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Oyster Bed Speedway

Maritime Street Stock Showdown Capping Entries at 44

Event Release

UPDATE – CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI. Organizer and Race Promoter Tom Nicholls of BPMS and Major Sponsor KIA Charlottetown & Summerside for the inaugural Maritime Street Stock Showdown are pleased to announce the field for the race is now FULL at 44 CARS . The event will be held at Oyster Bed Speedway, PEI on Saturday, June 24th with a 5pm start time.

The 41 car owned by Race Promoter Tom Nicholls has withdrawn from the race. “This race has two purposes for myself – First is to put on the Showdown with a full field of cars and a full speedway of fans. Second – is to provide a positive experience for the mainland cars to return for the 100 lap David Lambe Memorial race in September. So, in the best interest here, I withdrew the 41 car and the 71x of Chris Hanley from St. Stephen, NB fills the field as the final entry”.

The 44 cars include 18 from PEI and 26 from the mainland.

List of Entrants:
1. 72 Rob Boutilier – Petty, NB
2. 1 Kenny Snow, OBS
3. 21x Courtney Barton – Geary Speedway 660, NB
4. 2 Clifford MacIsaac, OBS
5. 22 Cuyler Byrne, OBS
6. 21 Patrick Horne, OBS
7. 2w Chris Wilson – Miramichi, NB
8. 08 Curtis Moase- Petty, NB
9. 4 Andrew Thompson- OBS
10. 81 JR Lawson – Scotia Truck, NS
11. 87 Nick Cudmore – Petty, NB
12. 00 Jamie Stewart – OBS
13. 8 John Donahue – OBS
14. 28 Nevin Scott – OBS
15. 35 Colton Ford – OBS
16. 55 Ryan Richard – Petty, NB
17. 44x Mike Rozicki – Sydney, NS
18. 7 Brandon Snow – OBS
19. 26 Randy Snow – OBS
20. 17 Mike MacLeod – Sydney, NS
21. 71 Stephen Head – Sydney , NS
22. 42 John Halliday, Sydney, NS
23. 26x Brennan MacInnis, Sydney, NS
24. 7x Jason Lund, Sydney, NS
25. 31 Kevin Albert – OBS
26. 80 Vernon Brown – Scotia Truck, NS
27. 13 Brad MacLean – Miramichi, NB
28. 54 James Matchett – Miramichi, NB
29. 24 Jason Russell – Sydney, NS
30. 33 Deryk Murphy – Miramichi, NB
31. 23 Jamie Vassallo – Sydney, NS
32. 37 Brandon Albert – OBS
33. 44 Zach Chappell -OBS
34. 06 Alex Sheehan – OBS
35. 18 Colton Beaver – Sydney, NS
36. 49 Gary Wade – Petty/Geary 660 , NB
37. 93 Keaton Vessey -OBS
38. 80 Amanda Wheatley – OBS
39. 29 Jeff MacInnis – OBS
40. 52 Destiny Enkel – Geary 660
41. 27 Nick Chiasson – OBS
42. 60 Eric Matthews – NB
43. 53 Vance MacMillan – Geary 660
44. 71x Chris Hanley – NB

Original post:

CHARLOTTEOTWN, PEI. Organizer and Race Promoter Tom Nicholls of BPMS and Oyster Bed Speedway Management have capped the number of registrants for the inaugural Discover KIA Charlottetown & Summerside Maritime Street Stock Showdown at 44. The event is on June 24th with a 5pm start time.

“We have 40 cars registered now. The interest has been overwhelming. We have more than enough cars to put on a fantastic event. There are some cars that have expressed interest in racing in the event so we are urging them to register now before it’s too late. As well, any drivers who do not have their completed signed registration form and payment in by Friday February 10th will be dropped off the list and be placed on the waiting list, thus risking their opportunity to not be in the event, so we need this to be done this week”, commented Nicholls.

“As it stands now with a potential full registered field of 44 cars, there will be 14 that go home. The race will be a 30 car field for the 100 lap Showdown. I just don’t see the sense in bringing in more cars at this point just to have more being sent home. In the event we exceed the 44 limit, the additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list in case a registered car cannot make the event. I always want to be up front and as fair as possible with the racers, thus the reason to get this information out now on how things will work for this event. There will be future announcements on race day format, etc.”

“From a logistics standpoint with 44 cars in the pits, in all probability it will mean that OBS Management will look at giving one of the three support classes the night off for this event. We need the pit space and we do not want it to be a marathon night for the fans. Yet the fans will get more than their money’s worth with over 15 races and time trials. As well, all kids and youths under 15 years of age will receive free admission and the adult admission price will remain at its regular nightly price”.

Non – registered cars are encouraged to get their entries in now, they can do so by going to the event website for all information.

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