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Speedway 660 to Launch New Concession Items, Slushies for 2017

TCM Note: While the idea was well received with fans in the region, this is our April Fools article for the year. Though it may generate more revenue if it was tried by a track in the Maritimes…

After collecting their third straight TCM Best of Atlantic Canadian Racing Award for the “Speedway Fries,” Speedway 660 is stepping up their game with three new mouthwatering menu items for the upcoming 2017 season.

In addition to the traditional race track staples of burgers, hot dogs and fries, the Geary oval will begin to branch out and offer a select number of items that are not typically available at the region’s race tracks.

“We wanted to keep it simple but branch out and have something no other track here has,” said Brent Roy. “We want fans to want to buy these items from our concession stand because they taste delicious and not because they are forced to a burger and fries. There is nothing wrong with our three-time award winning fries, but we wanted to expand the options for what we believe are the best fans in the north east.”

The entree options that are new to the menu include a Winner’s Chicken Dinner and a Loaded Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. The Winner’s Chicken Dinner is a massive buttermilk coated fried boneless chicken breast that will satisfy the biggest hunger or is big enough to share, whichever you please and served with your favorite wing sauce. As it sounds, the Loaded Philly Cheese Steak is served on a 10″ bun filled with thinly sliced steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms and smothered in cheese sauce.

As inspired by Race Director Brent Dunphy, the track is also offering a sweet treat that can be found at most race tracks to the south that no current race track in the Maritimes has yet to offer.

“Dunphy loves Krispy Kreme donuts but since we could not strike a deal with them, we are offering his second favorite southern track treat at Joyce’s Pit Stop – funnel cakes,” continued Roy. “These will be served nice and hot with the choice of adding a number of powered sugars to satisfy any sweet tooth. While you cannot have a “cheat day” in tech or on track, this is the perfect snack to fit into any nutrition program you may be on!”

The track has also purchased a machine to make slushies, which will also be available at the Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener on May 14th.

“A number of track have slushie machines and by very popular demand we have been able to get our hands on one,” said Roy. “These ice cold Slushies will go down nicely during those hot Speedway 660 nights!”

Roy and the management at the track know it comes at a risk but they believe they own it to their fans.

“This isn’t the first improvement we are making to our concessions overhaul, something we have nicknamed “Project April.” Our fans have put our Speedway Fries on the map over the last three years and we want to give back while also offering something that may rival our golden crispy potatoes for the honor on Tim’s Corner Motorsports in October.”

Fans are encouraged to visit Speedway 660 on Facebook to put their input in on “Project April” and what other concession delights the speedway should deliver over time.


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