval this Summer. Additional events outside of stock car racing are also being explored. A new track name and branding will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

As with any new business, new roles will have to be filled. Dowe is now searching for a track/event manager and advertising coordinator, among other roles to be filled.

“I do not necessarily want to run or manage the track at this time in my life,” said Dowe. “With owning multiple business, my spare time is limited. For this season to be called a success, I would like to see three to five events and build from there. Hopefully I can find some others to come aboard if we want to look at expanding the schedule.”

All inquiries regarding the Sydney race track can be directed to Greg Dowe at

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