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Maritime Street Stock Showdown Rules Package Available

Event Release/Photo by McCarthy Photographic

Charlottetown, PEI. The Rules package for the Maritime Street Stock Showdown occurring at Oyster Bed Speedway on Saturday, June 24th have been released.  The information can be found here and on the event website .

Race Promoter Tom Nicholls of BPMS noted “The rules package should provide for parity amongst all participants. In deriving at this package we as a group looked at what was the easiest way to implement a rules package that would require the least amount of work for the drivers. In the end you only have a few variables to work with being items such as car weights and gears. We have to remember some may be racing that Friday evening as well or the week-end prior and after and do not have the time to make wholesale changes in their racing season”.

“I am certain there are other ideas out there but this is the package for this year and it will not change. To be race ready for the event it basically means one night in your race shop, possibly adding weight and/or changing rear end gears. There has to be some give and take to give every racer a fair shake at winning. So we encourage all drivers to work within the rules package and their home track rules package”.




  • Street Stock Cars and the Scotia Truck Class.
  • Maritime Street Stock Cars may compete under the Oyster Bed Rules Package – see .See adjustments and rationale for such listed below.
  • There will be No changes required for the Scotia Speedworld Trucks. They will run by their home track rules.




  • Hoosier 890 tires. No soft compound tires permitted. No treating tires to soften compound. Durometer rule to be Enforced (Minimum reading of 52).
  • New tires are allowed.
  • Vehicles must be full of fuel to start each portion of the event – time trials, heat races, last chance qualifier, main event. ALL WILL BE CHECKED.




  • Minimum weight for any car is 3500 lbs.

Rationale – It is easier to bring all cars to 3500 lbs. It is easier to tech all cars at the same weight.


  • Maximum left side weight is no more than 56%.

Rationale- It is easier to add 100 pounds to the left side for all 3400 pound cars to get to 56% from their current 53%. You want more left side weight on a banked track.


  • Maximum rear end weight is no more than 48%.

Rationale – It allows the 3400 pound cars to distribute weight where they wish to on the left side of the car with being allowed a 48% rear end weight along with the 56% left side weight.


  • Weights are driver in the car and full of fuel PRIOR to the race. For example, the 100 lap race weight allowed is the 3500 minimum pre-race weight. There will be a tolerance allowed for weight loss during the race. However, any car weighing substantially less than the average of the other cars post-race may be disqualified pending further inspection.




  • Cars / trucks may run a locked rear end.
  • Maximum gear ratio is 6.10:1. This means you can run up to a 2.41 gear in first gear and up to a 3.73 gear in second gear.
  • Vacuum measured at 19 inches of vacuum at 800 RPM – THERE WILL BE A 1 INCH TOLERANCE – MEANING UNDER 18 IS ILLEGAL.
  • Cam Shaft Specifications:

GM Lift – intake .390 exhaust .410

Ford Lift – intake .419 exhaust .448

Dodge Lift – intake .410 exhaust .410


  • Compression ratio – 8.7:1 and above is ILLEGAL.
  • DRIVERS NOTE: The noted competition adjustments are the best attempt to bring all participating cars/trucks as close as possible to yield the best race possible. This is the rules package, there will be NO We encourage you to focus on what has been laid out for you and make your car the best it possibly can be under the framework outlined in the rules package.


Technical Questions


  • Competitors can contact Marvin Dyer, Technical Director by email at for any technical questions. Do not contact Tom Nicholls, he is the Race Promoter and not a part of the Technical Staff.
  • All tracks endeavor to make the rules as explicit possible. Likewise we have for this event. If it doesn’t say you are permitted to do something, then you are not permitted to do it. Work within the Rules Package provided herein and within your Home Track rules.
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