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Oyster Bed Speedway

Drivers to Receive Free Pit Admission for Maritime Street Stock Showdown

Event Release

Event Organizer Tom Nicholls of the Discover KIA Maritime Street Stock Showdown released that all drivers taking place in the event will receive free pit admission to the June 23rd event at Oyster Bed Speedway.

Nicholls commented “It was the final piece to the puzzle per say. This event is all about the street stock class and drivers’ in the Maritimes. I have worked diligently to try and off-set as many costs as possible for the drivers to attend the race. It is an exciting class of racing and I am sure this year’s race will be an exciting one”.

Nicholls would not comment on who the sponsor is other than it is a company that he has worked with in the past. He noted, “I respect the wishes of the sponsor to remain silent, not every sponsor out there wants recognition. I am thankful that they saw the importance of the event to the drivers and the fans here on PEI at the Speedway”.

With the announcement, driver’s benefits have increased to a free bridge pass or ferry pass, free pit admission and $25 free fuel. “It is a $125 to $150 perk and if you finish last in the race it’s a $50 payout. It is basically $200 for being in the race if you are the last place finishing car”.  The additional value added incentives brings the event to the richest in street stock racing on the Maritime scene at $11,000 for the evening.

The driver’s benefits only go to those who have pre-registered. The pre-registration deadline is June 16th. Drivers can find the pre-registration form and contact information on the website                         www. To date 26 drivers have registered for the event with more to come noted Nicholls.

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