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TCM Stock Car Shootout

TCM Trophy Dash Eligible Drivers List for March 20th Announced

The final installment of the TCM Stock Car Shootout at Kartbahn Racing will take place on Tuesday, March 20th with the TCM Trophy Dash. The invitational event will feature 16 of the best drivers from the four races in the 2017-18 winter season to run for the traveling trophy built by Finish Line Vinyl Design and Phil-ko Plastics and Glass. The event will feature a special format that will include two A Mains to determine the event champion to close off the season.

Shortly after the fourth race of the Series on Tuesday, February 27th, the invite list for the final race had been finalized. Drivers who finished in the top three in at least one of the four A Mains in the TCM Stock Car Shootout guaranteed themselves a spot in the finale. Performance over the four races will fill the field for the March 20th event.

The list of drivers that have guaranteed themselves a spot in the finale is as follows. Should a driver not be able to make the final event, their spot will be filled with the next eligible driver in the lineup.

TCM Stock Car Shootout – TCM Trophy Dash Eligible Drivers List

*entry list subject to change, drivers listed in alphabetical order.

Andrew Lively
Andrew Warren
Ben Israel
Brad Brown
Chris Hatcher
Cory Hall
Cory Leonard
Craig MacDonald
Dale Holman
Danny Chisholm
Kyle Gammon
Kyle Shipley
Matthew Warren
Megan Parrott
Owen Mahar
Shane Lively

Stand By List (Listed in Order of Eligibility)

Dylan Langille
Jordan Veinotte
Ken Zwicker
James Sample
Alex Landry

More information on the TCM Trophy Dash, including complete format for the night, will be available as the event draws nearer.

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