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“Driver’s Meeting Notes” – TCM Fall 250 at Kartbahn Racing

For those competing in Sunday’s Tim’s Corner Motorsports (TCM) Fall 250 Team Endurance Race at Kartbahn Racing, we have a sneak peak at the Driver’s Meeting here, provided by Kartbahn Racing. This includes race procedures and notes for the event.

Please note, the 90 second interval used for pit stops in April has been extended to 2 minutes (120 seconds). Stint lengths must be between five to 16 laps. Drivers can run multiple stints back to back but must switch karts and transfer transponders.

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TCM Fall 250 Driver’s Meeting Notes

Welcome to the 2017 version of the TCM Fall 250!!

The following schedule and rules are meant to facilitate a smooth running event and help nurture team-work and some friendly competition!

TCM Fall 250 Schedule of Events

2:30pm                 Arrival and Sign-on at Kartbahn (all NEW drivers need to sign the waiver)

3:00pm                 Drivers meeting in the conference room and final clarifications
Pit Stop Draw
Grid position Draw
Class Photo

3:30pm                 Roll-out and Race Start – TCM Fall 250

5:30pm                 Approximate Checkered Flag


Track and Race Rules


Green                   Race Start

Blue                       Let the person behind you pass (not a pass for position)

Checkered          Race/session end

Stay in your kart at ALL times on the track, unless instructed by the track marshals.



Minimum            16 pit-stops

2 minutes in duration (including in laps) – There will be a penalty for pit stops that are too short…one lap per 15 seconds under the prescribed time.


Maximum           16 laps between pit-stops (minimum 5 laps)

Drive at walking-pace while in pit-lane


#IMPORTANT# The pit lane will CLOSE 10 laps prior to the end of the race. Make sure all pit stops are completed before. This is dictated by the leader of the race.


The end of the race is being dictated by the leading team (250 laps), so be sure that you are allowing for the correct number of pit stops.  We are there to help you make a strategy!

Each team is responsible for and required to change the transponder during the pit-stops to the first available kart (as indicated by pit lane marshals). Please do not overtake people in the pits. If you are behind someone in the pits – you will also leave behind them .

A designated area for flagging your driver will be at the end of pit lane (where the projector/screen and pit entry is); any other location is prohibited.

Your first pit stop will be set by a random draw to ensure a less busy pit lane for the first stops.

You are NOT required to change drivers during the pit stops, only the kart.


Key Points to think about

  • How you will communicate with your driver. It’s an ever-changing race which means you’ll need to adapt your strategy on the fly. Make sure your driver is clued up – knows what to look out for to take advantage of opportunities to gain an advantage.
  • Blue Flagging. It isn’t an option. If we blue flag you – please allow the drivers behind to pass you on the left. We will ONLY blue flag if we really feel we need to. It will be used sparingly but when necessary.
  • Strategy is everything. The track is tight with limited space to overtake without someone making a mistake. This makes your pit strategy even more important. Have the calculator ready!
  • Watch the other teams and when they pit. If you can – you’re better off pitting with another team who is fast as you’ll also be leaving with them!
  • Your pit stop (2 minutes) starts as you cross the Start/Finish line (this is the start of your in-lap). It ends as you leave the pits.
  • You can time your pit stop by watching the pit screen (near the helmets).
  • Contact/bumping. It’s a tight course – please be careful.
    • Have respect for your fellow drivers safety
    • Have respect for your own safety!
    • Have respect for the karts, equipment and our staff!


Drivers being aggressive on the track will result in penalties. If need to (not that we want to) – we will pull you over to re-educate you on track rules. This will effect your race outcome.

Toto Wolff said it best… “You need to win and to lose with dignity,” and I’m adding…


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