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TCM Announces Power Performer Points Championship

Championship presented by Quinn Flooring, $250 to winner

The Tim’s Corner Motorsports Power Performer of the Year Award will undergo a facelift in 2017.

Tim’s Corner Motorsports has announced the Power Performer Point Championship program, which will ultimately decide the TCM Power Performer of the Year Award recipient. The program will allow all drivers of all oval divisions in Atlantic Canada to compete for the award, regardless of where or what they race.

“We had some constructive criticism of where the award has landed and who has been nominated over the past few seasons, so we have decided to change the way we award the Power Performer honor,” said Tim Terry of Tim’s Corner Motorsports. “It is still an award that all drivers will be eligible to win, but instead of leaving it up to our panel, we are giving drivers and teams the peace of mind of a system that will decide the award.”

All feature races within the point season from Sunday, May 14th to Saturday, October 14th (with the exception of rainouts that would push races past the scheduled end date) will count towards the Power Performer standings. To score maximum points, a driver must win a race that has 12 or more starters. A win in a field of 12 cars or more will receive 12 points plus three bonus points for a “full field” win. Each position will decrease by one point (second place receives 11 points, third place receives 10) until the 12th place finishers receives one point. All starters in the field will receive one point with the system. Drivers who do not qualify for a feature race will receive one point. No points will be awarded for heats or qualifiers. Fields that have less than 12 cars will award the winner the amount of points there are starters. For example, a seven car field would award the winner seven points.

A driver’s best 12 feature races will count towards his or her point season. Points in the system will go to the driver and not the car. For example, if Matt Rodgers substitutes for Drew Greenlaw in Drew Greenlaw’s car, Matt Rodgers would receive points as the driver. A driver who competes in one or more races in one night, regardless of division, will receive points for both starts.

The three drivers who amass the most points in June, July, August and September will receive five, three and one bonus points respectively.

All told, the most points one driver could amass in a season is 200, should they win 12 full field point races and win five point bonuses for each of the four qualifying months.

While every car in Atlantic Canada is eligible for the award banner, the championship carries a $250 prize courtesy of Quinn Flooring. Drivers who carry Tim’s Corner Motorsports decals on their cars from the start of the season will be eligible for the bonus.

Tracks are asked to have results posted for their respective weekend races by Tuesday evening with correct driver finishes so points can be tabulated and released by Thursday evening for the following week. If a track does not have results released and submitted by Tuesday evening, Tim’s Corner Motorsports has the right to refuse the late listing.

Points System Broken Down

Per Race:

A full field (12 cars or more taking the green flag) will award the winner 12 points plus three bonus points, or 15 total.

Full Field Points:
1st – 12 points + 3 bonus points = 15 points
2nd – 11 points
3rd – 10 points
4th – 9 points
5th – 8 points
6th – 7 points
7th – 6 points
8th – 5 points
9th – 4 points
10th – 3 points
11th – 2 points
12th on back – 1 point

Less than a full field points (example with seven cars)
1st – 7 points
2nd – 6 points
3rd – 5 points
4th – 4 points
5th – 3 points
6th – 2 points
7th – 1 point

Monthly Bonus Points (top three drivers from the 1st date of the month to the last)
1st – 5 points
2nd – 3 points
3rd – 1 point

A driver’s best 12 races will count towards his total. A maximum amount a points a driver can obtain is 200.

Point Breakdown:
12 Full Field Feature Wins (15 points x 12 races) = 180 points
Four Monthly Winner Bonuses (5 points x 4 months) = 20 points

Photo by McCarthy Photographic

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