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UPDATED WITH RESULTS: Rankin, Matthews Win Second Atlantic Championships, Rogers Takes First

John Rankin and Dave Matthews have won their second Atlantic Stock Car Championship titles at the CENTRE For Speed, while Sam Rogers is one for one in appearances at the track.

Rankin of St. Martin’s won his heat race but had to start tenth after an invert in the Sportsman 100 on Saturday afternoon. Rankin, the 2009 champion of the event, methodically worked his way to the front, eventually taking the lead on Lap 58 after a restart four laps prior scrambled the front runners. Rankin would set sail from there to lead the final 42 laps to the win.

“I think Jacob Logan and those guys were every bit as good as we were but that first place position is where everyone wanted to be so you could set the pace,” said Rankin following the event. “We really got lucky there because those guys were really good. It turned the race around for us.”

It wasn’t without challenge though, as the race featured 11 caution periods, with ten of those taking place from Lap 46 onward to the final yellow flag with eight laps remaining.

Brady Creamer of Miramichi led the first 54 laps up to the restart. Aaron Boutiler led four laps in the scramble before Rankin made his winning move.

Second belonged to Laurie Cormier, who rebounded from a flat tire halfway through the race. Creamer was third in the 17 car field.

Rankin and Josh Collins won the heat races. Collins would be parked along with Alex Johnson for an incident under caution between the two with 24 to go.

The Mini Stock “Little Guys” 100 was won by Dave Matthews, who will bring the title back to Nova Scotia for a seventh consecutive season. Matthews, who won the title in 2011, took the lead from Rob Poirier of Irishtown, New Brunswick, on the 23rd lap and held on over the final 77 laps for the win. Poirier led 15 laps after taking the lead from Coady Palmer.

Mike Edwards and Matt Watson completed the top three while JR Lawson’s bid for a fourth straight Mini Stock Atlantic Championships fell short with a fourth place run. Four cautions slowed the event which opened with a 48 lap green flag run.

Cody Byrne and Edwards won the Mini Stock heat races.

Sam Rogers made his first CENTRE For Speed start a good one as he held off Josh Langille on a pair of restarts to win the Bandolero Atlantic Championship. Langille, who won the event the year prior, had to settle for third after the final restart saw Colton Noble take the advantage and hold on to second over the 18 car. Rogers also won the heat race with 11 cars taking the green flag.

The start time was delayed two hours due to light showers throughout the morning.

Complete results are expected mid-week.

The Atlantic Stock Car Championships continue on Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th. The Four Fun 50, Mini Cup 25 and Limited Late Model 125 will take place on Saturday with the Street Stock 100 and Pro Stock 250 getting the green flag on Sunday. Racing begins on both days at 1pm.

FEATURE RESULTS – Sportsman 100

1st – #28 John Rankin – NB (2008, 2017 Atlantic Champion for Sportsman)
2nd – #53 Laurie Cormier – NB
3rd – #10 Brady Creamer – NB
4th – #37 Jacob Logan – NB
5th – #1 Harry Ross White – NS
6th – #94 Robert Raynes – NB
7th – #4 Aaron Boutilier – NS
8th – #3 Justin Beers – NB
9th – #15 Dan Duke – NB
10th – #30 Marcel LeBlanc – NB
11th – #7 Andrew Starks – NS
12th – #22 Remi Gaudet – NB
13th – #03 Bert Cormier – NB
14th – #01 Joey Livingstone – NS
15th – #92 Pete Miller – NS
DQ – #14 Alex Johnson – NS
DQ – #56 Josh Collins – NL

Heat Winners – #56 Josh Collins and #28 John Rankin

FEATURE RESULTS – Little Guys/Mini Stock 100

1st – #99 Dave Matthews – NS (2011 + 2017 Atlantic Champion for Mini Stock)
2nd – #89 Mike Edwards – NB
3rd – #27 Matt Watson – PE
4th – #81 JR Lawson – NS
5th – #51X Jesse Deveau – NS
6th – #22 Darren Flemming – NS
7th – #00 Michael Savoie – NB
8th – #76 Tyler Larkin – PE
9th – #13 Harley Cornish – PE
10th – #55 Denis Morin – NB
11th – #51 Mitchell Arsenault – PE
12th – #55 x Neil Miousse – NB
13th – #0 Rob Poirier – NB
14th – #45 Coady Palmer – PE
15th – #76W Cody Byrne – PE
16th – #17 Jake Rogers – PE
DNS – #36 Devin Gallant – PE

Heat Winners: #76W Cody Byrne and #89 Mike Edwards

FEATURE RESULTS – Bandolero 25

1st – #12 Sam Rogers – NS (2017 Atlantic Champion)
2nd – #03 Colton Noble – NS
3rd – #18 Josh Langille – NS
4th – #11 Koven Lewis – NB
5th – #3 Nathan Langille – NS
6th – #10 Evan Lane – NB
7th – #22 Brooke Dowe – NS
8th – #53 Kelsea Lewis – NB
9th – #17 Dylan Dowe – NS
10th – #71 Chase MacKay – NS
11th – #8 Dawson Noble – NS

Heat Winner: #12 Sam Rogers

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