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TCM Stock Car Shootout

MacDonald Tops Field for Second TCM Stock Car Shootout Win

Waverley, Nova Scotia’s Craig MacDonald was on the top step of the podium at Kartbahn Racing in Halifax Tuesday night as the winner of the TCM Stock Car Shootout IV. Like his win in the second event though, it was far from easy.

MacDonald, the 2016 Rookie of the Year at Scotia Speedworld and the Maritime League of Legends Tour, held off challenges from front row starters Kyle Gammon and Brandon Crawford for the win in the A Main. Gammon looked to make a move on MacDonald in the waning laps, but it in turn opened the door for Crawford and the two battled for the runner-up spot. The move allowed MacDonald to build a small gap and hold it to the checkered flag in the 14 lap feature.

Gammon and Crawford, both Thunder car drivers from Scotia Speedworld, finished second and third respectively with a hard charging 2017 INEX Winter Nationals champion in Cory Hall right on their heels. Hall started seventh on the grid and worked up to the top three at the finish.

Megan Parrott, Tony Forgeron, Andrew Lively and Shane Lively completed the field.

Shane Lively won the B Main, coming from seventh to the lead on the opening lap of the race to transfer into the final. He and his brother Andrew came together in the opening circuits of the A Main, sending Shane around in the third corner.

Shane Lively held off Craig Slaunwhite and Dean Wallage to take the win in the B Main. Jonathan Bull dodged an opening lap, opening corner wreck to win the C Main over Ross Moore and “The Ironman” Drew MacEachern, who both made moves on Jordan Veinotte late to advance their position. Patrick Nickerson defeated Oyster Bed Speedway Street Stocker Patrick Horne and track owner Robbie MacLean to win the D Main.

A total of 27 drivers took the green flag in qualifying. Greg McKay and Shelby MacLean did not start the D Main. Gammon, the winner of the TCM Stock Car Shootout III, took home the pole position for the main event over Crawford.

MacDonald is the first two-time winner in the TCM Stock Car Shootout in the four events that have taken place. MacDonald won the second event in January and was second to Gammon in February. Andrew Lively won the inaugural event in November.

The next TCM Stock Car Shootout at Kartbahn Racing takes place on Tuesday, April 18th. For more information on entry, please contact Tim Terry. Special thanks to Kartbahn Racing and Lively Motorsports for their part in producing the event.

TCM Stock Car Shootout IV Results

(Home Province/Home Track, Series or Team/Starting Position)

A Main – 14 Laps

1 – Craig MacDonald (NS/Maritime League of Legends/3rd) – 14 Laps
2 – Kyle Gammon (NS/Maritime Mini Stock Tour/1st) -0.529s
3 – Brandon Crawford (NS/Scotia Speedworld/2nd) -0.910
4 – Cory Hall (NB/Maritime League of Legends/7th) -1.748
5 – Megan Parrott (NS/Scotia Speedworld/5th) -3.932
6 – Tony Forgeron (NS/Lively Motorsports/4th) -5.595
7 – Andrew Lively (NS/Scotia Speedworld/6th) -17.040
8 – Shane Lively (NS/Maritime League of Legends/8th) -1L

B Main – 14 Laps

1 – Shane Lively (NS/Maritime League of Legends/7th) – 14 Laps
2 – Craig Slaunwhite (NS/Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour/2nd) -0.969
3 – Dean Wallage (NS/Wallage Racing/4th) -1.862
4 – Craig McFetridge (NS/Petty Raceway/3rd) -7.558
5 – Dylan Sutherland (NS/Scotia Speedworld/6th) -8.001
6 – Jesse Deveau (NS/Valley Raceway/5th) -9.583
7 – Jeff “D8 Dozer” Dillman (NS/Scotia Speedworld/1st) -14.235
8 – Jonathan Bull (NS/Veinotte Motorsports/8th) -2L

C Main – 14 Laps

1 – Jonathan Bull (NS/Veinotte Motorsports/1st) – 14 Laps
2 – Ross Moore (NS/D8 Dozer Racing/2nd) -2.136
3 – Drew MacEachern (NS/Maritime Mini Stock Tour/6th) -7.796
4 – Jordan Veinotte (NS/Scotia Speedworld/5th) -8.660
5 – Brad Hayes (NS/Scotia Speedworld/3rd) -8.892
6 – Patrick Nickerson (NS/Cory Hall Racing/7th) – 11.010
7 – Frankie Moore (NS/D8 Dozer Racing/4th) -15.310

D Main – 14 Laps

1 – Patrick Nickerson (NS/Cory Hall Racing/2nd) – 14 Laps
2 – Patrick Horne (NS/Oyster Bed Speedway/3rd) -7.853
3 – Robbie MacLean (PE/Oyster Bed Speedway/1st) -13.881
4 – Tim Deveau (NS/Valley Raceway/4th) -16.386
5 – Colby MacLean (PE/Oyster Bed Speedway/5th) -1L
6 – Greg McKay (NS/Scotia Speedworld) – DNS
7 – Shelby MacLean (PE/Oyster Bed Speedway) DNS

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