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Oyster Bed Speedway

Qualifying Format Set for Maritime Street Stock Showdown

Event Release

April 18, 2017….Charlottetown, PEI….. Advancing to the 100 Lap Discover KIA Maritime Street Stock Showdown (MSSS) being held at Oyster Bed Speedway (OBS) on Saturday, June 24th has been determined.

With 43 cars pre- registered, the field will be set with 30 cars for the 100 lap feature race. One position has become available for the race.

The field will be capped at 44 cars. So if you are a racer out there and want to be in the race or on the waiting list, then email Race Promoter Tom Nicholls at He noted, “that things happen, engines get blown, money gets tight, work and family commitments occur. We can foresee possible future withdrawals due to circumstances”. It costs nothing to go on the waiting list, all it takes is an email or to call Tom at 902-940-3552. Visit the website for all up to date information.

Advancing to the 100 Lap Maritime Street Stock Showdown

To set the field the following will take place:

  1. Time Trials – Fastest 4 cars will advance.
  2. 4 Heat Races with 10 cars per race – Top 5 in each heat advance giving a total of 20 cars advancing from Heats. Heat races will be 15 laps.
  3. Last Chance Qualifier– The remaining 20 unqualified cars will race in a Last Chance Qualifier Race – the Top 6 finishing cars will advance to fill the field of 30 cars. Last Chance Qualifier race will be 25 laps. The remaining 14 cars will be done racing for the night.

The 30 qualified cars will take the green flag for the 100 lap race.

In other related news to the event, All Star Cresting, a sponsor of the event, will be on hand race day with their mobile trailer. “They will have the inaugural event t- shirt for sale and will heat press your favourite driver’s number on the back. It will be pretty neat to see the kids and fans sporting their new tees and supporting their favourite street stock drivers”, noted Nicholls.

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