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TCM Best of Awards

NOW CLOSED: Second Round Voting for the 2017 TCM Best of Racing Awards


The second round of the 2017 TCM Best of Racing Awards are here!

The second ballot, which will run until Thursday, October 12th at Noon Atlantic, consists of three different awards, including the first round of the CSS Insurance Most Popular Driver Award voting.

The ballot also includes a chance to write in nominees for the 2017 Kings County Performance Rookie of the Year and the TCM Breakout Performer of the Year Awards. The shortlist for both awards will appear on the final ballot of the TCM Best of Racing Awards on October 12th.

Read below about the Most Popular Driver format, the nominees for the TCM Fan Favorite Touring Series and the TCM Fan Favorite Short Track Food and cast your vote for in the second round of the 2017 TCM Best of Racing Awards!

Feature Photo by McCarthy Photographic

TCM Most Popular Driver Voting Format:

Round One – All of the 125 nominated drivers (a record for the TCM Most Popular Driver Award) are placed on the same ballot. After Round One of voting, the field will be trimmed to the top 25 drivers for the second round of voting. Voting closes for Round One on Thursday, October 5th at NOON Atlantic.

Round Two – The second round of voting will take place from  Thursday, October 5th at 6pm Atlantic to Thursday, October 12th at Noon Atlantic and will feature the top 25 27 drivers from the first round of voting.  The top ten from this group will transfer into the final round of voting.

Round Three – The final round of voting for the 2017 CSS Insurance Most Popular Driver Award will feature the top ten from the second round of voting. The winner of this final vote will receive the sixth annual TCM Most Popular Driver Award. Voting runs from Thursday, October 12th at 6pm Atlantic to Friday, October 20th at Noon Atlantic.

TCM Fan Favorite Touring Series:

Atlantic Modified Tour: The unique looking Atlantic Modified Tour is in a rebuilding mode – hosting races at both Petty International Raceway and Speedway Miramichi in 2017. Car counts grew as the season rolled on with mainstays like Mike Raeburn, Joe Hoyt and Doug Matchett continuing to lead the field into battle.

East Coast Mini Stock Tour: The East Coast Mini Stock Tour was formed in December 2016 to give Mini Stock racing in the Maritime Provinces a unified home. Featuring four cylinder Honda models, the series will hosted events at five oval race tracks throughout Atlantic Canada in their inaugural season. The series became the first to visit the Valley Raceway dirt and is the only active touring series in Atlantic Canada to run on dirt.

Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour (Three Time Winner): The reigning TCM Fan Favorite Touring Series champion saw Shawn Turple hoist the championship for the third time in his career, besting reigning champion Cole Butcher in a nail biting season finale. The racing, which took place at Scotia Speedworld, Riverside Speedway, Petty Raceway, Speedway 660 and Oyster Bed Speedway, was close from flag-to-flag and featured some exciting edge-of-your-seat Pro Stock action through every turn! Their schedule runs from May to September.

Maritime League of Legends: With the guidance of new President Scott Hall and Vice President Darren Sherwood, the  Maritime League of Legends Tour continued to draw a stable car count in 2017. The series grew to nine races with two events at Petty International Raceway. The schedule also includes Riverside International Speedway, Oyster Bed Speedway, Scotia Speedworld and Speedway 660. The series runs from May to September.

TCM Fan Favorite Race Track Food Staple Nominees:

Bologna Burger – CENTRE For Speed: It’s a simple sandwich made with bologna, cheese, an optional egg and fresh bread, grilled and served piping hot and to order. Order one or order ten, they are a must have at the Atlantic Championships!

Breakfast Sandwich – Peggy’s Canteen at Petty Raceway: If you are at an event at Petty International Raceway and you find yourself in the pit gates before Noon, chances are Peggy is at the grill with her breakfast sandwich. It comes on a fresh bun with egg, cheese and your choice of ham or bacon – or if you ask nicely, she’ll put both on it!  If you like breakfast, you’ll want to throw a vote here!

Onion Rings – Eastbound Park: Kozy Kitchen has outdone themselves again. Unlike other tracks that might use prepackaged and frozen rings, these onions are soaked in Kozy Kitchen’s signature batter and deep fried right at the track. Dusted with seasoning, these are a must have when you are taking in your next NASCAR Whelen All American Series show!

Raceway Burger – Valley Raceway: The addition of Chef Will Macintosh has been huge for Valley Raceway. Chef Will has revamped the menu and his signature item is the Raceway Burger. Complete with two fresh four oz. beef patties seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, caramelized onions, tomato, cheese, lettuce and a splash of sauce that gives an extra kick. Not only that, everything is done in front of you on the flat top! Many tracks have lost the element of fresh food at the track but it is something Valley Raceway prides themselves on and for great prices that won’t break the bank either!

Speedway Fries – Speedway 660 (Three Time Winner): These golden, crispy french fries from Joyce’s Pit Stop were the winner of this award in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and look for a four peat in 2017. While ketchup and gravy are nice, most do without to let the taste of these deep fried delights shine through.

TCM Best of 2017 Awards Second Ballot

**Note – one vote per computer/IP address/email address/person per ballot. Multiple responses will not be counted. Incomplete responses will not be counted.


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