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Oyster Bed Speedway

The Stakes Are Higher for Second Maritime Street Stock Showdown

Event Release

The stakes have just increased for the winner of the Discover KIA Maritime Street Stock Showdown. Event Organizer Tom Nicholls, BPMS, announced that the half way leader in the 100 lap race and the Lap 70 leader will both receive a $250 cash bonus. “Potentially the winner of the race who leads lap 50, lap 70 and the final lap taking the checkered flag will go home with $2000”. Sponsors Central Engine Services in Milton,  PEI are providing the Lap 50 bonus and Big Momma’s Pit Stop summer take-out at Oyster Bed Esso in Oyster Bed, PEI  are providing the Lap 70 bonus.

He noted “This will make for some hard racing leading up to lap 50, lap 70 and also play into the strategy that the teams employ for the race”.  Like the inaugural race of 2017, there will be a caution flag at lap 70 to bring all the lead lap cars to the front of the pack for a 30 lap shootout to the end.

“There is no current communication system from the race tower to the drivers in the street stock division at the speedway, so for the staff scoring the race this is the easiest way possible to run the race”. Any restarts prior to lap 70 the cars will be lined up as they are on the track. After lap 70 cautions will see the field re-set from the race leader onwards through the field.

The race is on Saturday, June 23rd at 5pm at Oyster Bed Speedway, PEI.  It will feature time trials, that was very popular amongst the drivers last year and heat races to set the field for the main event. As well, all kids under 15 years of age will again get free admission to the event. Face painting, balloons and an on track autograph session with the drivers are some of the things lined up so far for the event. The 50/50 proceeds will also be donated to the QEH Children’s Ward this year as well. In 2017, Nicholls and Race Track Management presented a $1,000 cheque to the Hospital.

The race will provide a quality purse to attract drivers to the race that pays on down from first place to last place. To date, the drivers will receive a free bridge or ferry pass, along with $25 of fuel. “This is an added value of near $100 if you are hauling by the bridge or over $100 if you are hauling by ferry, in addition to the racers purse payout”.

Work continues on the event, Nicholls commented “I have picked up the pace of late as the weather is much nicer now and interest in racing is picking up now as a result, I hope to soon announce a sponsor that will pay for the driver’s admission to the event. I want this event to eventually become the premiere street stock event in the Maritimes”.  Once the final sponsorships are completed for the event the purse payout will be announced.

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