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“vanDURO” Joins CENTRE For Speed Division Additions for 2017

Track Release

Feb 6, 2017- Falmouth, NS – CENTRE for Speed is pleased to release it’s vanDURO enduro rules for the 2017 season.  The new class will run 2 events in the 2017 season with $2500 to win offered for competitors who build vans for the events.  Other front and rear wheel drive vehicles are also allowed but with a $1000 to win incentive.  The vanDURO class joins the “Fantastic 4’s” (a 4 Cylinder, North American manufactured car, truck, and select crossover class), and the “Super 6’s” (a North American 6 Cylinder class of 1/4 Tons, cars, and crossovers) and an expanded Mini Stock Division for the 2017 CFS event season.

These classes have been designed to be extremely inexpensive to build, operate and maintain as well as exciting for teams and fans.  Focus in all classes changes with these announcements from the car to the drivers and teams and their driving / set-up ability.

All rules will be available on the speedways new website once completed in the early spring. Until then all rules are available by calling the Centre’s home office at 506 388-2415 or emailing

A Figure 8 Division is TBA in the near future.

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