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TCM Magazine Races into Reader’s Hands in April

By Tim Terry/Photo by Michelle Roy

The next project for Tim’s Corner Motorsports is starting to come together.

It has been something I’ve been kicking around for a while and I think now is the time to introduce it to the community. In April, specifically at Radical Speedsport, we will be releasing the inaugural TCM Magazine.

Why would TCM take on a big print project like this though?!

It’s a project I have been toying with for the last two years but something that really started rolling in November. After speaking with some potential advertisers and close friends around the Holiday season, it’s something that I believe will be a fun adventure on both the production side and for those that will be picking up and reading the end product.

I believe this once a year, pre-season publication will fill a void. Less than a handful of race tracks still produce souvenir programs and that’s partially where the idea was hatched. Scotia Speedworld, the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour, Riverside Speedway for the IWK 250 and Eastbound Park, among others, produce amazing programs for their fans to pick up at their events. I admire those who put hours upon hours into those beautiful programs and I look forward to reading them every year to catch up on the latest news from those facilities.

That’s just it though. Those editions focus on their race track. Rightfully so, because you are attending that event, but there enters the void of having one publication that captures the spirit of this stock car racing community from tip to tip.

I feel as if this is where this TCM Magazine comes in. In no way to toot the TCM horn, but our website and social media platforms cover all stock car oval tracks in Atlantic Canada in one place and I’m happy to say we have healthy relationships with track management at those eleven tracks and all touring series in the region. One goal for the TCM Magazine is to include a little bit of something from each of those tracks and series to connect fans across Atlantic Canada, whether they enjoy racing at Lake Doucette Motor Speedway, Eastbound Park, Speedway Miramichi or any point in between.

Photo by McCarthy Photographic

What will the magazine include? While we’re not dead set on most of the content yet, we hope to deliver some extended features you’ll only get in the pages of the issue, some driver spotlight type features and special offers from our advertisers. From speaking with some friends prior to this “official announcement,” there are some great ideas on the table but I am open to any and all ideas. After all, I want to put content on the pages that would make you as a reader want to pick it up.

The unveil of the TCM Magazine will be on the floor at the 44th Annual Radical Speedsport in Moncton, New Brunswick from April 13th to 15th. Joe Savoie and his staff, along with Greg Turner before him, have been tremendous supporters of stock car racing and I am excited to be a part of my seventh Radical Speedsport show with Tim’s Corner Motorsports. I couldn’t think of a better event to launch this at. Following Radical Speedsport, the magazine will be available at various to be determined sponsor locations throughout Atlantic Canada.

The next goal is to find some marketing partners for this venture. I have spoken to a couple of tracks and series that are willing to support this first run along with testing the waters with a few current advertising partners on This is also a perfect opportunity for teams willing to thank their sponsors on a stage that will be shared across Atlantic Canada. At the end of the day, this project is unique, will span the entire region with a trusted name and with numbers that will fit most advertising budgets I am hoping to have a number of friends along for the ride. If you want to chat about what we can do together, give me a call or shoot me an email.

I’ve got a couple of folks that are willing to help me with content and while they will get their due as the TCM Magazine comes to life, I want to send a special thanks to John Moakes. Most know John from our TCM Stock Car Shootout events at Kartbahn Racing and has agreed to take on this project from a design side. I’m not sure if he quite knows what he is in for, but then again I still don’t know if I know what I’m in for either!

I should mention as well if you, or know someone who, would be interested in doing some light art, design or writing for Tim’s Corner Motorsports this year, feel free to let me know. I am looking to expand the team in 2018 – but that is a topic of discussion for another time!

It’s going to be a busy couple of months putting this TCM Magazine together and hopefully you will enjoy the finished product once finalized.

Until next time, keep the hammer down and we’ll see you at the track!

– TT

Photo by McCarthy Photographic

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