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Oyster Bed Speedway Surf & Turf “..Tonight We Will Send ‘er”

I was asked by a number of people if I was able to share the poem I read early this season inspired by the passing of Marven “Mickey” Palmer. It was a tough point in our small racing community on PEI with Mickey being the Father/Brother/Uncle of Palmer Boys Racing 3 teams. As a racing community we leaned on each other and got back to the familiarity of racing. On the first night back to racing at the start of our night at OBS I read this poem and I remember pausing for a moment in the middle of the speech and being amazed at how quiet the track was until all the divisions broke the silence on their cue. On our final day of racing I thought it only fitting to share those words with you again here. We pray for a safe competitive night of racing to cap off our 2017 racing season at Oyster Bed Speedway and many other tracks. I hope these words help those out there looking to remember whoever they may hold dear in their heart.

Tonight We Will Send ‘er

Whether you are a spiritual person or not, tonight let us channel the energy of everyone here as we come together in a time of sadness and grief, a time where we lean on each other, and support our brothers and sisters in our racing community.

This is not just for one person, one family or one race team — this is for all our racing families who may feel they need all the strength they can muster and a maybe a little extra rev in their engines tonight.

On this night, we are one family.

And, together, we will win regardless of who crosses the finish line first tonight.

For Tonight is Saturday Night… Race Night. The teams are all here — the drivers — the cars — the fans, the officals. Our racing family.

The familiar smells of fuel and rubber, mixed with the aroma of the fryer grease from the canteen, the smell of popping corn is what we need tonight — mixed with the roar of the crowd, squeals of the tires and roar of the engines is what we need tonight.

That familiar seat on that favorite corner is what we need tonight. An evening not to forget but to honor and remember and feel closer to those around us and those in our hearts.

It will help heal. Help soothe. And help us celebrate — and remember —

For Tonight we will send ‘er. We promise to you, our friend, that we will keep turning laps, turning wrenches and turning heads until that final checkered flag waves.

For that’s what you would want and That’s what we do and that’s what we know. We will do this together as a team, as a family, as a racing community,

Competition is what fuels the fire forged in the 5, 45, and 19. And, as competitors, we will continue to be.

Tonight we all race for you.

Please , watch over us, so it is fun, entertaining, safe and, most importantly, a close and exhilarating night of racing. That’s what you loved. That’s what makes for a great night at the track.

We are all racing families — big and small — extending over countless cars and fans. Whether related in name or not, we are all bonded by blood, Oil and Ocatne.

Tonight, as we join hands, our hearts heavy, through our love of speed may we channel our strength — and your spirit, old friend — for a good night of racing.

This, drivers, crew, friends and fans, this is in honor, and in memory, of Mickey, and others those lost this season…

Ladies and gentleman join me for the most famous words in motorsports and awaken Oyster Bed Speedway….




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