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Oyster Bed Speedway

Oyster Bed Speedway Surf & Turf “David Lambe” Edition

Oyster Bed Speedway is all set for the 7thannual David Lambe Memorial Street Stock race Saturday night at 6PM. The 50 lap event is the third and final event in the Street Stock Super Series. The race has seen the checkered flag go to 6 different drivers in 5 different cars. In a very emotional inaugural race back in 2011, longtime friend of the races Namesake, Darren MacKinnon captured the very first Piston Cup. Stephen Gass would drive the same car to victory lane in the 2012 race.

Since that first race 6 years ago the event has turned out many stories including the origins of the “piston” attached to the Piston Cup. A few years ago track co-owner and race organizer Robbie MacLean revealed that the illegal flat top piston came from the engine of well known local Street Stock Driver Emmett Donahue. Just one of the many laughs shared along the way with the great competition displayed over the last 6 years as the Speedway Honors David Lambe the same way he enjoyed racing.

Past Race Winners:
2016: 8 Joel Hickox
2015: 35 Colton Ford
2014: 82 Mark MacLean
2013: 12 Geoff Boyle
2012: 88 Stephen Gass
2011: 88 Darren MacKinnon

In two of the last three seasons the David Lambe winner was also able to go on to claim the Division Championship. With the 50 lap race being a non points championship event where all drivers receive equal points for taking the green flag it can turn into an all or nothing set of closing laps for the cash and fame.

Following this weekend another two race cards remain and the three drivers still in the hunt for a points championship may take a more cautious approach. Amanda Wheatley, Alex Sheehan and Nick Chaisson are locked in a fierce points battle and for those drivers being able to drive the car onto the hauler at the end of the day might be a good night. Sometimes going up against another driver who has nothing to loose could spell trouble.

In saying that I wouldn’t bet against the trio of drivers either. They have been the Class of the field all season. Winning almost every big race they have combined for 8 out of the 10 Street Stock Feature races this year. Only two other drivers have a single feature win, Brandon Snow and Colton Ford.

#35 Colton Ford #7 Brandon Snow

Both Oyster Bed natives will be looking to score big wins Saturday night. Not long ago the two drivers were also in contention for a points championship before suffering some setbacks. Snow, driving the 2016 Championship Car will be hitting the track with a new power plant for the weekends race which maybe enough to power him over the top.

Ford is the only driver to have a chance at becoming the first two time champion of the prestigious race. And if the Former Division Champion has his car ready in time he will always be a contender.

Two more drivers to keep an eye on is Cuyler Byrne and Jeff McInnis.

#29 Jeff McInnis #7 Brandon Snow #22 Cuyler Byrne

Byrne, a division rookie has been steadily improving all season long. He is third in the division for total wins with 4 and sits 6th in Championship points. His best feature finish so far this season is a third and this team and driver seem poised to better that mark if not tonight before seasons end.  

And to close out the look at Street Stock moving from young to older. Division Veteran, Jeff MacInnis will be my second dark horse chance for the win. After his latest win of the season things could be turning around for the hard charging, most dedicated driver. I know there would be plenty of fans happy to see the 29 in victory lane.

With so many deserving drivers out there time will tell who is able to put together that magical run where everything comes together. Good Luck to all competitors.The Saturday night card will feature all four divisions of racing getting underway at 6PM.  

Surf: Quirky fact for the weekend. 4 of the 6 winning cars in the David Lambe Memorial race started with an 8.

Turf: Rumor has it Brandon Snow will change his number to 87 for Saturday night only. 

By Track Announcer Jeremy MacDonald

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