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NAPA Sportsman Series

NAPA Sportsman Series Publishes Rules Amendments for 2018

The NAPA Sportsman Series released rule amendments for their 2018 season on Friday morning via their Facebook page.  Items on the amendments include springs, engines, sway bars and steering parts. The Series competed at Riverside International Speedway and was won by Colby Smith in 2017.

2018 Napa Sportsman Rule Amendments
Effective immediately Jan 19, 2018

All entrants must be in compliance with tour rules unless directed differently by tour officials, IE: competition adjustments. Please ensure your entry is in full compliance prior to arriving the speedway. The following rules apply to all manufactures and wheel bases.

1) Front springs will be dictated by the tour for 2018. All cars must run no lighter than 800 lbs rating on either side. Minimum Spring free height 8 “. The springs are subject to testing at the track by officials and the tour rater will be deemed the official spring rater and will not be contested.

a. You may cut out the front tower to aid in removal if so desired. This does not mean other tracks will allow this alteration.

2) Front sway bar must be mounted in the factory position on the frame. No more than 1/4 of an inch spacer is allowed between the bushing clamp and frame.

3) To clarify: the center link is the only aftermarket steering part that is permitted for metric cars. No other geometry changes will be permitted. For Standard wheel base cars, only the Idler arm is permitted to be adjustable.

4) Open engines will be permitted for 2018 with the following restrictions:

a. Un-tagged engines must meet current engine specifications set forth in existing rules.

b. Participating cars may have no more than 53% left side weight

c. Participating cars must weigh 3000 lbs post-race

d. This engine can only be used once unless tagged for 2018

e. This engine will be subject to the same tech rules as regular cars registered and can be removed for further testing at the discretion of tour officials including confiscation at the speedway.

f. Participating cars must be a Non-registered car and will race for ¾ purse only. There will be no points awarded for this position.

The purpose of this amendment is to allow a single opportunity to race within the tour season at any venue for the experience only.
Any and all parts found to not meet tour specifications set forth in the rules will be confiscated and become tour property until further notice. Tour will have the right to impose small fines (max $250) and point penalties as per the following based on the severity of the infraction:
Minor: 10 points
Moderate: 20 points
Major:30 points

Such fines will need to be paid prior to the commencement of the next event before the entrant will be permitted to compete. Furthermore, any adjustments dictated by the tech official will be from immediate adjustments prior to competition, to repairs needing to be completed before the next event.

This will be up to and the sole discretion of the tech official!
Please contact Tony Leonard for any clarification, 902-401-0218 or email:

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